Parents without principles can't raise a child with rules
  A father took two daughters to the supermarket, and the mischievous little daughter deliberately knocked out the things in her sister's hands.
  Dad firmly apologized to the little daughter. The little daughter insisted on not doing it. Dad’s attitude was firm and she must apologize.
  The little daughter began to lie and lay on the ground to excuse herself. "I didn't mean it." Dad insisted : "Whether you deliberately apologize."
  The sister on the side wanted to break the deadlock and said, "Forget it, don't apologize." The little daughter quickly found a step for herself: "She said that she does not have to apologize." Dad insisted: "No matter whether your sister wants or not, you must apologize. ""
  The behavior of the father and the daughter caused onlookers, and some people could not stand it, encouraging her father to slap her. Of course, Dad did not adopt it, but only showed his attitude again. "I must say sorry."
  Finally, the little daughter finally said "I'm sorry."
  In the eyes of Dad, if you make a mistake, you have to apologize to people. This is a matter of principle and you can't let it be discussed. Adhere to the principle, we must let the daughter perform to the end.
  Recently, the neighbor peas mother told me about the troubles: the child wants to buy a toy, and if he does not agree, he will cry and make trouble, but she has no choice but to compromise with the child.
  Perhaps most parents have encountered various rules for children, but when the child is crying, the parents are confused and lose the principle.
  A psychology professor once shared a story:
  The professor’s daughter raised a rude shopping demand. After she refused, her daughter burst into tears. Calm, she let her daughter cry, did not shake her own principles, insisted on bringing her daughter back home.
  After returning home, she stayed with her daughter in the room and ignored her crying. Give her daughter a hot towel at most, and let her wipe her face with a tear. Just sitting quietly in front of her, watching her cry, waiting until she was exhausted.
  After the child cried for a long time, seeing her mother’s attitude did not relax, she also gave up. Since then, the child has never asked for any rudeness.
  The professor's approach not only adheres to his own principles, but also allows the child to understand that his unreasonable demands will not change because of crying. At the same time, the child feels a sense of security.
  Two days ago, a news caused widespread public debate.
  A fourth-grade "bear child" slammed pregnant women who had been pregnant for more than four months from behind, almost causing a miscarriage. Ask the reason, the child does not care.
  The child's grandmother said: "He is still a child, what do you care about with your child?" You immediately realized that "bear child" was developed.
  One sentence, "He is still a child," ruined many children. Parents tell children that they are right or wrong, and what can and cannot be done is crucial.
  It is our responsibility for parents to adhere to their own principles and to set rules for their children and to grow into a noble and noble person.
  Finally, I will share with you a memo from a school in the United States to parents:
  Don't love me. I know very well that I shouldn't get everything I want, and my unreasonable request is just to test you. Don't be afraid to keep me fair, which makes me feel safe. Don't let me develop bad habits. When I was young, I had to rely on you to judge right or wrong.