As a language teacher and class teacher, I have encountered many doubts in the teaching process, from children and parents.
  The children will ask me:
  "Teacher, why are you so fierce, can't you be gentle?"
  "Teacher, it's too hard for you to arrange too many homework. We can't finish it."
  Later, parents will also question:
  "Can you not be gentle? The children in my family are afraid of you!"
  "Teacher, you are too strict with your children. They are still small and don't have to be too strict."
  I really want to say to everyone, especially to the children, that the teacher really can't be too gentle to you. Once you relax, it may be you.
  Education is a serious undertaking. As a teacher, we must be responsible for every child, and we must not relax at all times.
  The strictness of the teacher is actually the expression of loving children.
  1. Learning is never an easy task
  Dear children, learning is never an easy task, whether you are in elementary school, middle school, university, or in the future. We have been studying for the rest of our lives, and the road to study is always full of hardships and ruggedness.
  Chen Jingrun, one of the most famous mathematicians in China, is in a very difficult situation when he is studying for a young age. He succumbed to a small 6-square-meter hut, lit up every day with a dim kerosene lamp, counting on the bed, whether it was cold or hot, or hot summer.
  It was in this difficult environment that he counted a few sacks of draft paper, and finally conquered the world-class mathematical problem "Goldbach conjecture" and achieved brilliant achievements.
  World mathematician A. Weir praised him: "Every work of Chen Jingrun seems to be walking on the foothills of the Himalayas."
  Yes, learning is constantly climbing. The knowledge we have never understood and mastered is wider than that of the Pacific Ocean. It is even higher than the Himalayas. Only by constantly climbing and breaking through can we overcome a little knowledge and transform into our own life. wisdom.
  If Chen Jingrun has already walked on the foothills of the Himalayas, then we are still at the foot of the mountain at this moment, and are climbing and advancing to the mountains.
  God never fall out, only by assiduously study and unremitting efforts to struggle , we can truly learn, really benefit from life.
  And this process must be hard and difficult.
  Nowadays, we can take classes in the spacious and bright classrooms. We can review and do homework in a quiet and comfortable home. We already have a good learning environment, and we can't live up to the arrangements and contributions of parents and teachers.
  Children, now that you study hard, you are worthy of your future.
  2, the teacher's strictness is the expectation of the child
  Dear child, the teacher wants to tell you that a gentle teacher can hardly teach a child who has a good future.
  Just as "the mother is more than a child," the mother of the gentle and gentle mother, the children brought out are very easy to rebel. Similarly, a teacher who is too gentle can't teach a good teacher if he can't establish the authority of the teacher, or if he can't make the child realize his problem.
  The teacher also taught a child like you.
  She wrote in her essay that her teacher is very gentle, but she does not like too gentle teachers.
  It turned out that this girl had a test, and Grandpa beat her and married her. After returning to school, the teacher just gently said to her "refueling."
  "After changing a new teacher, it was very strict. If you fail, you have to go to the lap. I don't want to run. The strange thing is that the results are coming up."
  In fact, the strictness of the teacher can give you a certain degree of fear, willing to correct the attitude of learning, listen carefully to the class, and earnestly complete the homework, thus improving the academic performance.
  In other words, the strictness of the teacher is the expectation of the children.
  I am looking forward to your success, so I will always pay attention to your learning results and avoid slack and laziness.
  I believe that you can do it, so it is strictly required to constantly improve the standard, so that you can do better.
  A mother once wrote in her letter that she hopes that the child will meet a teacher with a ruler and a light in his eyes, and use strict and encouragement to help the child grow up.
  "A good education must be clearly defined and rewarded."
  "A good teacher must be a strict and harmonious society, and the discipline is synchronized."
  I am very grateful for her trust, but I also feel this heavy responsibility. Children, when you come to school, when you enter this class with teachers and small partners, the teachers have taken the initiative to take on the important responsibility of counseling your healthy growth.
  The teacher will be stricter, I hope you believe in the teacher, we grow together.
  3. Education needs great strength
  Rousseau, a famous philosopher and educator, once said: We are born to be weak, so we need strength.
  Weakness is the nature of human beings. If we want to cope with the difficulties and twists and turns on the road of life, we must practice strong perseverance and unyielding character.
  The development of character is all about education. Whether our children can face life with strength is also the power of education.
  Zhang Bojun, an educator who founded Nankai University, is an educator with great strength and energy.
  Once, he found that the student’s finger had been smoked, and he seriously warned the student:
  "Smoking is harmful to the body and you must quit it."
  Students are not convinced, but instead run the principal and smoke. In the face of the students' blame, Zhang Bojun immediately let the workers take their own cigarettes, not only on the spot, but also broke the cigarette rods that have been used for many years, and sincerely said to the students:
  "From now on, I will quit smoking with my classmates."
  Sure enough, since then, Zhang Bojun has not smoked anymore, and the classmate has also quit smoking.
  It can be seen that the power of education is mainly reflected in teachers. As long as teachers have sufficient educational power, they can influence students, not only in terms of learning, but also in terms of personality.
  I still remember that a hundred years ago, Zhou Enlai ’s teacher asked him what he was reading for. He replied loudly: “Reading for the rise of China.”
  In the turbulent times, talents are the most urgently needed. Only when education has the strength to train talents into the pillars needed by the country can we inspire the patriotism of the students and contribute to the destiny of the country.
  In today's era of peaceful development, each teacher has a lofty educational ideal, cultivating children into a path to adapt to the fate of life and building a comprehensive talent for the future of the country. This is the power of education and the source of endless benefits for children.
  Therefore, teachers should not be too gentle, and education should not be gentle. Only by instilling a strong and powerful force in education can you grow into a new force in China.
  The famous writer Long Yingtai once said this to his son:
  "Children, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare with others, but because I hope that you will have the right to choose and choose meaningful and time-based work instead of being forced to make a living."
  Dear child, may you understand that life is not very gentle, neither parents nor teachers can always accompany you to grow up gently.
  Only by giving you solid strength, can you thrive and become the pillar of the country and the winner of life.