A Japanese mom’s 10 rules are worth learning for all parents.
  In a family, 
  if the father is the pillar of family prosperity, 
  then the mother is the cornerstone of family stability.
  The child spends most of his time with the 
  mother. The mother’s behavior will affect the child to a large extent 
  and even determine the child’s height of life.
  Ms. Lily, who has settled in Japan for many years, has 
  set 10 rules for two children. 
  It is worth learning from parents.
  See people greeting first; if you 
  receive any kindness and help from others, 
  you must express your gratitude orally or in writing; if you 
  have troubles others, you 
  must apologize on the spot.
  In public places 
  (except where you can let go of play), 
  try to control the volume of the speech, 
  do things as you like, 
  and consider the feelings of others from the primary school.
  If you don't want to tell Dad, 
  you can just tell your mom; if you do 
  n't want to tell your mom, 
  you can just tell Dad. 
  But you can't say neither about it.
  Let the children know that both 
  father and mother are the closest and 
  most trustworthy people, and 
  the pain in the heart does not have to be endured alone.
  Honesty is the best character. It is 
  not allowed to lie and deceive people. 
  Losing the trust of friends and family 
  will make you regret your life.
  When you are bullied, 
  only polite and modest children 
  will become a fixed bag.
  Pick up the coins that fall on the ground, 
  you can take them home and 
  donate them to people who need help. 
  But the wallet can't be taken for granted, and 
  picking up money is one of the most precious qualities.
  Others sincerely treat you to eat. 
  If you don't like it, 
  you can say "I am full" and 
  can't say "difficult to eat."
  Any food has been alive . 
  You can't eat it if you want to eat it. If you want to throw it, throw it. 
  Keeping awe in everything, 
  you will consciously protect the natural environment.
  No need to deliberately compare with others, 
  just like names and looks are different, 
  everyone is unique. 
  The world is rich in different things, and 
  life is different because of its diversity.
  When you feel extreme danger, 
  you can not follow any rules, 
  because life is more important than anything else.
  When you are alone in encountering bad people and in danger, you 
  can protect yourself, 
  only yourself.