A mother’s sigh: my child graduated from master’s degree and could not find a job.
  Chen Dong of Xiaoyan’s master graduated last year. In the eyes of relatives and friends, Chen Dong is an example for our future children. Every time we heard that he had the good news of the first few grades, he went all the way to the key school and finally entered the key universities.
  From last year to now, Chen Dong has been unemployed three times. Every period of work can not pass the probation period, and the unit is refused to use the "not suitable for this job."
  Since the Spring Festival, he refused to find another job. Now he has been at home for almost three months. Every day, he wakes up with his mobile phone and does not sleep in the middle of the night...
  Xiao Yan does not understand a high-graduate student who graduated from a master's degree. Isn't he capable of doing the job? So the relationship found the son's former leader to ask about the situation. But the other person answered, but let her be speechless.
  "Working ability puts aside, your son is not coming to work at all. Give him the job, he will not do what he does not want to do; even if he does, he will not get any reply, there is no feedback on the progress of the work; criticize him once The next day, people will not come to work; and he is too ignorant, the meeting is against the leader, and the relationship with his colleagues is not good... I really don’t dare to stay with him."
  These complaints surprised her. She admits that her son is indeed a little self, but did not expect the problem to be so serious. How did the child who was proud of it suddenly become like this?
  And things certainly don't get worse at once.
  Chen Dong’s body has always had a bad trait – self-centered, not knowing how to respect others, selfishness, violentness, and negativeness... what we call education. It’s just that all of this has been covered up by the results.
  Around us, many such parents, they only care about the child's learning achievements, as long as children learn better, then all is well; the neglect of moral training levels of children, which is precisely to reduce the standard of education.
  In recent years, people have been talking more about parenting.
  So what is the education?
  Yu Minhong said, "Teaching is when you walk to a group of people, your behavior is appropriate and appropriate, making people feel polite and happy." I agree with this statement, and the cultivation of tutors should be early.
  On the Ching Ming Festival , on the high-speed rail, a couple took their children to the car. Maybe the child is too excited. He played a game with his parents since he got on the bus. He laughed every time he won, and he didn't mean to stop.
  A man in the front row wants to rest, but every time he is about to fall asleep, he is interrupted by the sudden laughter of the child, and he has to re-sleep.
  The noise of three times and five times made him unbearable, and turned to look at the children's parents. "Let the children whisper, this is not at home!"
  The little girl calmed down and slowly walked towards her parents. We are all fortunate in this heart for the man’s derogatory. Unexpectedly, the girl burst into tears in her father's arms.
  This cry does not matter, causing his father to condemn the man. "The child is still young, how is it fun, how can such a big person still have a general knowledge with the child?!"
  Because the child is crying, everyone can't say anything, just in the carriage, filled with the sound of screaming "Is there such a parent who is not sensible?"
  "Children are still small" seems to be the reason for all bear children to make mistakes, but also become the shield of the bear parents.
  But remember, don't indulge because your child is small. If parents are not good at educating their children about courtesy and rules, then one day he will go out of the house, go to the society, and make some "bear" behaviors, then no one will be more tolerant of him.
  As the saying goes, "the cultivation of children, the cultivation of parents." The child is the mirror of the parents, and the child shows the cultivation of the parents. A person always needs to be educated, whether it is an adult or a child.
  In the face of not educating "bear children", parents often have such rhetoric:
  "You will know when you have children..."
  "How can you care for your child when you are an adult?"
  "Playing is a child's nature, and it doesn't hinder you anything!"
  For a time, we saw unreasonable bear children, and even saw unreasonable parents.
  More critically, these parents often do not see the ugliness of their children’s uncultivated, and believe that the child’s world “is justified”. And that the child does not follow the rules, it does not matter, grow up naturally.
  I don't believe in how many educated children can be cultivated in such care. After all, the child's upbringing comes from the words and deeds of the parents.
  I really like the phrase : education is the pre-personality of the people, and the cautiousness of the people. Every detail is a once-cultivated sculpture.
  The details determine success or failure and also determine parenting. Everything you do, every word you say, will be remembered as long as it is seen by the child.
  Education is a process of teaching first. Only with the words and deeds of parents can we slowly cultivate educated children.
  Parents are the road signs and lighthouses on the way to their children. Your current behavioral education is the future and distance of your child.
  If you want to cultivate educated children, remember one thing: to put its own conduct wine for, imported children's life -chuen, a process to establish a tutor door of the wind.
  I also hope that the children can understand that this world is not for you to decide. Everything will not be with your temper. Growth is a matter that needs to be taken seriously. You must be responsible for yourself and respect your side. everyone.
  A person's ability determines that a person is flying high or not. One's education determines that a person is not far away.