Anything that wins on the starting line is a sprint.
  Not long ago, the first phase of the variety show made the theme of "knowledge to change fate."
  Six guests came to a middle school in Shanghai and asked the students six questions. If the answer is “yes”, they can go forward 6 steps; if “no”, they will not move.
  First question: Have your parents received college or higher education?
  A considerable number of children, laughing easily, took six steps forward.
  The second question: Did your parents ask for a one-on-one education for you?
  Another part of the child, gently walked forward 6 steps.
  The third question: Does your parents let you continue to learn a special skill outside of homework and still maintain a certain level?
  Some children started their third forward.
  Fourth question: Did your parents let you have a trip abroad?
  In addition to the row still in the origin, the other children in each row went forward 6 steps.
  The fifth question: Does your parents promise that you will send you to study abroad?
  A few children who have gone ahead for the fifth time have a face that is hard to hide. Some of the children still standing in the first row began to show signs of loss.
  Sixth question: From small to large, are you proud of your parents, have they always praised you in front of friends and relatives?
  At the end of the 6th question, the children have clearly divided into 6 rows. There are still 4 students left on the initial starting line and have no chance to take a step.
  It’s really heartbreaking to see it here! How big is the gap between the native family and the child? This is probably the most intuitive one.
  This is directly related to those net texts, with different formations and postures, educating the protagonists of the original family - parents:
  "If you don't have enough spells, how can children fight?" 》
  "Children need to see the world, but you can't bear the money?" 》
  "Your practices are doomed to your child will lose! 》
  Looks like if you are a parent
  Didn’t make enough money,
  Can't give children good physical conditions,
  Can not provide a sufficiently superior environment,
  It is equivalent to harming children.
  Alarmist? Looking at the playground in the show, the children really divided into 6 rows.
  Because of the difference in the original family conditions, the first row and the last row are completely different by 36 steps, 36 steps!
  I don't know how many people are parents. When I saw this, I was already chest tight and short of breath, and my heart and lungs began to tremble.
  At this time, the show guests gave a gentle explanation:
  If the current distance is their starting point, there are already many people who are far ahead of their peers. However, "the students in the front row are able to stand in front and have little to do with their own efforts." Because this is the advantage that parents create for you.
  The words are very warm and reasonable.
  But this is the real life.
  Someone is doing everything,
  Can only get one or two small satisfactions,
  When someone is born, they have everything.
  Then, the program group announced:
  According to the current position as the starting point,
  Please go to the gym,
  The top 20 can get prizes.
  One, two, three, start running!
  It is clear,
  The more you fall behind, the more you are trying to catch up.
  Even if someone has already led a lot,
  But before reaching the end,
  Still have to fight for yourself.
  Watching the children gnash their teeth,
  Suddenly, some people have tears in their eyes.
  Whether on the road to school or the workplace ,
  Are we not the same?
  "I must never fall,
  Because there is no one behind me."
  In the end, I successfully entered the top 20 children,
  There are quite a few from the back row.
  For example, a boy who was standing in the fourth row,
  I got the second place.
  It is clear,
  He is very satisfied with his efforts and results.
  The so-called heavenly rewards, this is what it means.
  If you are behind at the beginning,
  Then use more sweat to make up the gap.
  Next, in front of all the classmates and parents,
  The show guests also accepted the challenge of these six questions.
  Unfortunately, they stood in the same place again and again.
  Until the last question,
  Sun Honglei and Luo Zhixiang finally took 6 steps forward.
  And Huang Lei, Huang Wei, Wang Xun,
  Still staying in place.
  The scene of the stadium suddenly became quiet.
  Talking about the original family,
  They may have no advantage at all.
  But are they not successful?
  How did they all succeed?
  On the appearance, Sun Honglei has a small advantage in the entertainment circle. He is based on one piece of good work that has been hand-picked and has created a vast world.
  Huang Wei
  Huang Wei’s group ran across the field, and he never played a small role in acting. In "Crazy Stone", he made a sensation of ecstasy in the "black skin" performance, and it began to shine.
  Luo Zhixiang
  Luo Zhixiang's face value is good, but after the debut, he encountered a combination of distractions, and the performance was smashed by the audience. He insisted on his teeth because he had to pay for his father. And ask, have you imagined that you haven’t started to make money and feel like a debt?
  Their native family,
  Not comparable to many people,
  They rely on their own efforts
  Step by step has become
  It looks like a light today.
  Huang Lei said with a strong heart: We always have a saying : Win is on the starting line. Anything that wins on the starting line is a sprint.
  Life, must not be a 100-meter race, must be a marathon, is a long-distance running.
  There has never been a marathon in the world that won at the starting line. The 6 steps ahead, in the long road of life, are actually the smallest and the smallest millimeter.
  If you regret it, you didn't try your best when you were studying. Now it's still time to pick up the book.
  If you regret it, you didn't understand enough about your parents before, but now you can pick up the phone.
  If you are about to take the college entrance examination, please seize this opportunity and be sure to do your best. In this stage of life, do not regret it.