The famous British philosopher Pudman once said: "If you plant an action, you will gain a habit; sowing a habit, you will gain a personality; sowing a personality, you will gain a fate."
  The power of habit is enormous.
  Good habits can help a person grow into a talent, and bad habits can easily push people into the abyss of hell.
  Scientific research shows that only by starting a good habit of cultivating children from a young age can they benefit for life!
  So, what aspects should parents use to develop good habits for their children? Let's take a look with Rui Ma.
  Do your own thing
  In the "Metamorphosis" program, there is a teenage girl who grew up with her parents, so that even the socks will not be worn until now, and the toenails must be cut by her mother.
  Some netizens are angry and commented: What is the difference between such a child and a disabled person? Don't look at someone who is helping now, but when she enters the society in the future, who will spoil her to let her? The ultimate hardship is still her own!
  I have never learned an independent child since I was a child. Even if I grow older, my heart is always like a giant baby. Everything depends on others.
  But society is cruel, no one will help you for free, and no one will be optimistic about you for no reason.
  Therefore, only by becoming capable and capable, can you have the qualification of pride.
  Refusing to drag and drop
  Not to mention the children, many adults also have bad habits of dragging and tempering. Things will never be dealt with until the last moment.
  This is not a good thing.
  First of all, doing things will make others feel that you are an unreliable person. Over time, others will not be willing to give important tasks to you.
  Secondly, dragging things to the end, because time is running out, people's nervousness will rise sharply. The more nervous they are, the more likely they are to make mistakes, and finally the more they will make mistakes.
  Therefore, it is very important to train children to be vigorous and vigorous, and not to hale the good habits of tempering.
  It allows the child to maintain a calm mind in front of any challenge, and then complete and beautiful things.
  Happy to read, good at reading
  How good is reading? I believe that I will not say more, parents can understand.
  Look at the "small prodigy" from the ancient Chinese poetry in the TV program , the Chinese and foreign encyclopedic knowledge to answer the awkward youth, and the host of the temperament and elegant language Lianzhu, Dong Qing. . . . . .
  Which one is not soaked in the sea of ​​books from a young age, the source of the book continues to absorb the nutrition of books?
  Therefore, in order to let the children learn to get rich five cars, the temperament is extraordinary, it is necessary to cultivate children's habits of reading from an early age!
  It is not necessary to limit the children's non-reading novels, and it is most reasonable to choose books in combination with their interests.
  After all, with interest, you can maximize their desire to read.
  Have the courage to take responsibility
  There was an intern A in the previous unit. I was diligent, and my hands and feet were very good. We all appreciated him.
  But then there was a problem with the project. A first pushed the responsibility to B. After checking, this matter has nothing to do with B. It is just an excuse for A not wanting to take responsibility.
  In fact, the mistakes were not serious. As long as A was willing to admit his mistake, the company did not intend to punish him.
  But the practice of shirking responsibility when he had an accident was really chilling, and eventually the company did not agree with his application for rectification.
  A person who has no sense of responsibility can hardly gain the trust of others. No matter what kind of work you will be doing in the future, there will be no big success.
  Therefore, parents must cultivate their children's sense of responsibility from an early age.
  Parents must not be able to deviate from the situation of the child, otherwise they will only condone the child's willfulness and lawlessness.
  In order to effectively improve your child's emotional intelligence, you must pay attention to cultivating your child's sense of responsibility. Only with a strong sense of responsibility can you win more trust.
  Understand self-discipline
  Han Xue, who recently made a big splash on "Immature", released her 18-style martial arts in an all-round way. The dubbing and acting are all wonderful, and people are shouting: This is the goddess worthy of our worship. !
  The reason why she is so good is inseparable from the rules of life that she developed from childhood - self-discipline.
  In the reality show "Women have something to say", Han Xue's self-discipline has been fully demonstrated:
  Get up at 7:30, wash in three minutes, apply makeup in five minutes, eat only two meals a day, do not eat after 6:30, and charge for one hour before going to bed. . . . . .
  During these strict schedules, she insisted on it.
  Such strict self-discipline makes the one-off audience amazed! I like it all!
  People who understand self-discipline have super-self-control, can effectively resist the bad temptation of the outside world, and insist on perfecting their own affairs.
  Therefore, the more self-disciplined, the easier it is to gain success ; the more self-disciplined , the easier it is to gain misfortune.
  Summary and introspection
  Zeng Zikai: "My three provinces are my own: I am not loyal to people? I don't believe in my friends? I don't care?"
  Zengzi reflects on himself many times a day: Do you do your best for others? Is there any integrity in dealing with friends ? Did the knowledge taught by the teacher review on time?
  Through review and reflection, you can clearly understand your current deficiencies and make targeted improvements and improvements.
  Therefore, parents should cultivate their child's self-examination habits from an early age.
  After school, talk to your child about today's school life, talk about what you have done and what you have to do. If you don't do well, you should correct it in time. If you do well, you should make persistent efforts to keep your child growing. .
  The above 6 good habits, how many children do you have?
  If not, be sure to cultivate from now on!