68 college entrance examination champions across the country, family education is strikingly similar
  As the saying goes, "happy families are similar, and unfortunate families have their own misfortunes." This is also true for family education.
  Some media interviewed 68 national college entrance examination champions and found that their family education methods have striking similarities and are worth learning !
  1. They are not interested in learning, but thinking
  The Anhui champion said that "enjoy learning is the highest level." Science champions are often keen on logic and reasoning; liberal arts champions love to read, express themselves, and chat with different people can become one of their hobbies.
  This habit of thinking and eager for knowledge stems from the inspiration of parents when they were young. For example, the mother of Sun Meng, the champion of Anhui, said, “If it is a scene, we will take the children to experience as much as possible, so that the children will feel sensational rather than arbitrarily created.”
  2, Xueba can not be separated from the nourishment of love
  There is not a group of Tiger Mom and Dad holding a whip behind the school. The champions described their parents as "loose, trust, and like friends."
  There is a paragraph that is a good interpretation of the relationship between love and performance - "children's poor performance, mostly lack of security, energy is exhausted in internal conflicts.
  3, deeply influenced by parents' words and deeds
  Children rarely mention the verbal teachings of their parents. What they say more is the infection of their parents.
  Anhui champion Yuan Jiyang said: "Occasionally I will be tired of learning, I don't want to read books, my parents noticed, and did not say anything. I turned off the TV, sat down to read the book, and saw that they were reading, I was too embarrassed not to read the book. It is."
  4, good habits and "learning independence" can not be separated
  The old man often said: "The more you tighten, the more tired you are. If you let it go, you will be relieved." The same is true for raising children. Learn to let go and you will find that children are much more powerful than you think.
  Almost all of the champions and parents mentioned "doing things by themselves" and cultivate the independence of children from an early age. A Tsinghua schoolmaster said in an interview that it is the respect and letting go of the parents that let me learn to survive and think.
  5, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, tap the child's shining point
  In the interview, you can see that some of the critical education methods, but because of the right people, have not been disgusted by the children.
  Guangdong champion Zhang Heng said that he was a strong and confident child since he was a child, and sometimes he would be a little complacent.
  "Whenever I get a little achievement, my father occasionally gives affirmation and encouragement , but more is still 'pour cold water', promptly reminding me of new loopholes. I have dubbed my father's education method as 'critical education'. I think it suits me very well."
  6, read the classic, broaden the thinking
  When I was a child, I read the world famous books and read the classics. This is the reading path mentioned by many champions in the interview.
  Sun Wei, who scored 148 points in the Beijing Language College Entrance Examination, said in the article: If you study more, you will develop a sense of language. The cultivation of reading is also inseparable from the guidance of parents. He said that parents love to read stories to her from an early age.
  Reading is the best way to quickly acquire the technology and culture that human beings have concentrated for thousands of years. Many of the benefits of reading are self-evident:
  Can increase the knowledge, go to the rough and fine, form a positive view of the three views;
  Open up your horizons, you are no longer confined to a glimpse of a small life, free to travel all over the world, and develop a broad mind and a great ideal of faith ;
  You can learn how to solve problems in real life, and you can add a touch of literary atmosphere to yourself.
  7, must have a wrong set of questions, constantly correcting errors
  96% of the champions do not agree with the "sea tactics", but 99% of the champions will have a set of wrong questions.
  Diligence is not the golden key to getting high scores. Beijing champion Liang Siqi said that he usually spends a lot of time relaxing, but the efficiency of learning is very high. If you have certain plans and arrangements when you study, you will not be aimless. Do everything in the ground.
  The problem is not in quantity, but in fact, there are so many questions, and it is invincible to find blind spots.
  8, work schedule, love sports
  Middle school students are in the period of growth and development. If during this period, the work is irregular, often sleeping late will inevitably affect learning and physical development.
  The following scenes are probably the most common phenomenon in middle school: every morning, especially in the first and second classes, the teacher is on the stage, the students are screaming in the audience; in the classroom time, in the classroom “Pour down” or a group of talents rush to eat breakfast; some students are often late for oversleeping, not only affecting the progress of teaching, but also affecting their own learning.
  In the interview, 98% of the champions said that they never stayed up late, and even went to sleep at eleven o'clock when preparing for the exam, to ensure adequate sleep, regular work and rest, and often exercise regularly.
  9, there are many more important things than the results
  Compared with the scores, parents are more concerned about the child's attitude towards learning, and in addition to learning, most parents have expressed that they have more value.
  The mother of Ding Yaqi, the champion of Anhui, said: "As long as the child is kind, can distinguish between right and wrong, no matter how she chooses her path, I absolutely support it!"
  This sentence almost represents the voice of most of the champion parents in the interview. Compared with the scores, these parents value the safety, health, happiness and happiness of the children...
  Regardless of whether the child is a college entrance examination champion, the purpose of the parent is always to give the child a sense of well-being, and the correct family education method can help us achieve this goal!