My life has been much better since I have raised children as plants.
  Former parents used to treat children as grass chickens and were responsible for spreading a meter every day.
  One more is also feeding, the other one is also raised, released during the day, and rushed back at night.
  With the changes of the times, today's parents rarely use this extensive feeding method to raise children.
  Some of them take children as horses.
  Every day, I am eager to cultivate, and I will take the lead in the racecourse in the future. I will ride the dust and the man of the horse will be magnificent.
  Some of them treat children as pigs.
  When you can't do your homework, the child is a pig; you can't get good grades, and the child is a pig;
  Even eating too much, but also the child is a pig.
  People who have raised animals know that when the breeder is really tired, not only the body is tired, but the heart is more tired.
  You always want to control the animals, the animals are not compliant, and they often fall into two dislikes.
  Perhaps it is a blessing to the soul. Recently, I tried to use the mentality of treating plants to raise children.
  Wow, all of a sudden, I can solve a lot of confusion, put down a lot of burdens, and the whole person is much better.
  If you raise your child as a plant, you will agree - the seed is the last word.
  Every child is a plant seed that is sent to every household.
  When the gods are in a good mood, they will be targeted according to your family's genetic situation. When you are in a bad mood, you may not send it.
  Because the distribution of seeds is relatively random, there are often incomprehensible things happening in the world.
  Sometimes, the same aunt, my brother is like a ghost, and my brother is like a dog.
  Sometimes, my aunt is a schoolmaster, and a child is the scum of the bottom of the class.
  Like this:
  I have a friend. This woman has not been studying since she was a child, and her grades are...
  Well, you know. She often hangs on her lips, "I don't want to, I don't learn, read a fart!"
  But such a person, gave birth to a daughter, and was very angry!
  The cadres in the class have good grades and are particularly strong in their enthusiasm. They are very demanding.
  Once, her daughter ran to my house to learn to make snacks. I asked the little girl, what kind of variety do you want to do?
  She said very firmly: "Which is the hardest, I will do which, I have to learn the most challenging."
  what? Have you made a mistake? Why are the lines I have heard all the year round -
  This is too difficult, it is too much, I have to have a bowel movement, I am going to sleep, and there is worse than me...
  If you want to talk about education, I will never lose to her; according to genetic theory, I will never admit defeat to her!
  But to fight children, I am defeated.
  What is good to say? According to the feudal superstition, it is said that everything is life, and it is impossible to let people.
  Chicken soup always says that parents should work hard and parents are the boosters for children. Managed people, can not manage the heart, and then push again the day after tomorrow, can not stand people born.
  Accepting the essential differences between children, there are fewer doubts about life.
  Why can't other children, my child can't.
  There are so many reasons, no, it can't be! This world, not everything, can tell the truth.
  If you raise a child as a plant, you will understand - other people's planting skills, you can only listen to it.
Most of the parents of   so-called successful people only have the experience of raising one or two children.
  I have read many books written by successful parents, such as "Harvard girl Liu Yiting", "Good mother is better than good teacher."
  When I read it, it made sense. In practice, Get got to the gap between the buyer show and the seller show.
  Those who have won the cards always say that their cards are good, and several will admit that they have a good card.
  Some of Niu’s aunts said that they should have enough time to play every day.
  Leave enough time for the child to think.
  How do children of Amitabha play when they are busy with school work every day and can sleep on time? Learning efficiency is not a grade at all.
  Bamboo can grow one meter a day, how much meat? It is good to be one centimeter long.
  Some of Niu’s aunts said that children learn by themselves.
  If you don't have to teach, you can rely on watching TV.
  They must have never encountered, forgetting before and after school, bd does not divide, mention the child who forgets the word.
  The ivy, even if faced with a wall, can grow by its own strength. Change the vines, try not to stand up?
  Some of Niu’s aunts said that children should not care and cultivate autonomy.
  Our family has never been in the top three of the class.
  They must have never experienced it, and they were half-volume blank, and they were told by the teacher every day.
  Cactus no one tube, still live well, try to change the Phalaenopsis? Water is more dead, water is less dead, hot is dead, cold or dead.
  Plant varieties are not the same, even if people are better, telling you the secret, it is not necessarily possible to receive all the orders.
  Every plant has the right way to open it.
  Explore the right path, not blindly follow others' steps.
  If you raise a child as a plant, you can only accept it - each plant has its own good.
  Some children are super-powerful and ambitious. Such a child is a banyan tree with a deep root and a dragon.
  You can't keep it in a pot, stay with you, you can only move him outside the house and let him grow freely.
  Some children have average grades, filial piety, such children are strawberries, flowers are not eye-catching, but the fruit is delicious.
  Even if you can't get out and fight for it, it's sweet.
  Some children are not good at character and their ability is not strong. Such children are dog tail grasses.
  Look at the useless, according to the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, can also be used to make herbs.
  everybody is good for something. Finding the right stage, every plant has the opportunity to show his talents.
  The baby of the birth is the flower of the boss's family. If you can't throw it or pick it up, you can only raise it and try your best to discover the child's strengths and strengths.
  Not to compare with others, just compare with yourself. Even if today is more than a leaf, it is considered progress.
  Life and the future belong to the plant itself. After all, we are just a working gardener.
  Which person with normal brains will be angry with a pot of plants every day?
  When you are old, it is important to keep your life!