Knowing that you are the starting line of your child
  I know that I have seen such a problem: Don’t let the child lose at the starting line, is it the biggest lie?
  One of them has a high praise:
  This sentence is not a lie, just use the wrong object, let the child not lose on the starting line, not to toss the child in the future, but to toss himself in the dead, because the starting line of the child is you, your financial ability The study of self-cultivation and morality determines where your child starts to run, where to run, and how to run.
  To be honest, after reading this answer, I was really worried.
  Many times, we have always had a starting line anxiety, fear that children will be abandoned by their peers, and then regardless of whether they are willing or not, madly give them a variety of training classes, so that children are under great pressure.
  The child is naughty and irresponsible, as long as he learns well; the child is too arrogant, as long as he learns well, the child's psychologically fragile lies, no matter what, as long as he studies well.
  At first glance, as long as the children learn well, then all will give them a green light.
  I have participated in a customer appreciation meeting because there are many children on the day of the day.
  When I was eating, there was a child who was too unreasonable to put everything she loved in front of her. When other children wanted it, he actually spit on the mouth. When the adult pointed out that he was wrong, he did not agree.
  Not only that, but his mother is still helping:
  Children are so normal, there is no need to make a fuss, the children learn very well, we are very satisfied.
  God, what is the logic of this, can your children learn what they want?
  This kind of parent can't reason with her, because there is no reason in her world, such parents must not raise a child with a good future.
  The child is a piece of white paper, how to paint depends on you.
  The German philosopher IELTS Bells said:
  Education is a tree shaking another tree, one cloud pushing another cloud, and one soul calling another soul.
  What kind of parents are you, what will the children become? If you are unreasonable, then the children will be unreasonable. If you do not have good quality, then the children will not be able to.
  CCTV once had a public service advertisement for "Love Passing": After the young son saw his mother washing her feet for her mother, she also slammed a pot of water: "Mom washes her feet."
  The advertisement is short, but the meaning is very big. It is the mother's love passed to the little boy, let him know the power of love, so when the mother enters the house, he will behave like this.
  If you want your child to be good enough, please make yourself better first.
  In the past, I saw a picture. On a rainy day, a mother turned her umbrella to the tramp beside her, and then used her left hand to keep her son from rain, and she was so wet that she was drenched.
  This picture makes me feel very much. I believe that when a child grows up, he will remember his mother's teachings and will definitely feel the power of his mother's love. This power is silent, but it is unforgettable.
  Many parents have been complaining that their children are not obedient. They feel that they owe a lot to themselves. Their hard work is not understood, but have you thought about it? These are what you want to give, not what they want.
  You are lying on the sofa and playing mobile phone crazy, but you want your child to write homework. Is this realistic? The parents’ words and deeds hide the future of the child, what kind of parents are you, and what kind of children the child is.
  A few days ago, a reader complained to me: The child is getting more and more disobedient. It’s really hard work.
  Through detailed communication, I finally knew the crux of the problem.
  The reader made a lot for the children. In order to give the child a good starting line, he spent more than 2 million to buy a school district to let the children go to the best school.
  At home, he specially installed a great study for the children. He also helped the children to buy a lot of books and walked in as if they were in a small library.
  But he did so much, his children's academic performance is not good, not only that, but also often fight with classmates.
  I asked him if he usually studied with his children? He said:
  No, I am a big old man, just let him learn, I am watching TV on the sofa and playing mobile phones.
  Not only that, this reader often drinks alcohol with friends at home, and when he takes the children out, he will not be reasonable when he meets.
  He asked me what to do?
  I said, "You are blaming yourself for your own self. If you turn your child into this, you will blame yourself. If you want to make your child better, change yourself first."
  You and I, as well as many parents around you, feel that it is enough to prepare children for superior living conditions. This is obviously self-deception.
  The child is not obedient, you have been complaining, but never find a reason from yourself, is it a special sorrow.
  When the problem gets worse, you will be anxious to find a solution, but I don't know if everything is late.
  There is a movie called "Starting Line" in India. The story of the film is very simple: it is just a couple of people who open a clothing store to make their daughters through the top schools to squeeze into the upper class.
  They think that if a child only enters a prestigious school, then the future life will be unlimited.
  But you have to know that life is not just about ordinary universities, but also the university of society. It is not only the scores of academic achievements, but also the morality of morality. These are the important chips for determining a child.
  Every child's acceptance of knowledge is different. You can learn badly, but you must have good quality. You must have a very good morality, because this is a lifelong matter.
  In modern education, it is especially important for parents to learn to examine themselves. A smart parent will never blame their children, but find reasons for themselves. They will work hard to make themselves more excellent and set up a child. A good example.
  The child is ordinary after all, she may not grow according to your expectations, but what is it? Isn't it a kind of happiness to cherish the time together?
  It is not easy to make a good example for parents. It is not easy to set an example for children.
  First of all, you need to make yourself stronger, you must learn to restrain yourself, do not play mobile phones frequently in front of children; you must continue to exercise, let the children know the benefits of exercise, tell him the truth of growth.
  Second, we must have good study and living habits.
  A good habit is especially important for children. The most effective way to cultivate good habits is to lead by example.
  Again, be sure to have a good attitude.
  You know the story of the seedlings, so don't make this mistake again. It is natural to have a smart child.
  But many times we have nothing but an ordinary child. On the road to his growth, we don't have to worry about it.
  If you can strictly demand yourself and be a good parent, then your child will be very promising. The person who makes the child will eventually be you and not others.
  May you make the starting line for your child.