More terrible than poverty, it is the lack of these three things.
  When it comes to poverty, everyone wants to avoid it. After all, if money is lost, life will become difficult.
  A popular saying in recent years , poverty limits your imagination.
  I saw a paragraph on the Internet, and the "national husband" Wang Sicong sent a circle of friends with the dog.
  Zhou Hongjun, a science and technology singer, asked in a puzzled question: "Would you like to take a dog by plane?"
  Wang Sicong: "Let's!"
  Zhou Hongyi asked again: "Buy a child ticket?"
  Wang Sicong said with embarrassment: "I don't know if I am a private jet..."
  Of course, the above paragraph is ridiculous, but the following story is intriguing:
  The two monks saw Qin Shihuang’s expedition and he was envious.
  One of them asked B: "If you can be an emperor, what do you want most?"
  B said: "I want to wear a robe to go to dinner."
  In the face of the same problem, A replied: "I want to take the golden bowl to get the meal."
  After listening to the story, many people may say that these two cockroaches are really stupid, too much to pursue! In fact, they are really not special cases.
  Qufu in "Ode to Joy" said, what is the limitation? The limitation is that the firewood is like the emperor picking the golden pole!
  Dr. Wu Jun said a word: More terrible than poverty is the lack of love, lack of rules and lack of knowledge.
  Uncle Mai feels very reasonable.
  Children who lack love, it is difficult to get happiness when they grow up
  Recently, Zhang Yuying suspected that the divorce was aroused, and this is not a rare event in the dangerous entertainment scene. I don't know if you have noticed the fact that Zhang Yuying's unfortunate marriage is related to her native family and growing environment.
  She grew up with her mother in a single-parent family. When she was 15 years old, her father died of cancer and her mother was laid off. In order to subsidize her family, she began to live in the bar.
  It can be said that in the growth of Zhang Yuying, the role of father has always been missing.
  At the age of 19, she met Feng Wei, who is 18 years older than her, when she was most confused and helpless. He suggested that Zhang Yuying participate in the Super Girl, and also serve as her military division and backing, and contribute money and saddle.
  After Zhang Yuying got the ranking, Feng Wei also used the biggest resources and forces to help her get rid of Tianyi and signed Huayi. She also planned a most suitable development route for her, and later opened the company together.
  For more than a decade, Zhang Yuying’s singing career has become more and more successful . Of course, Feng Wei’s strategizing is inseparable. As long as Feng Wei is around, she feels steady and warm.
  To a certain extent, Feng Wei made up for her long-lost fatherly love : support her, encourage her, and protect her.
  For Zhang Yuying, Feng Wei is no longer an ordinary broker and business partner. He is also her benefactor, tutor and father in mind.
  Therefore, when the mother objected to her marriage with Feng Wei, she still insisted on being with him and holding her mother to hold a wedding abroad.
  She does not think that she is a superstar at home and abroad. She even thinks that she left Feng Xiao and she is nothing.
  Everyone knows that Feng Wei is a very thoughtful man. She has some resources in her hand, and she has discovered the potential stock of Zhang Yuying. She only wants to make a big profit from her, but he did not expect this little aunt to be red for so many years.
  But as a boyfriend and husband, Feng Wei's slag is also real.
  Once, at the concert, Zhang Yuying yelled at him: I am already 30 years old, if you are willing to marry me, you will come up. At that time, she stood alone on the stage, and Feng Xiao dragged on for a few minutes before going up.
  Zhang Ailing said: "Like a person, you will humble to the dust, and then open the flowers."
  Zhang Xiaoying, who lacked love from a young age, was really humbled into the dust. This forced marriage is not so much a waywardness as her, but rather a gamble.
  In love, too humble love will not be happy, and the feelings of begging will not last long.
  The biggest rule of the Chinese is that there is no rule.
  The unruly rules of the Chinese people are world-famous. This is not deliberately dwarfed. Such examples can be seen everywhere.
  The Chinese style crosses the road. As long as the pedestrians have enough people, they will rush forward. Which is the red light to stop the green light.
  On the bus, the sights are swarming in, and it is usually the person who has the ability to go ahead, and how to manage it first.
  At the dining table, some children see the dishes they like, and they go to the bowl in a hurry. If they don't like it, they turn over and over. Sneezing directly to the table, a pair of oil hand squatting on people.
  In public, some bear children are spoiled, and they do not consider influencing others. Parents should turn a blind eye.
  We have a saying that "regardless of black cats and white cats, catching mice is a good cat", this has a certain background of the times. If the extension is introduced, it is not rules.
  Not long ago, on a flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles, a pair of Chinese parents took their children to the United States.
  Because the 6-year-old bear child constantly disturbed the neighboring passengers, the father sitting next to him not only did not stop, but when the passenger made a dissatisfaction, he fought with the other party.
  As a result, after the plane landed, it was arrested by the FBI, and then all three of the family were repatriated to the country.
  Many parents will indulge in bear children on the grounds that "children are still very small". In fact, these parents do not know how to educate children because they are bear parents.
  Children without rules say that straightforwardness is lack of education. Once such a child enters the society, he will certainly suffer a big loss.
  Good children are all out of control, and bear children are used to it.
  Our national education has always required us to establish a lofty ideal. In fact, the most important thing to establish is rule education, that is, social responsibility.
  The first lesson of rule education is to not harm others and not to disturb others.
  Hu Shi once said: A dirty country, if everyone talks about rules instead of talking about morality, will eventually become a normal country with some taste, and morality will gradually return. A clean country, if everyone does not talk about the rules but talks about morality, talks about nobleness, talks about morality every day, and everyone is unselfish, eventually the country will fall into a dirty country with hypocrites.
  Lack of insight, how many people are mediocre for a lifetime
  The Indian movie "Wrestling, Dad", which was a big fire last year, tells a true story:
  In the small Indian villages of the time, there was a very serious phenomenon of patriarchal women. The days of women were accompanied by husbands, children and stoves.
  While everyone is superstitious about the remedies of all kinds of boys, one father is clinging to train his daughter to wrestle. So he was ridiculed by the local people, his wife and daughter did not understand him, but his father still insisted.
  In the end, the two daughters won the national and international wrestling competitions respectively. They rewrote the history of Indian women's wrestling and have since had a different brilliant life.
  Because of his extraordinary knowledge and pattern, he made his daughter's life and completely changed his destiny.
  The knowledge of parents affects the child's life to a large extent. This is the most advanced education.
  A knowledgeable parent can not only see the small world around him, but also see a wider world outside. Not only can you see the future, but you can also see the future.
  They are able to stand on a higher angle and plan for the future of themselves and their children with confidence and create greater possibilities for them.
  There is a saying on the Internet that is very popular: "The gap between people and people is bigger than people and dogs." Uncle Mai agrees.
  Cheetah Mobile CEO Fu Sheng also said: Cognition is almost the only essential difference between people.
  We often meet some people. No matter how you communicate with him, you can't talk about it. The so-called "summer insects can't speak the ice" is the gap of knowledge.
  Some people may be eager for quick success because of lack of knowledge, and they are easily impulsive because of brain heat in investment or career choices. They have made decisions that are not suitable for them, and life has lived a bleak second half of life.
  In the film "A Generation of Masters", Gong Er said that Xi Wu has three stages: seeing himself, seeing the heavens and the earth, seeing all beings. How exquisite, in fact, this is also the triple realm of knowledge.
  A person's knowledge is related to his experience, experience, knowledge and wisdom.
  Sitting in the sky, there is only one hole. Looking into the distance, I know that there is a sky outside.
  Poverty may make material conditions worse in the short term, but it does not affect parents' development of children in terms of knowledge, love and rules.
  And a person who lacks knowledge, lacks love, and lacks rules is a more terrible thing than poverty.