When the winter holiday is coming, everyone is starting to press the heart and want to take the children out of the activity.
  When we visited more and more tourist attractions, we began to suspect that such travel is really educational for children.
  Therefore, I have sorted out 4 types of places suitable for taking children. There are always a few places that will touch the heart of the child. Let's take a look!
  Busy workplace : helping children build money
  Parents always feel that their children are still young and it is too early to talk to them.
  In fact, children who do not have a correct view of money are more likely to go astray.
  "The 10-year-old boy recharged the game to get rid of his grandmother's annual living expenses." "14-year-old boy rewarded the anchor for 30,000." Such news is not uncommon, and it also sounds the alarm for parents:
  It is not too early to help children establish a correct view of money.
  Parents can take their children to the workplace and let their children see the hard work of their parents.
  Let the children know that there is no free lunch in the world, and every penny is paid for the same amount of labor.
  So children will understand that the hard-won of money is the only way to fight against vanity.
  Backward village: teach children to learn to cherish
  The older generation always feels that the current child is a white-eyed wolf, and does not know how to cherish and be grateful .
  The children's clothes came to the mouth to open their mouths, and they went forward under the care of their parents. They even thought that learning was for parents.
  Parents can take their children to the backward villages and experience the simple country life.
  There are no city lights, no brand-name clothes, and no mountain papers.
  The children here don't worry about the drag-and-drop. They get up early every morning to go to school, turn over the old books over and over again, and don't want to miss every minute of reading.
  The children here don't waste food. They go home from school and take the initiative to work in the fields. They have already understood that it is not easy to survive.
  Born in the city, it is difficult for children to experience the rich material resources and the convenience of learning resources.
  Only after experiencing the poverty of the village will the child know how to cherish it.
  Steep mountain peaks: teach children to learn to suffer
  Although my children are always the best in their parents' minds, sometimes it is inevitable that they will feel that their children are a little delicate, and they are worried that they will not be able to adapt to society in the future.
  In fact, one way to hone your child's heart is to take the child to climb the mountain.
  The children who often climb the mountain will undoubtedly be more tough than their peers. On the way to the children's level, they will inevitably feel exhausted and hungry, and each time they continue to move forward with the encouragement of their parents , they are a process of defeating themselves.
  Ascending the distance will also broaden the mind of the child, no longer stick to the wall, let him see the wider world through his own efforts.
  The road to success must be full of hardships. Only a few people with firm beliefs can make a slap in the face and laugh at the end.
  University campus: helping children set goals
  Parents have more or less traveled with their children, and they have rushed back when they took a tour of local places of interest like punching cards.
  Such travel is of limited significance to children.
  In fact, for children, the most important thing to miss is the local university campus.
  The university integrates beautiful campus scenery, strong learning atmosphere and rich community activities, which can not only bring visual enjoyment to children, but also bring spiritual touch to children.
  Just like in the movie "Bottom Girl". (The story is based on real people)
  At the beginning, the girl at the bottom of the grade, Sayaka, set up the Hongyuan, which was admitted to Keio University, with the encouragement of teacher Pingtian.
  After the start of the struggle, Sayaka at the bottom of the game knew the difficulty of taking Keio University.
  Under the attack of the test results, Sayaka lost the confidence of struggle and wanted to transfer to the second-class school. Therefore, there was a great dispute with Teacher Putian.
  At this jealousy, Sayaka asked her mother to take her to Keio University to have a look.
  After going to Keio University, Sayaka was infected by the atmosphere in the school, and the people here felt very good: "I really like Keio University."
  At this point, I firmly adhered to the belief in studying, and finally overcame the psychological pressure and successfully obtained the University of Keio.
  Understand the richness of university life and distinguish the atmosphere of different schools so that children can have the motivation to study hard.