1, talk about family
  The mother misses the growing child, always one-way; full of youthful vitality.
  You must "leave" to start yourself.
  The child rushed to the vision of his life, his eyes eagerly looking forward, and the mother could only look at his smaller and smaller back behind him, and figure out how far and how long the horizon was. How can it be invisible?
  Parents, for a 20-year-old, I am afraid like an old house: you live in it, it shelters you from the wind and rain, gives you warmth and safety, but the house is the house, you will not go with the house Speak, communicate, be considerate, and please. When you move furniture, you break a corner and you won’t say "I'm sorry." Parents, it’s just an old house that you have always used to be indifferent.
  I guess that after waiting for 20 years, you will come back and start to look at this old house without sound, and find that it has been ruined and weakened, gradually moving towards the "nothing" of life and the "destruction" of the universe; At that time, you will look back and look deep.
  In the moment of the electric stone fire, I already knew: With your fate, in this life, you will watch you leave again and again, waving your hand silently. In the future, such a shot will continue to repeat: you go to middle school, watch you rush into the team, no longer shy; you go to the United States to study, at the airport watching your back interspersed in the crowd, waiting for you to look back, you are also head I didn’t go back to the gate and really disappeared into the vast sea of ​​people.
  Graduation is to leave. Yes, you are leaving your friends, you are leaving the town, leaving your grown up house and pond, you are also leaving your parents, and also a certain kind of forever to leave.
  The so-called parents are those who are constantly happy and sad in the back , want to recover the hugs and dare not speak.
  2, talk about respect
  I respect those who help the poor and the poor. I respect the scientists who work quietly in the laboratory. I respect those who resist the power and insist on recording the history. I respect those who are poor and sick and still firmly develop the children. I respect those. People who still maintain independent thinking in the masses;
  I respect those who are willing to share the last candle with others. I respect those who still choose to live honestly in the age of encouraging lies. I respect those who have the power but can still kneel down to kiss the toes of the poor...
  3, talk about sympathy
  I am the most sympathetic to people who cannot express themselves, whether because of poverty, or because they are not free, or because they are unable to express themselves because of their closed mind.
  Why do you answer this? Because I feel that the core "purpose" of life - if we dare to use such words, is actually the expression of self. There are so many evils in this world. You don’t even know who is most worthy of your sympathy: African hungry children? Are some oppressed women in the Islamic world?
  Dissidents imprisoned by evil regimes? And these people have one characteristic: they can't pursue their dreams , can't express their own thoughts, and can't live the life they want to live. At its core, their right to express themselves is denied.
  4, talk about work
  What kind of work is more likely to give you happiness? First, it gives you meaning; second, it gives you time. Your job is what you think makes sense. Your job is not kidnapping you to make you a prisoner of work, allowing you to fully experience life, you are more likely to be happy.
  When your work makes sense in your mind, you have a sense of accomplishment. When your work gives you time and does not deprive you of your life, you have dignity. A sense of accomplishment and dignity give you happiness.
  If we are not comparing with others, but only looking for the comfort of our own, then the word "parity" does not make sense. "Mediocrity" is compared with others, and the comfort of the soul is compared with oneself.
  5, talk about life
  Life is actually like a road from the broad plain into the forest.
  On the plains, companions can join together, joyfully push forward and squeeze, and each other; once in the forest, grass and thorns block the road, each person concentrates on the road of each person, looking for the direction of each person, that pushes the crowded group Emotions, the carefree and unsuspecting peers, are only in the life of a person.
  6, talk about education
  Playing can be said to be the root of learning between heaven and earth.
  When you were young, I often took you to the theater to watch the play, go to the park to feed the ducks, knead the dough in the kitchen, play the mud in the wild, pick wild flowers, grab the cockroaches, fly kites, raise mint in the garden, grow cucumbers, Go cycling on the Rhine.
  Now that you are older, go to Barcelona, ​​see architecture, and see sculpture.
  Andrei, my opinion with Xi Murong is the same: for a hundred classes of aesthetics, it is better to let the children walk in nature for a day; to teach a hundred hours of architectural design, let the students touch a few ancient ones. City; speaking a hundred literary writing skills, it is better to let the writers dirty their trousers in the market.