My school scum son, my mother believes that you are coming to repay
  I have been thinking about it for a long time.
  The child's father is a doctor of engineering at 985. I am a master of 985. I gave birth to a son at the age of 27, and pregnancy is our plan.
  I didn't drink alcohol and still had light music on that day, and I ate various nutrients such as folic acid in advance.
  Three months pregnant, I took a long vacation to the unit, my in-laws came over and gave me three meals a day. I was only responsible for the sun and walking to watch TV. I didn’t even have a cold during the whole pregnancy.
  For the sake of my baby's health, I was pregnant for 10 months, and I have not eaten a meal outside. I am afraid that the bitter oil of Sudan oil is too bad for the child.
  Eugenics and eugenics do my job, I think it’s probably the best.
  Sure enough, the hard work pays off, the son is beautiful and healthy, and the big eyes flickering, my husband and I think, this must be a smart boy.
  But since he went to elementary school, all of our pride was quickly insufficient and the reality was stunned.
  While we do not want to admit every possible way, but the fact is - the son of learning achievement is not good.
  What is generally easy to be remembered by the teacher in the school is the two types of people - Xueba and Xuexue.
  Parents of Xueba, each time they go to school, are self-sufficient, and their faces are filled with confidence and brilliance.
  However, as a mother of slag, every time I go to school, I will sit quietly in the corner, deliberately choose some dark clothes, very afraid of the attention of parents and teachers.
  In order to let my son's academic performance catch up, I also reported many remedial classes to him, and even asked for one-on-one tutoring, and tried his best to spend money.
  Not only that, the son went to school during the day. I also follow the progress of the class, at home with a variety of counseling books and videos, study hard and strive to synchronize with my son's teaching. Come back to coach your son in the evening.
  I carefully analyzed every language text, brushed the number of questions, and used the cages, drawers, and number theory that I didn’t understand when I was a child. I now feel the door clear...
  Since my son’s primary school, I have often dreamed that I have participated in the college entrance examination. Woke up, looking at the number of Olympiad 100 questions on the bedside table, sighed heavily, this is a proper posture for the college entrance examination.
  However, even so, his son's performance is still not good.
  And because I give him a lot of learning every day, he stays up late, has insufficient outdoor activities, has reduced immunity, often has a cold and fever, and wears myopia glasses in the fourth grade.
  Finally, I have to accept this reality, my child, indeed qualified.
  In fact, he is very obedient, and the assignments I have arranged for him are all done seriously.
  In the summer vacation that year, I gave him a math and English tutoring class. My son actually said, "Mom, give me a language class, otherwise I am afraid that after the summer vacation, I will fall behind..."
  I was distressed, my son worked hard and obeyed, but he didn't study well. Doesn't this blame him?
  With my son studying for four years, I must admit that some people are really suitable for reading, and some people are not suitable.
  This is like someone who is born to sing. Some people will paint without a teacher. When someone is a few years old, they will write poetry... The gift of this thing does exist.
  I have seen a survey: In fact, Xueshua spent more time studying.
  I am endorsed by this data, especially in junior high school and high school. In fact, I want to learn well, but I am really talented.
  My husband and I finally understood that our two former tyrants really gave birth to a "skilled scum" that was not good at learning, at least for now.
  Putting down anxiety, letting go of comparisons and contrasts with other parents, I began to revisit my son, and I began to calmly think about the meaning of learning.
  In fact, what is the significance of letting our children study hard?
  It is nothing more than to enable him to support himself in the future to realize his own life value and social value.
  But my son, he is hardworking and kind, and will do an ordinary job in the future, why not eat?
  My child, although the math is not good, the Olympiad almost completely can't understand, but he likes to study cooking, and read all the books I bought, and now I am only 10 years old, I can already make several decent meals.
  My child, although English is not good, the grammar always forgets the words and always misspells, but his heart is kind. When he enters the building, he sees someone behind him, always holding the door with his little hand, waiting for the person behind. Come in together.
  My child, although the language is very bad, the composition is boring, but he is filial to his parents and knows the hardships of his parents.
  That night, I had a cervical spondylosis and had a terrible headache. My son said, "Mom, let's go to rest, don't accompany me, I can write my homework."
  I was slumbering. For a long time, probably after my son finished his homework, he quietly walked over to me and covered me with a quilt.
  I have added a lot of parents, and the parents inside are chatting all day and night, and they are very anxious.
  As long as the parents of Niu Wa Xueba debut, the following will be praised, saying: "Wow, such a child is to repay."
  For a long time, I also thought that when I saw the son who did not live up to expectations, I remembered this sentence: Xueba is to pay back, and the slag is to avenge.
  But now, I don't think so.
  This semester just started, the class voted for the cadre, the class teacher said to me:
  "Go home and praise your son. Today, he bravely took the stage to run for the sports committee, and 38 children from all classes have chosen him.
  At that time, there were four classmates competing for propaganda committee members, and the other ones were all the top ten students. ”
  The class teacher also said:
  I did not expect the result of this vote.
  I asked the whole class, why did you choose him, the students were very vocal, some said that he was helpful, some said that he was cheerful and lively, some said that he was very loyal, who encountered difficulties, he was the first One stood up to help...
  Listening to the class teacher's words, I was suddenly very moved and very proud, for my school scum son.
  Yes, he is not good at all, and he almost tails every exam.
  However, he is able to be good at himself, love and love others, self-respect and respect others, and treat people around him with an inclusive and cheerful heart. Isn't this a more valuable asset than academic achievement?
  Everyone is eager to succeed , and they are eager to become famous. But it is a pity that almost 90% of people still fall into the ordinary.
  Since the children read, we are always accustomed to using a single standard - learning, to measure the good and bad of a child.
  this is not right.
  The child is a slowly open flower, how can it be evaluated so single?
  We should not despise the ordinary, but should accept the ordinary.
  If you can be safe and happy, do a job you like, do not violate your own conscience, do not violate the principle of being a man , blossom the results on time, and take every step of your life, and be safe.
  I think this is actually the most successful way of life.
  I was out of school that day, standing at the school gate. I watched my son smile and carry a bag to me. I took a biscuit in my hand and said that it was sent at noon at the school. I felt very delicious and left a piece for my mother.
  I was suddenly moved. I think that my son will be self-sufficient when he grows up, whether it is a chef, a security guard, or a courier.
  After a day's work, he returned to his warm home, to be a considerate husband, a responsible father, and when we were sick, he was willing to take care of us with us... so grew up and grew old.
  I think this is actually a parent, expecting the future that the child wants to have.