I saw my genius
  Lu Suwei, male, was born in Taipei in 1960.
  His parents are miners and have no culture. At the age of 8 years, Lu Suwei was ill. Parents thought it was just a small cold, and it was not a serious matter.
  However, Lu Suwei's disease became more and more serious. After a month of dying, he was transferred to a large hospital for treatment. He had encephalitis, because the brain had been seriously injured because he was sent to the hospital too late. The doctor recommends giving up treatment because even if it is cured, it may become a vegetative person.
  Parents don't understand: What does vegetative mean? Will you pant?
  Doctor: Pang gasping will of course gasp.
  Can breathe and cure.
  Sure enough, as the doctor said, Lu Suwei, who was rescued, was lying still on the bed, and even his eyes would not be embarrassed, and life could not take care of himself.
  After a while, Lu Suwei's situation has gradually improved, he can control his limbs, and life can take care of himself.
  It’s just his brain, the damage is serious, and it seems unlikely that it will be restored.
  Parents sent him to school, and he also knew to study hard. It is a little slow to learn.
  Throughout the year, he was learning to write his own name. Until he graduated from elementary school, he always wrote his own name.
  The teacher was angry and rebuked: "Lu Suwei, are you a pig?"
  "Pig?" Lu Suwei listened to the big joy and stood up and looked around. "Where is the pig? Where is it?"
  The teacher was mad at him and shouted: "How can you be stupid to others? You are a pig? You are a concussed pig!"
  After school, my sister came to lead Lu Suwei to go home, the teacher still did not deflate, even Lu Suwei’s sister reprimanded and cried her on the spot.
  My sister cried home and told her father: "Dad, today the teacher is a pig."
  The father replied: "If your brother is a pig, then he is the smartest pig in the world! The concussion of others is more and more confused. Your brother is more and more intelligent."
  This is the education method of Lu Suwei's father. He is facing Lu Suwei every day and keeps saying: "Awei, you are very smart, you are getting smarter, you are the smartest in the world."
  what! Lu Suwei, who has not yet learned to write a name in elementary school, loves to hear this.
  Lu Suwei's exam, as usual, is zero. But once, he played super-level and scored 10 points.
  Seeing the test paper, the father rushed out of the room and shouted: "Come on, everyone is coming, my world's smartest son has scored 10 points."
  The whole village gathered to join in the fun. The father of Lu Suwei’s class squad leader couldn’t stand it anymore. He said to Su Wei’s father: “Do you have a problem with your whole family? The score is 100, and your son’s score is 10 points. You are so happy that you are not watching. Have a real score?"
  "I have never seen it." Lu Suwei’s mother said: "My son has a good test today, and he has won a big chicken leg."
  The squad leader's father was mad: "I have never seen such a pet child. You see my son. I took the first place in the class. The door is 100 points. Have I shown off? Have you shown off? I never show off... ..." said that the squad leader took out his son's test paper, "Look at my son's door, 100 points. The second door is another 100 points. The third one is still 100 points. This fourth homework is Pang, this How is the doorwork 90 points? There are 10 points, where is it?"
  The villagers laughed together: "There are still 10 points, don't you just go to Awei's papers?"
  "You..." The squad leader's father was angry and yelled at his son: "I don't want you to learn well, let you carelessly, I killed you today..."
  Lu Suwei, who grew up, recalled: "I will always remember that day, the wind blows in the sky, I tested three points, 0 points, a 10 point me, kneeling on the ground and licking chicken legs. I took three 100 points. A 90-point squad leader was knocked down by his father and pumped 10 ass."
  Lu Suwei began to study in middle school.
  He is happy to read, but the teacher is going crazy.
  How can this child learn to learn, what can I do?
  He attended four years of high school and changed to three schools - he took an intelligence test and scored 70 points.
  This score is really impossible to read the book, he was sent to the Kaizhi class.
  Then he began to sprint the college entrance examination.
  It took 7 years, and even 5 times, he actually admitted to the police university.
  After reading the university, I still do as I can, and I don’t understand how to learn. In his sophomore year, the instructor Ma Chuanzhen felt that he could not go on like this. He took him as an academic subject.
  Studies have shown that Lu Suwei's short-term memory is extremely poor, and no matter what you say to him, he can't remember. Then there is no feeling for numbers and planes. However, Lu Suwei's analytical ability is very strong, and he is also very talented in terms of integration and creation.
  Lu Suwei said: "I saw my genius."
  Finally, I knew how to study, and Lu Suwei started from his own strengths, and his results improved by leaps and bounds.
  When he graduated from college, he was the third in the department.
  Today, he is a world-renowned potential integration expert and a writer who has published more than 30 books.
  Lu Suwei’s IQ is only 70, lower than the average person’s average.
  This is a line of mental weakness. Many people who have nothing to do and who are disadvantaged are far more intelligent than him.
  But so many high-intelligence people, there is no shortage of mediocrity, and some even claim to be weak.
  Lu Suwei said: "Being a person must appreciate yourself, pamper yourself, love yourself, find yourself, know yourself, and know yourself."