The winter vacation is not planned, and the gap between the start of school is large.
  During the winter vacation, how to make the child's winter vacation rich and meaningful is a common concern of parents. This article puts forward ten suggestions in light of the actual situation of the students and hopes to help the parents.
  1, practicing words
  Writing good or bad will not only affect the students' language performance, but also have a great influence on other subjects. The children who write well will be more likely to win the exam.
  If your child's writing situation is not ideal, the primary task of winter vacation is to practice the word.
  Practice the word, not to buy the word back, let the child write a few articles every day is as simple as that.
  Many children do not grow their words because the method is wrong.
  Children can be allowed to go to the calligraphy class. On the one hand, the teacher guides the profession. On the other hand, the strong writing atmosphere can stimulate the interest of children to write, and the time for practicing the words is more guaranteed.
  If parents have calligraphy skills, choose to guide their children to practice words at home, be sure to find a good copybook, at least one word per day.
  It is important that parents complete the review after the child has finished writing.
  You can use a red pen to circle a well-written word, give your child a score, and agree in advance how many points per day are excellent. How many outstanding ones can give the child an appropriate reward to stimulate the child to practice. The passion of the word.
  This link is very important, because the wording is very boring, and it is difficult to practice without interest and enthusiasm.
  Parents must not only ask their children to practice words, but they do not care about their children's practice. Otherwise, they will practice.
  2, away from mobile phones and computers
  Don't let your computer and phone ruin your child.
  A child who indulges in a computer phone all day during the winter vacation is basically a poor student.
  It is the responsibility of parents to let their children's winter vacation live full and meaningful, rather than pass the time in a virtual world.
  If your child is fascinated by playing with a mobile computer, it is better to use a mobile computer and not let the child become addicted to the mobile computer.
  If you can't control your child, it means that the parent has failed in the management of the child.
  3, earnestly complete the winter vacation homework
  Many students appear as assault or procrastination on the completion of winter vacation assignments.
  The assault type is to write the homework after the holiday, and the three-to-five-to-two homework is completed, and the rest of the time is only fun.
  The procrastination is to play only, do not write homework, wait until a few days before the start of school to madly make up the homework.
  Both of these approaches are not advisable.
  The purpose of the teacher's winter vacation assignment is to keep the child in a state of study during the holidays and lay a good foundation for the new semester.
  Taking these two methods to write winter vacations is obviously contrary to the original intention of arranging winter vacations.
  In the completion of the winter vacation, parents should plan ahead with the child to develop a winter vacation homework completion plan and implement it, so that the child can complete the work in various subjects reasonably and efficiently.
  Parents can count the number of homework assignments with their children. It is estimated that the number of days of visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival will be removed, how many days will be completed, how much time will be spent each day to write homework, and how many homework will be written each day.
  It is recommended that the plan be written in the form of a curriculum and posted on the desk.
  Parents should be supervised and checked for the completion of their daily work, so as to ensure the quality of the winter vacation.
  4. Grasp the tutoring of the weak subjects
  If the child has a weak subject in the learning process, winter vacation is a good time for tutoring. You can find a reputable training institution or a high-level teacher to provide special counseling and targeted tutoring so as not to affect the next semester.
  Do your child's ideological work before tutoring. If the child is disgusted and passively absent, then the tutor will have no effect.
  5, physical exercise
  Cai Yuanpei said: "Complete personality, first in sports."
  Good physical fitness is a guarantee of success .
  The habit of training the body from childhood can not only improve the child's immunity, but also improve the child's endurance and mental state.
  During school, the school will ensure the child's daily exercise time through physical education classes and inter-class exercises.
  However, during the holidays, many children stayed at home all day, plus more holiday snacks, and the table was full, which easily affected health.
  Therefore, it is necessary to exercise for the holidays.
  What's more, the score of the China Sports Examination Sports has been increased to 70 points.
  The only way to get a high score on a physical exam is to exercise more. If the child is already in the third grade, it should be strengthened during the winter vacation.
  Physical exercise in your stick , not in fits and starts.
  6, let the children do housework
  Many parents worry that their children will not be allowed to do housework when they do housework, but it is not.
  Doing housework can cultivate a child's sense of responsibility, a careful and meticulous attitude, and a good quality of diligence and hard work. Doing housework can promote the child's learning.
  Besides, letting children learn all day long during the winter vacation, the effect is not good. Housework is a way for the brain to relax.
  Mopping the floor, sending garbage bags, washing dishes, etc. can be done by children, and children can learn to make some simple home-cooked meals and develop their children's life skills, which is good for the child's growth.
  7, reading extracurricular books
  Winter vacation is a great opportunity for children to develop reading interest and accumulate reading.
  In reading classics, children can not only learn knowledge and strength, broaden their horizons, win life, but also cultivate their sentiments, shift the temptation of TV and games, and avoid becoming a mobile phone controller.
  At least let the children read two or three classics. The extracurricular readings are mainly based on the books recommended by the teacher. Parents can also take the children to the bookstore and the library to feel the rich atmosphere of the book.
  8, watch a few good movies
  Winter holidays are not only about homework, but also a colorful life. It is a good choice to go to the cinema to watch movies.
  Excellent movies not only enable children to see a wider world from the movies, read a richer life, learn multiculturalism, but also receive excellent moral education and promote their healthy growth.
  Parents have time to watch with their children. This is also a good time to promote communication with children and foster parent-child emotions.
  9, manage the lucky money
  With the improvement of living standards, the New Year’s money received by the children in the New Year is also a lot.
  However, the child has not yet learned the ability to properly manage and properly control the New Year's money.
  As a parent, you should make good use of this opportunity to teach your child to manage the New Year’s money and learn to use it reasonably. This will help to develop your child’s financial business, so as not to develop the habit of spending money casually.
  In addition, don't compare the amount of money in front of the child with others. This will encourage the child's comparison, which is not conducive to the development of the child's character.
  10, learn to treat people
  To treat people, to reflect the level of a person's emotional intelligence, is a skill that must be mastered in dealing with people.
  Children who learn to treat people are more likely to get the favor of the god of luck when they grow up.
  It is up to the parents to develop this skill for their children.
  During the winter vacation, relatives and friends walk around and the ceremony is still going on. Parents should educate and guide the children how to treat people in the details of daily life.
  The more the child knows in this regard, the more corrections he can make, the better he can learn.