On August 9, 2018, Xiaogan, Hubei.
  A 3-year-old boy, playing alone at the entrance of the escalator on the 3rd floor of the mall, suddenly slipped to the outside of the elevator and then fell to the first floor lobby of the square.
  120 rushed to the scene for first aid, but unfortunately still returned to the sky, and died.
  Maybe you have to ask, where is the child's parents?
  At the time of the incident, the parents and sisters of the children rested in a massage chair 3 meters away. When the child's mother is aware of the danger, it is too late to rush.
  Only two seconds! Only two seconds!
  She can catch her own child.
  It’s not helpful to cry, but to blame the parents for their own negligence.
  The shopping mall that you think is absolutely safe is dangerous for children.
  Escalators are dangerous, and the big items in the mall are equally unsafe.
  October 13, 2018, Zhejiang Jinhua.
  A 7-year-old child follows his family to visit Yiwu International Trade City. However, the family did not pay attention, the lively and active children climbed a 2 meter high teak wood carving.
  I didn't expect the woodcarving to fall to the ground and smash the child. The child was lying on the ground motionless, and the left leg was not bent properly.
  The child's mother, crying with her child in tears. However, he was sent to the hospital and still died.
  The danger is always unexpected, and quietly arrives and never greets.
  The more neglected the place, the more dangerous the place.
  What is even more damn is that many parents have not fulfilled their due responsibilities.
  July 31, 2018, Fuzhou.
  Ms. Wu took two children and went to the infant house for swimming.
  This is the birthday of her little daughter, 1 year old.
  She suspected that the vest-style swimming lap was too loose for the staff and replaced her with a seated swim ring. The baby girl sat on the swimming ring and played with water. She wanted to go to the ball in the pool and accidentally fell into the water.
  At this time, Ms. Wu is facing the pool and looking at the phone. Her eldest son looked at the situation incorrectly and asked her for help several times. Ms. Wu ignored it.
  As a result, the baby girl’s struggle is getting smaller and smaller until it stops completely. The baby girl was drowned for 90 seconds and was declared dead by the doctor.
  The eyes of the parents are the insurance of the children.
  Letting such a small child leave his or her own eyes is equivalent to letting the child alone face this chaotic and dangerous world.
  This is not a parent's heart, this is stupid.
  The world outside is dangerous, but what about the family? It is also not safe.
  November 2, 2018, Dongguan.
  In the morning, a mother sent two children to school and locked another 5-year-old child to her home.
  But the window at home was not locked, and there was no protective fence installed. So the child fell from the 14th floor home to the first floor and died.
  Therefore, the home you think is safe is also hidden in danger.
  As a parent, please do not leave your child too small at home!
  Dangerous goods are messed up, and for curious children, it also means danger.
  In Zhejiang, there is a mother who is a cleaner.
  She put the toilet lotion in the Coke bottle and placed it in one place. As a result, the child saw it and thought it was a cola. If the adult did not pay attention, he would drink it when he picked it up.
  The toilet cleaner is corrosive, causing severe burns to the child's oral mucosa.
  Dangerous goods should be kept out of reach of children.
  Convenient for greed, free to let go, is to give children a life, to bury hidden dangers.
  The child’s life is splashing and full of curiosity about the world.
  So many times, it is not dangerous to find a child, but the child takes the initiative to find danger.
  Xuzhou boy Kiki, only 7 years old, likes to watch cartoons.
  The character in the cartoon can easily modify the fan, so the parents are not at home, the grandfather is taking a nap, and he wants to imitate it.
  He found the floor fan in his home, removed the cover with a tool, and then turned on the power to test the wind speed. He put his hand into the blade that was rotating at high speed. The entire palm was crooked and bloody, the left index finger was broken, and the tendon, blood vessels and extension were heavier...
  Children's curiosity often overshadows their risk awareness.
  Only when parents pay attention and guide education correctly can the risk be minimized.
  Not only did the children dare to reach into the fan, they dared to put all sorts of strange things into their mouths and stuff them into their noses.
  2016, Fuzhou.
  A 3-year-old child actually stuffed the button battery into his nostrils.
  As a result, the highly corrosive liquid leaked out of the battery, and the nasal septum was perforated and corroded, resulting in erosion of the nasal mucosa.
  The doctor said: "This child is lucky. If the battery slides deep into the nasal cavity, it must be surgically removed. If the perforation is larger, the shape of the nose may collapse in the future."
  What is dangerous to the child is not necessarily a heavy object;
  Those small objects that are inconspicuous often cause more serious damage to children.
  In a village in Anshun, Guizhou, Master Guo raised a lower dog.
  His child Xiao Xin was only eight years old. He said that he was going to the toilet that day, so he went to the backyard alone.
  However, after a long time, Xiaoxin did not come back. Grandma went to see what happened, but found that the dog at home was biting Xiaoxin’s neck and biting hard.
  Xiaoxin’s throat was bitten, his thighs were bitten, and he was mad at the road to the hospital.
  At the time of the incident, the dog did not scream and the child did not call for help. This only shows that the dog had bitten the child's neck from the beginning.
  The family can't figure out: This dog is usually very gentle, never bitten, and often plays with the child, how can he suddenly kill the child?
  Dogs are human friends, that's right.
  But the dog is not sensible, and the child is not sensible.
  If you have a dog at home, don't look at them as they are usually gentle and tame. Once you get up, you may hurt your child.
  Your child's body is very fragile, and even eating can be dangerous.
  A five-year-old boy, playing at home with a child, picks up a peach on the table and eats it.
  Suddenly Tong Tong’s mother heard a severe cough, and quickly checked it out and found that Tong Tong had a disgusting cough and half of the peaches in her hand.
  Tong Tong Ma realized that the child was shackled and patted his back, but it didn't work. The child's face turned from red to purple.
  When the child was taken to the hospital, the heartbeat and breathing were gone, and the pupils were already dilated.
  The doctor said: "The child's mouth and nose are full of pale yellow flesh..."
  The child's trachea is very small, the parents remember, when the child laughs, when crying, when they are excited, when they are playing, when they are lying, don't give the children something to eat, otherwise it is easy to squat.
  In recent years, short video apps have been very popular, and there are a lot of thrilling challenges.
  In particular, the father and the child tacitly cooperate to let the child turn over, this action is cool and handsome.
  So, there is a father in Wuhan who has a whim and decided to imitate. He took his 2-year-old daughter and wanted to challenge this difficult movement. The result was unfortunately missed. The daughter’s head was on the ground and the spinal cord was seriously damaged.
  The doctor said that the child is now unable to move the entire limb, the upper limbs are completely unable to move, and the lower limbs are not strong enough.
  Can you recover in the future? Even the doctors say it is not good.
  Unreliable parents can not only keep children away from danger, but even themselves, the danger of children.
  Ms. Deng of Mengcheng has a daughter, Jun Jun, who is one year old and three months old.
  This day she was busy in the kitchen, her daughter's uncle had a whim, and the child was thrown up and teased.
  The result was not paying attention to the strength, throwing too high, causing the ceiling fan to rotate at high speed on the top of the head, hitting the child's skull.
  The child's parietal bone has a 7-8 cm long split, the split is 5 to 6 cm long and is inwardly recessed at 90 degrees, and about 1 cm of the skull is inserted into the brain tissue with intracranial hemorrhage.
  Thousands of defenses, don't forget to guard against the lack of friends.
  If there are more relatives who are blind-minded, the child will be guilty of innocence.
  When we talked about the cases of so many children being hurt, we can all find that when parents are not easy, it is even more difficult to be a qualified parent.
  Children are very vulnerable and vulnerable. Parents should be children's umbrellas and take the initiative to help them isolate danger.
  It is the basic duty of parents to let their children grow up healthily.
  But unfortunately, there are always a lot of unqualified parents, all kinds of negligence, causing irreparable harm to the children.
  Izumi Kotaro said: "As soon as you think of being a parent, you don't have to go through the exam, it feels terrible."
  This year, many parents, they are still children who have not grown up, and you expect them to be particularly mature and reliable, which is harder than going to heaven.
  Have fun playing with your mobile phone until you are fascinated by your child;
  Have unhappy to take the child out of breath;
  Have children running crazy outside to play;
  Have a busy job and take care of the children;
  Have the child as dangerous as not knowing it;
  Sometimes you really feel terrible, not qualified parents, is the time bomb around the child.
  Perhaps the Chinese public opinion is too tolerant for those unqualified parents.
  Some time ago, in the United States, a man named Cannon was driving on the road.
  Suddenly I found a baby crawling on the road in front of the vehicle. Scared that he quickly got off the car to divert the vehicle, and then found the neighbors to move out and took the baby away.
  Cannon sent photos to social media, causing many people to forward discussions, most of them criticizing their parents.
  Cannon also said: This is the worst way to raise children!
  "I thought of my baby girl, I want to denounce these careless guys, some people really shouldn't have children!"
  After the incident, not only caused an uproar on the Internet, but even the local police involved in the investigation, the child welfare workers also contacted the children's parents.
  Previously, in Dongguan, China, a 2-year-old child took advantage of his parents, drilled through the subway gates, and stepped on the escalator alone, almost rolling down the escalator, but was rescued by the subway station staff.
  All the reports were violently praised by the station clerk, and the parents whose children were not reliable did not get the criticism they deserved.
  The public opinion of the whole society is too tolerant to unqualified parents.
  After reading so many tragedies about children, sympathize with poor children, they should first anger their parents.
  Protecting children is the duty of parents.
  However, the world is so dangerous, the child is so fragile, how should we protect the child?
  Guo Kaiyuan, director of the Law Office of the China Youth Research Center, pointed out that protecting children should be based on the child's perspective.
  What does that mean?
  For example, as an adult, you certainly know that high-rise buildings are dangerous and will not easily climb to the window to play.
  But the children are curious and they will feel new and may run to the window. If they are not careful, they will fall easily.
  For example, if you are an adult, you know that the unknown liquid contained in the bottle cannot be casually consumed.
  But children don't think so much. When they see the bottle is a cola bottle, they think it is a cola in the bottle. No matter what the three or seventy-one, the mouth will be taken first.
  When parents have a child's perspective and learn to see the world with children's eyes, then they will realize that the windows of high-rise buildings are tight; they don't put dangerous liquids into beverage bottles, they are also visible to children. A place that is enough.
  "The child's curiosity is strong, the imitation is strong, and the self-control ability is poor." This is the basic psychological characteristics of the child.
  Master these basic psychological characteristics, starting from these characteristics of the child, from the perspective of the child to see the problem, the danger can be eliminated one by one, to prevent problems before they happen.
  This chaotic and cruel world is full of risks, and tragedies are happening all the time.
  For children, there is no absolute security in the world, but fortunately, they can have more reliable parents. Considering the child's injuries, the child is very poor and the parents are not innocent.
  We should never forgive easily, those parents who are not reliable.