What kind of child is the most cute?
  This question was put in the past, I will definitely say that the educated children are the most lovely.
  But if at this time, I will be very firm to say: the child who is calm and wise is the cutest.
  Before, there was a boy and mother about 5 years old who rushed to the subway. When the screen door was about to close, the mother and son stepped down the stairs.
  The boy was the first to step on the subway, the mother moved a little slower, did not have time to step in, the screen door has begun to close.
  As a result, the boy got in the car and the mother was left at the platform.
  The mother on the platform was anxiously flushed and let go of her son and shouted "son, son."
  The conductor did not know what happened on the platform. After the screen door was closed, he immediately started to go to the next station.
  I looked at the child in front of me who was thin and empty, and had no phone and watch, worried about him.
  When I was about to talk to him, the boy walked over to an old man and said very calmly: "Grandma, can you call your cell phone? I just got on the subway and broke away with my mother."
  The old man with a surprised expression, took out the phone and handed it to the boy.
  "Mom, I am waiting for you at the next stop, my uncle." After the phone was finished, the boy returned the phone to the old man and took a thank you.
  Then grab the seat railing next to it and stand quietly.
  I was shocked by the calmness of the boy. Such a small person, from the mother to the solution, came up with a solution, but five minutes.
  In addition to being like a child, his calmness and speed of problem solving are no exaggeration to say that he is better than many adults.
  First, after dispersing with his mother, he scanned the people around him and chose an old man to ask for help. This reveals his cautious side. After all, the old man is more secure than the younger.
  Secondly, it is safe to agree with the mother about the location of the round.
  A child alone in the subway station, no place is safer than the security department.
  After thinking about it carefully, I personally praised the boy, too smart!
  The same scene of departure reminds me of a child I met in Shenzhen Wetland Park the year before.
  It was also about the age of the boy. He suddenly stood in the crowd and cried, calling "Mom, Mom."
  The people around were attracted by the crying, went up and asked him about the specific situation, the child was probably too panicked, asked nothing to say, only crying hard.
  Later, we took a quick sandwich and caught him. After feeling quiet, I asked him if he could remember the phone of his family. I don’t know if I ask, I don’t know anything.
  Nothing, we had to send the children to the security room of the park.
  After the staff broadcast for ten minutes, the child’s mother slowly came over and took the lead. The face did not seem to be in a hurry. She saw the child jokingly saying, “I thought you were playing with other children.”
  The staff couldn’t stand it and gave the child a mother’s lesson before giving the child to her.
  To be honest, this mother's heart is also big enough, the child has been away for twenty minutes, but I still don't know, a pair of "you are too big to be surprised".
  The child also looked at the circle, the 5-year-old person, the family name phone can not remember.
  I want to say that this is a good life for the mother and the child. If you meet a good person, if you encounter a bad person who is not in the same day, it is estimated that the child's mother has to regret it for a lifetime.
  The children, when they are in trouble, are completely at a loss. From the perspective of the "bad guys", they probably prefer the cute, unfamiliar children.
  Just take a delicious meal and take him away.
  Therefore, it is important to teach children to be calm and understand some basic self-protection knowledge.
  Who knows what the next moment the child will encounter.
  I saw a film bridge, carrying the school bus for the children to travel, unfortunately falling into the water on the way, falling into the sea, the teachers and children were in a mess, only shouting for help.
  There is a little girl who is very calm to swim around and see the chances of getting out of the car.
  Fortunately, she found a light at the rear of the car. In the end, she led the classmates and escaped safely.
  If the little girl is just like other people, she will only panic, and she does not know how to calm down and save herself. Then she is very likely to be trapped in the school bus forever.
  At 8:00 pm on August 19 last year, a garage in a district of Lianshui County, Huai'an City suddenly caught fire and the two children upstairs were trapped.
  The passers-by thought that the two children might be killed, but the rescuers rushed to the scene and found that the 10-year-old brother was in danger. He took his two-year-old sister with a wet towel and licked his mouth, waiting quietly for the rescuers to come over. .
  Also, in 2016, a 5-year-old girl was forcibly taken away on her way to school. How did she protect herself on the highway?
  The entire off-line process is called “anti-trafficking textbook”.
  The girl faced the person who forcibly took her away, did not resist fiercely, but waited for her change and waited for the opportunity to flee.
  The girl has been waiting for the traffic police to appear because she knows that the traffic police uncle is a good person.
  When he found out that the traffic police appeared and had the opportunity to flee, he immediately cried "The girl is not my mother" with the legs of the traffic police.
  The information asked by the traffic police, the girl can clearly express: how was I forcibly taken away, my name is what, I am a primary school student, my grandfather's phone on the bag. . .
  The police quickly contacted the family because the information provided by the girl was sufficient.
  Many people praise the girl for being smart and calm.
  Yes, the girl’s calmness is not plain and unreasonable.
  When the granddaughter just learned to speak, the girl grandfather began to train the child to memorize the family’s name and phone number, and the child would not be able to compose a child song, let her remember.
  At the age of 4, the girl can take the family's information, school name, address, and teacher's phone back.
  Grandpa told her that if there is a "bad guy", don't panic. When the "bad guy" takes her through a crowded place, she must call for help.
  The child's self-protection ability is not a glimpse. If the parents did not teach her how to deal with it, the child came from a calm, eager and wise mind.
  Nowadays, everyone is talking about running the line, giving the children the opportunity to learn this and report to various skill interest classes.
  Few people have noticed that children have not learned the basic daily self-rescue ability and the ability to deal with things calmly.
  When it comes to safety or danger, the so-called starting line strength is minimal.
  Danger will not control your piano level, how fluent in English, in front of it, these same air.
  To be frank, before that, like other adults, I didn't notice that the ability of children to learn to calm down things is so important, or a bit slow.
  But from this moment on, I will add a task in my daughter's study, that is: learn basic self-rescue.
  As for other things, the priority can be left behind.
  Because I feel that nothing is more important than the safety of your child.