The truth behind the 60 college entrance examination champions: the parents who can't raise the poems and distances of the children!
  The results of the college entrance examination are the most important things for everyone in these days.
  Today, I saw a video. The first place in the liberal arts department of Jiangxi Province was a girl named Liu Meng. In this year's college entrance examination, she scored 674 good results, more than 106 points on a line.
  In the interview, Liu Meng said that when he heard the news that he had the highest score in the liberal arts in Jiangxi Province, there was still a moment of embarrassment.
  Although it is estimated that her performance is good, this achievement should exceed her expectations.
  After the exam, she sorted out her own test papers, and the piles of papers reached one person!
  I thought this was a hard-to-read story. The result was a small detail that told us that she can have today's results and is closely related to her mother's help.
  Every time the daughter's exam appears wrong, Liu Meng's mother will collect it, and then sort it, this is not a simple process. Every day, my mother spent a few hours on the wrong questions.
  I can know what type of wrong question is, and can sort it out in different categories. Presumably, Liu’s own knowledge level is not low.
  So that her friends know that they can participate in the college entrance examination, your daughter can test the Qinghua, you can test the University!
  Ms. Liu’s move not only saved a lot of time for her daughter’s review and summary, but also set an example for her daughter.
  Through her words and deeds, she let her daughter know that she has been growing with her. She does not only ask her daughter to work hard, but to progress with her children.
  Parents who lead by example can generally educate good children.
  I have seen many parents who are immersed in the table all the time, but ask their children to write homework and interest classes immediately after school.
  I use my mobile phone to browse Taobao every day, brush Weibo, but ask the children not to play computer, do not indulge in online games;
  I just want to rest in bed after I get off work, but I ask my children to insist on reviewing their homework on weekends .
  This kind of education is the most unconvincing, because the things that you can't insist on, but the harsh children must be completed.
  Dong Jiyang, a science student in Anhui Province, thinks that she is a nerd, and she has to come to the present with hard work.
  However, she not only won the gold medal in the Chinese Olympics competition, the eighth grade in the violin, and was a second-level athlete in the national chess country. She was also a sports athlete and won the rankings in various competitions such as tennis, badminton and long-distance running.
  She is therefore called "all-round learning."
  And all this is inseparable from the cultivation of her parents.
  Dong Jiyang’s parents are all intellectuals. Dad is a professor at Hefei University of Technology and his mother is an engineer.
  Since childhood, she has paid great attention to the cultivation of her interest. She never gave her a heavy burden on her academics. Instead, she did her best to educate her children in her words and deeds.
  Dong Jiyang said: "Occasionally I will be tired of learning, I don't want to read books, my parents noticed, and did not say anything. I turned off the TV, sat down to read the book, and saw that they were reading, I was too embarrassed not to read the book. ”
  It is not a verbal education. It is not just talking about not practicing, but using your own actions to influence children. This is the best way for parents to educate their children.
  I have seen such a true story. Someone went to a friend’s house to find a friend’s house. They found that their friends’ homes were very different. They were filled with books in the living room, study, and bedroom, while the walls of the house were filled with daughter’s certificates, certificates of honor, and There are also many trophies.
  In just a few hours, their daughter’s words and demeanor were polite and talkative.
  He is very envious and learns from his friends.
  The friend smiled and said: We really don't have any special methods. My lover and I love reading. After dinner every day, we took our daughter for a walk for an hour, and did not watch TV when we came back. Everyone picked up their favorite books and sat together.
  Sometimes I see interesting places in the book and share it with my family. My daughter grew up in such an environment and loved reading as much as we do.
  For her, reading is just like eating and breathing.
  After reading it, I have to feel that my parents are the first teachers of the children.
  Everything the child does is the projection of the shadow of the parents.
  Children love to read books, and most of their parents are also the same; children are full of anger, parents must blame everyone.
  Children are the best mirror for parents.
  Someone has done such a statistic before. They surveyed more than 60 college entrance examination champions and their families, and found that these families have some striking similarities.
  The mother of Beijing Science and Technology, Shi Lang, said that when she was a child, she always liked to ask why. Every time they answered patiently, even if they didn’t know, they would not simply interrupt or ignore it, but check the information with their daughter .
  The daughter felt the respect of her parents for her knowledge between her ears.
  Guangdong champion Zhang Heng said that Dad is a person who loves to learn more than him. When I was an intermediate draftsman, even though Dad was the oldest student in the training class, he did not give up even if he suffered from severe cervical spondylosis.
  Dad’s actions are his best example, showing profoundly what is meant to be old and learning.
  There is also a quite realistic phenomenon, most of which are from the towns and universities. Only a small part comes from the countryside.
  In 2017, 澎湃News also conducted a questionnaire survey of more than 60 college entrance examination candidates in 31 provinces across the country. The results showed that 85% of the top picks were urban hukou, and only 15% were rural hukou.
  A star of the college entrance examination, Chen Xing, who is born in an authentic peasant family, said that the children of "Guimen" really have more opportunities than the children of ordinary families.
  “The family background is good, the parents have high academic qualifications, and the children can receive high quality family education from an early age , especially in terms of social interaction and interest, which is the gap between me and these students.”
  Knowing that the last Tsinghua student named Umika Chan said that he had just entered the first class of Tsinghua, the teacher asked them to fill out a questionnaire.
  There are two questions above: "What is your parents' career?" and "Where have you been to the farthest place before you went to college?"
  Later, the teacher announced the results of the questionnaire. He said that he would do this survey every year in Tsinghua, and the results were similar.
  The survey results show that most of the students who can go to Tsinghua University have strong economic strength and high social status, and they can bring the best educational resources to their children.
  The teacher said to them: "All of you here can be admitted to Tsinghua, a large part of the reason is your parents.
  Your family background determines how much resources you can reach, determines your learning environment, determines your elementary school, junior high school, high school, and determines your vision and insight.
  You can come to Tsinghua not only because you work hard, but also because you have these things.
  Liu Qiangdong said that he had donated more than 10 million yuan to Renmin University to help those students who have financial difficulties. However, after one or two years, even few people apply.
  The person in charge of the National People's Congress explained that nowadays, most of the children are in good condition and do not need this scholarship. Even children from rural families are not even 30%.
  Here, we can probably conclude that the high quality of parents and the full time to spend with their children are important cornerstones for the success of children .
  Parents have stable material conditions and resources, and can give children the best conditions within their ability. This is an important guarantee for the success of children.
  Many people say that the real education is the financial resources and resources of parents. Of course, this is a very important point.
  Parents can give their children a good external environment, which means that the child's vision can be more open and more accessible to excellent educational resources.
  However, I don't think this is the most important thing. The real education is actually the parents' knowledge, concepts and study habits.
  In the 2007-2016 college entrance examination parents' occupation statistics, parents accounted for the highest proportion of teachers, followed by civil servants and engineers. The lowest is the parents from the countryside.
  Is the teacher the richest? No. But parents as teachers means that they have a set of ideas for educating their children. They usually read books at home, prepare lessons, and they will be influenced by their parents and have good study habits.
  The famous German philosopher IELTS Bells said: The essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul calls another soul.
  We always say how good the children of other people are, how the children of their own family do not live up to expectations, but have we ever thought that we are the parents of other people?
  When you take the children to play the glory of the king, the other parents take the children with the Tang poetry and Song poems. When you take the children to eat all kinds of junk food, the other parents take the children to learn how to make handmade bread. Your home is full of playing cards and snacks. And the other side of the home is full of books...
  It is not that your child is worse than other children, but as a parent, there is no good environment for children to grow up.
  Parents should not be holding a whip in the back to drive the child forward, but should run in front of the child or accompany the child to progress at any time.
  Every child has to become a grown-up adult. He only wants to be in the middle of his life, and his parents always hold the candlelight and guide him with his own actions.
  If you only have the ambiguity in front of you, how do you expect your child to have poetry and distance?