The children are chasing me in the community, laughing and joking. Back to school, their winter vacation life really began.
  In the second grade, the final exam results, the teacher did not announce, the children in the class received the award, but the award names are different. The children in the first grade are even more proud. At the end of the year, they didn’t even have the exams. They only played the game.
  This is very different from last year. When I returned to school at the end of the first grade last year, the teacher not only announced the score but also issued a test paper. The parents couldn’t hide their curiosity. They couldn’t help but ask, “How many points did your family test? ”
  Later, a child in the community wrote this scene into the diary. "At the end of the period, I took two 100 points. My mother is like a sparrow. Hey, see other children in the community, ask. Ask people if they have double exams."
  This kind of scene will never happen this year. Not only the primary school where my son is located has not announced the score. In this city where I live, many primary schools have not announced their scores as usual this year.
  Poor my circle of friends, there is no parent to forward the essay "My Wish", which is said to be very hot :
  "I am going to celebrate the New Year, please be an uncle and aunt who is going to see you. If you don't catch a child, how many points are you asked? How many people are in the class? We asked you how much salary? How many suites? Change the car. Do you want a second child? Civilization, you, me, happiness, China."
  Even if the results are not announced, the children may not be able to learn . Take the author's Hebei as an example. In recent years, the Hebei high-scoring candidates for the college entrance examination are too outrageous, and the normal learning state is not enough for such a score. Not to mention the "super high school" preparing for the college entrance examination, it is said that the city's famous junior high school, the top students are said to sleep at 12 o'clock in the evening before 6 o'clock in the morning, the first two students, sleep less than 6 hours, every second counts The rhythm of learning is no exaggeration.
  In such an environment, if you want to climb the top of the performance pyramid, you have to make a very human effort. I also often hear complaints from my parents: because we have these “perverted” teachers and students around us, we can never get good grades.
  There are also epiphanies.
  In the key class of middle school, it was less than two years, and T still sent the child out of the country;
  M’s children successfully entered the junior high school key class last year and are now preparing to “escape” to other cities;
  Y resigned two years ago to become a full-time mother. I thought about cultivating my child into a "study tyrant" with one heart and one mind, but recently shifted direction. She thinks that "study tyrants" are born, or cultivate children into a "funny understanding." People who live"
  J is more interesting. He is resolutely opposed to let the children in the second grade participate in various competitions. In his view, when the child is young, he pushes him to participate in the competition, and the child’s attention is bound to be transferred to various “ratio”. In terms of things, such a small age, it should be "inward" to accumulate energy. The anxiety brought about by competition will consume the children's energy, and the inner heart will become more and more weak. Parents are ignorant and still in the small pattern of children. Is it a sorrow for the excellent self-satisfaction?
  The more parents you contact, the more you will find the parents who are “enlightened”, but they are not good at or disdain to feel the presence in the circle of friends. They define the “excellence” more broadly and do not put “excellence”. And "ordinary" absolute.
  These parents will not be stunned by the news of “Peking University’s Masters Selling” and “Law of Law Scholars Selling Fruits”. They generally understand that “going to the heights will have freedom of choice”. The “high places” here are not external life. Decent, but the self-consistency of inner life.
  Not long ago, a survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Social Survey Center on a questionnaire survey of 1,863 parents showed that 72.6% of the parents surveyed were able to accept the children's ordinary. The survey sample is not large enough, but more or less can also indicate that there is still a “stability factor” in the large group of parents’ anxiety.
  "Unstable" is the norm. Look at the friends in the circle of friends, there are two kinds of baby, "other children's children" are to pay back, "the baby of their own family" is to collect debts.
  Interestingly, the parents who complained that “their own debts are being collected” are seeing that “children with bad grades are coming to repay, because children who have a good reading will go abroad in the future. Parents and children can only rely on video. The study is not qualified, and when we are old, we can always accompany us. Today, when parents take their beef and bring their parents to eat seafood tomorrow, they will desperately forward their praise. Is it just that the Ah Q-style spiritual masturbation? Not quite, this is indeed a reality. Repaying or debt collection depends on what you look at.
  Only on the issue of children's education, few parents can be determined. In short, too many people are born with an ordinary life, but they are infected with a disease that they are not willing to.
  At least in the moment, I am afraid that there is no good medicine that can alleviate the anxiety of many parents, because most of our generation believes that "only success can get better social resources", and have not been able to enjoy the "inner self-consistent" life, and which Qualification and ability to guide children to have a "fun" future?