In the past, family style was the inheritance of a whole large family; now, family style is still the foundation of a small family.
  In a family, the minds of parents often determine the values ​​of the family. Parents' words and deeds guide the whole family's atmosphere, which is the style of the family.
  The family style is positive, and the monks are not inclined. Good family tradition has a profound impact on the Xia Yibei, and even determine their children away from home and acted attitude and confidence.
  A good family style needs to be gentle.
  A colleague has a big voice. He used to lose his temper at home and shouted at his family.
  On this day, the colleague's husband came home and worriedly told her that the dirty clothes that had been put into the washing machine last night had forgotten to wash. She didn't talk, shaking her head and saying nothing.
  When the son came home from school at night, he saw that his mother was cooking. He ran carefully and said that he had not tested well, so that his mother should not marry him. Colleagues touched his son's head and smiled and waved his hand.
  When I was eating at night, the atmosphere on the dinner table was different and it was very warm. The son said happily: "Mom, you are so beautiful today!"
  Colleagues ask why? The son said: "Because my mother is not angry today, she is smiling!"
  At that moment, my colleagues were very moved, and she felt the warmth of the family. In the morning she went to see a doctor because of a sore throat. The doctor told her that it was because she often lost her temper and spoke loudly, which aggravated the inflammation and swelling of the scorpion. The doctor told her to whisper in the future.
  We go out and treat people often as gentle and courteous. But when I get home, facing parents, lover, and children, I often feel impatience, irritability, harshness, and indifference.
  Don't forget, there is a home, there is you. Family members need us to be gentle. So don't leave bad emotions to your family.
  A good family style requires communication.
  I have read in the book that the famous educator Liang Qichao has nine children and each talented person. Although there are many children, he never ignores any one, and has a nickname for every child. Nine children also love and respect Liang Qichao.
  Liang Qichao’s education for his children is very strict. Although he hopes that his children will become talented, they can listen to their wishes and teach them in accordance with their aptitude. Regardless of where the children are, he often writes letters and exchanges, even bluntly thinking about missing in the letter, hoping that they will not be tired of learning.
  Liang Qichao’s love for the children is in every letter he has crossed the ocean, in every jealousy and concern he has.
  The children are also very close to him. Liang Si’s achievements are counted abroad, and when he encounters academic or emotional problems, he will actively write to ask his father.
  Liang Qichao was called by the children as "a kind and loyal father, an old urchin with a childlike heart."
  Communication is the bridge to the heart. Good communication will make each other closer, and the relationship between husband and wife, parents and children will be closer.
  A good family style requires housework.
  Letting children learn to do housework and love to do housework is a good thing.
  Home is a common home, and housework is not the exclusive one. Especially in modern society, for the sake of family, the majority of families are working outside the husband and wife. Therefore, after returning home, housework should be for both husband and wife.
  If one is exhausted and the other is not playing on one side, in the long run, dissatisfaction will accumulate and the quarrel will be frequent.
  The two people work together and work more efficiently than one person. They can also experience each other's difficulties in labor, thus enhancing their feelings.
  If there are children in the family, and participate in it together, let the housework become a happy parent-child time, not only more companionship, but also cultivate the child's hands-on ability and survival strength, and let the children realize that the parents are not easy and have a grateful heart.
  A good family style needs to be considerate.
  A family of four neighbors, the couple worked outside the home before, and returned to their hometown to start a steel recycling business.
  For a long time, women blame men for their incompetence, and business can't make money. Men blame women for love, family chaos, and children are not obedient. The fighting between husband and wife often spreads to children and likes critical education for their children.
  Eight years later, the man was tired and the woman could not continue to maintain the business, so the relatives took over.
  But in fact, men have been very hard to run a business, go east and west. And the woman helped to look after the store, and had to wash and cook to clean up the house, which was also busy at both ends. However, they only saw their own hard work, but they could not see the other party's efforts, and the contradictions will be more and more.
  Good words, three winters, and bad words hurt people in June. The lethality of language damage from a loved one is often greater. An unintentional language may become a wound that has long been difficult for the other person's heart.
  Parents and children have deep feelings and mutual trust. Brothers and sisters are united and united, and the love and beauty between husband and wife are in harmony with each other. The family can be prosperous.