The three bowls of chicken soup that are the most harmful to children, 80% of the family have been recruited! Are you still drinking?
  Educating poisoned chicken soup is comparable to poison. It seems to be full of reason. Drinking is a "sweet cream". If parents believe these poisoned chicken soup, it will be harmful to children's education.
  In the circle of friends of many parents, I must have read that "the most precious gift for children is free", "every effort, every child will succeed " such chicken soup articles.
  Many parents said that they felt that the article was quite reasonable, even when they were educating their children.
  You think this is a "chicken soup", and you can be filled with positive energy when you are happy to drink . But in fact, if you don't distinguish between them and make a hard copy, it will only make a big mistake to educate your children in this way.
  Let’s take a look at the three bowls of “Poison Chicken Soup” in WeChat’s circle of friends. Do parents see if they have drunk?
  The first bowl: happy education
  In recent years, China’s primary education has begun to be brainwashed by happy education.
  Elementary school is easy, and I am out of school at 4:30. Reduce the weight of schoolbags, less homework, and give children more freedom to learn .
  Children should always praise and try not to criticize. It is impossible to give children pressure and let them learn in happiness. This kind of education looks really ideal.
  However, education has never been a happy thing. Even to some extent, it is painful. why?
  Because education is a challenge that requires a lot of hard work!
  An old educator once opposed this quality education:
  "I don't agree to reduce the difficulty of the textbook.
  This difficulty can't be accepted, can the children do something in the future?
  It’s also a noisy school after 4:30. Parents who will educate the children to take home the counseling, parents who will not counsel?
  Let the children go home to watch TV? Which is the burden reduction? This is unfair education! ”
  Perhaps you will say that you look at other people's education abroad so that children can leave school early, and they don't see teachers who are deaf students and corporal punishment students.
  But you only see people leaving school at four o'clock, and the civilians and children are happy to play. Elite children are paying extra money, energy to buy education, learning musical instruments, and learning foreign languages ​​as a stepping stone for college elite education.
  Those who use European and American education as a model to give their children a "happy education" chicken soup only see people happy, but the mechanism behind them has not been considered.
  Take a look at Japanese education, take a look at the Korean college entrance examination, and then look at the European and American elites to learn university courses in advance, saying that foreign education is easy, and it is definitely a rumor that has not been investigated.
  The second bowl: release the child's nature
  In recent years, the term "bear child" has become hot. As long as you talk about bear children, everyone will say a history of blood and tears.
  But how did the bear child come from? To put it directly, parents are used to it. Also beautiful name:
  "Release the nature of the child."
  However, we cannot use "release nature" as an excuse for your child to be rude and uncultivated. In addition to releasing the child's nature, parents must teach their children to follow the basic bottom line in public.
  As a member of this society, we must abide by social norms. Freedom of indulgence has no benefit to children, and freedom is always accompanied by rules.
  "Do not teach, the father has passed, the teaching is not strict, the teacher is lazy." So the education, the teaching has to teach. If your child does not teach now, then when he enters society, who do you expect to be tolerant of him?
  Education is not only to abide by the public bottom line, to the higher level, but also from the heart of the warmth, openness, is for the sake of people, is to give people the greatest goodwill.
  Children have the right to live, and people around them have the right to enjoy a quiet, comfortable and undisturbed journey. A bear child who is above the nature of social rules, parents should wake up first.
  The third bowl: success has nothing to do with academic qualifications
  Parents often drink such a bowl of chicken soup, college students are working for junior high school students, and graduated from primary school to the doctor.
  Therefore, high academic qualifications are useless, and in the future it is not necessary to give people a job. It doesn't matter if you can't go to college. Maybe you will become a wizard in the management field in the future.
  Let's do the arithmetic problem. How many people are there for junior high school graduates? How many people graduated from junior high school? Is the former a rare one? The level of education is inversely proportional to success. Without academic qualifications, it is a small probability event.
  Telling the child with such a small probability that "it doesn't matter if you don't go to college", isn't it a delay in the child's future?
  I believe that the parents of such chicken soup ask you to think about it. Is there really a lot of people who have not achieved academic qualifications in history? How can you tell your child with a small probability event? It doesn't matter if you don't go to college.
  In fact, for the vast majority of ordinary children, there is a qualification to protect the body, it is already the happiness of ordinary people.
  I like to use the "My child's academic qualifications are not high, but I can manage college students in the future". This rare event comes from my comforting parents. Please also memorize such a passage:
  “People who work hard on the boulevard often envy the rapid climb of the other way, complaining that they are too tired and too slow, but never think about how many thorns and dangers the road is full of, and how many people are smashed there. ""
  You can't put too much pressure on your child, and you can't let your child bear the burden that doesn't belong to them. Of course, that's right. But this is not in contradiction with the education of a child who is polite and will learn.
  Everything is too late, and a more peaceful and upright education can make children grow into a pillar of security, ability, and responsibility.