The newly promoted deputy bureau level wrote a letter to her daughter.
  "To the Daughter's Book"
Love girl jade ice:
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  After seeing the excerpts of "Fu Lei's Family" in recent work, I suddenly realized that I never wrote a letter to you! Not only is it a letter, but the busy work makes you and I have few opportunities to sit and talk quietly. My father is very embarrassed. Today, Dad wants to write a letter with you, like a friend, to talk to you about family chores.
  Xiao Bing, there is a person you have never seen, Dad has not seen it, but I must talk to you about him, please keep in mind for life and tell your future children. He is your great-grandfather Xiao Tangxuan, born in 1908. Your great-grandfather was smart and eager to learn since childhood, and he was fascinated by the knowledge. He graduated from the highest school in Yingshan County at that time. Around 1927, a large-scale agrarian revolution broke out in Yingshan County. Your great-grandfather was full of blood, full of ambitions, fighting landlords, and peasant schools. He was elected as the deputy secretary of the Party branch of Caijiatun, the first party branch of Yingshan County. Deputy Guard of the Guard. However, in the spring of 1930, the counter-revolutionary army and the landlord armed with large-scale attacks, the Red Fourth Army was forced to retreat, and your great-grandfather and a group of martyrs sacrificed to Wujiashan, Xihe, Yingshan County. That year, your great-grandfather was only twenty-two years old. Every time I feel this, I burst into tears.
  When your great-grandfather sacrificed that year, your grandfather was only three years old. At that time, the entire Yingshan was shrouded in white horror, and the revolutionary and counter-revolutionary struggles fought one after another. The grandfather who stood up followed his mother and grandmother to hide in Tibet, rushing away and suffering . But as said in "The Old Man and the Sea": "A person is not born to be defeated, you can destroy him, but you can't beat him." Grandfather worked hard, with great ambition, surviving for adversity, 1948 After graduating from Huanggang Middle School, he became a teacher. The grandfather who wore the country’s hatred has never forgotten his mission and responsibility. After the liberation of Wuhan, he became a wife and a child, resolutely joined the revolution, and continued to learn until he left in 1984. Entrepreneurship is easy and it is difficult to keep business. In the era of peace, it is not only necessary to support the heroic spirit of the defending country in the revolutionary era, but also to resist the arrogance of the sugar-coated shells. Grandfather did it. Grandfather's life is clear-headed, loyal to the party and the revolutionary cause, painstaking research, remarkable achievements, life is more advocating thrift, peace in poverty, regularity, never doing deviant things, non-self-finance is not taken, non-self of things do not move, just as he wrote in his will that: "my life sincere and honest man , Yan has wide people, without making selfish things; plain living, innocent housekeeping, no ill-gotten gains is unclear ancestors and comfort after. People!"
  Under the inspiration of the spirits of your great-grandfather and grandfather, I abide by the teachings of "not seeking to be a big official, not seeking a big fortune, but seeking peace and security, doing something", and dare not overstep. Nowadays, I have been close to the past, revisiting the past, working hard, loyal to the party and the country, fulfilling my duties, doing my due diligence, and striving to fulfill the tasks assigned to me by the party and the organization. In life, being honest, saving, and abiding by the law, strict Self-discipline, power and arrogance, although the days are not rich but full of enrichment; it is also a strict request for you, to seduce, to teach, and to blame, you should have the most say, should you have the most say? I hope you don't blame me. In general, I am not afraid of the ancestral ancestors, and I am not afraid of future generations.
  Having said that, I actually want to tell you three sentences:
  The first sentence: to be a clear and white person. This is the bottom line of the principle of being a man who has been honoured by our ancestors for generations. It is also the red line of the person you should hold firmly, and it is the family spirit passed down from generation to generation. Your great-grandfather and grandfather have suffered through hardships throughout their lives, and they have always been obedient in the most difficult times. I have always used the innocence as the first principle. When you are nearing the age, no matter what your future life is, how your career will develop, you must remember to be honest, do things in a down-to-earth manner, and quit corruption and greed. Don’t be distracted, don’t open the greedy desire of Pandora. Magic Box, don't be a slave to desire.
  The second sentence: to be a healthy person. Whether you are poor or rich in the future, it doesn't matter. I only hope that you can live the life you want, be healthy and healthy. It is necessary to exercise diligently, move around after a meal, combine work and rest, and maintain good health; in case of setbacks , the mind should be open, and be indifferent, to sum up experience and lessons, to quit sadness , and to face life with optimism.
  The third sentence: to be a person who makes a difference. Liang Qichao said in "Youth China": "So the responsibility of today is not in others, but all in my youth. The young wisdom is the national wisdom, the young is rich, the country is rich, the young is strong, the country is strong, the young is independent, the country is independent, the juvenile is free. The country is free, the young is progressing, the country is progressing, the younger is better than Europe, the country is better than Europe, the young is male to the earth, and the country is male to the earth.” I want to tell you that whether you are young or not, you must remember that life needs not only small Fortunately, we also need great feelings, we must make a difference, and contribute to the building of the country, so we will not regret the world.
  The above three sentences are my feelings about life for about 60 years, and they are also the most earnest entrustment for you. Remember! Remember!