There is a street fruit stall in the town center. The couple have been selling fruit in the open air for decades. The rain and snow occasionally do not spread out. The wife keeps the stalls normally. The husband helps to purchase the goods and the paper supplies the rural sacrifices at home.
  Spring and autumn are better, summer is hot and there is nowhere to hide.
  The winter wind whistling and the face was split.
  Both husband and wife are wearing military coats, masks, hats and scarves.
  Although both of them are dressed like penguins, they are shivering in the cold, but they will still stand at the booth and wait for sporadic customers.
  Because this is the main source of a livelihood.
  The sons of their family, I grew up watching, and they are pure and honest, and they are very good at knowing books.
  First, take the city to a high, then take the University of Suzhou, and then continue to study.
  After graduating, I was admitted to Suzhou civil servant. I am now ready to get married. My daughter-in-law is in a hospital in Suzhou.
  The couple exhausted their life savings and bought a suite for their son in Suzhou, 2.3 million, and a down payment of 750,000.
  The two-storey Xiaoyang Building in the rural home has also spent more than 200,000 renovations.
  When chatting with the big sister of the stall owner, the eyes smiled into a seam, although the bitterness was sweet.
  I joked with her that she couldn't have to go through the rain in the wind, half a hundred people, pay attention to rest, and learn to enjoy it properly.
  She smiled heartily and replied: "I have been suffering for another five years. When my son is married, the debt is paid off and I will not be out of stock."
  In fact, we all know that she has no time in this five-year period. Maybe she can't really go out, but she will definitely not be able to spare her. She must continue to help her son with her grandson and help with housework.
  Because of the true nature of rural people, the nature of most parents is not a last resort. As long as the body allows, they will never wait for their children to support themselves.
  At the end of the chat, she sighed with a deep sigh: "Teacher, you know, I have been selling fruit since I was a junior high school at the age of 17 and have been busy for most of my life. This time I have all the money hollowed out! But , busy!"
  Yes, I am very busy, because my son is getting better, the more busy he is, the more energetic he is.
  Even though the body is affected, the heart is not tired.
  Because the days are getting brighter and brighter, a better future is just around the corner.
  A friend, nearly half a year old, first made a masons, then accumulated his own experience, as a contractor, contracted a few projects, and found the first bucket of gold in life.
  Whether it is a bricklayer or a contractor, it will be exposed to the sun all night. Then diverted and invested in a small processing plant.
  Business is doing well.
  But even on the days when his busiest shipments were settled, he would go to the city to accompany his high school son every night.
  Never invest in education.
  For the son's daily education, it is a matter of fact, and often exchanges educational experiences with us. For the companionship of the son, not only the heart, but also the heart and patience.
  Strict and strict, pets are not embarrassing.
  Because of the careful companionship and correct guidance of the parents, the children's academic performance has always been among the best, and finally the Xiamen University.
  At the son's college entrance examination semester, the father of the factory who graduated from elementary school but is now the factory of two hundred people, burst into tears, and in a group of relatives and friends, through the wine to say how many years he wants to say to his son:
  "Son, I have tried my best to train you, just to make you live differently from me, just to make you live better than me, and live without me so mechanically and at the lower level."
  Although I have not been short of money from the masons, I don’t know how much I have to pay to negotiate a business.
  In order to catch up with a batch of goods, I have to stay up all night and sleep for many nights; in order to get in touch with customers, I have to fight with the smiles.
  Son, after you graduated from college, you are engaged in a career, at least more leisurely and free than I have dignity; at least I am more stable than I am; more relaxed than I live. ”
  Everyone has a small number of happy things, drinking and drinking is really high, and finally counts the hardships and difficulties of his entrepreneurship along the way , the grievances and cold eyes, and the persistence and suffering of so many years .
  Yes, parents in the world are trying their best to train their children. Who is not expecting their children to be easier than themselves, to be more refined and easier?
  Parents are peasants, expecting their children to leave the countryside and leave their fathers and grandparents to face the days of the loess;
  Parents in third- and fourth-tier cities, expecting children to develop into a broader metropolis;
  Parents in the domestic metropolis, the economic conditions allow, more hope that children go abroad, broaden their horizons, accept more advanced international concepts and education.
  Water flows to lower place, man goes to higher position. Nothing wrong.
  Parents may live in a small place for a restless life, but we also hope that our children can change and have the ability to choose the life they want. It’s really not that parents are comparing, really not parents. Your success is to show off the talk.
  The simplest wish of parents is: as long as you live better than me.
  All parents, after a lifetime of hard work, sent their children out, actually still live their original days in the same place, do small business and continue to do small business, do bricklayers continue to do bricklayers, because they are used to such a lifestyle They have accumulated their connections and life circles for many years, and they are stubborn and will not change.
  Moreover, as long as the body allows, they will not follow their children and wait for their children to support them.
  For most Chinese parents, it is really not too much to expect children to feed back. The children are prosperous and developed;
  Children live their lives in their own cities, and parents are finally living along the way they live their lives.
  Their only hope is that as long as the child is healthy, safe, happy, self-sufficient, self-satisfied, and successful.
  Looking at another angle, most of the parents who lived in the old age were relatively scattered, relaxed, and innocent. Most of them were because their children were prosperous, their careers were progressive, and their days were stable.
  As Long Yingtai said:
  "Children, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare with others. But because I hope that you will have the right to choose in the future, choose meaningful, time-based work, not forced to make a living.
  When your work makes sense in your heart, you have a sense of accomplishment; when your work gives you time, without depriving you of your life, you have dignity. A sense of accomplishment and dignity, happy for you! ”
  May the children in the world understand. Parents are the most eager to hope that you will be better than them!