On the way to the child's growth, I believe that my parents have been entangled in a question: Do you want to force the child?
  When I watched the children play without worry, I felt that it was good to grow up like this, but when I saw that other children’s children had excellent results and 18 martial arts, I still wanted to throw him into the extracurricular remedial classes. .
  In fact, even if you let go of competition with other children, for the growth of your children, parents should be forced to force the children.
  Because happiness is not the full meaning of the child's growth , it is more meaningful growth to be able to feel happiness in learning and progress.
  Foresighted parents, please force your child in these 3 things!
  1, forcing children to study hard
  Regarding learning, please be sure to tell your child that you are not studying for your parents and studying hard. It is your responsibility to yourself.
  Many times, the parents have a long-awaited sentence: "Children, you must study hard," and there is too much bitterness and remorse behind the experience.
  But in the age of ignorance and ignorance, the child can hardly realize how crucial learning will be for his future.
  Therefore, forcing him in learning is to help him take a detour in the future.
  There is a saying in "Aspirations to Life" that makes many people resonate:
  As a child, we are always difficult to know first, and the persecution of our parents may be harsh, but let us become better ourselves.
  Every time I think of this sentence, my friend Xinru is very grateful to her parents for forcing her to read the school.
  She and her sister did not perform well, and they failed to qualify for high school. At that time, a relative said that they were working outside, saying that they could make a lot of money.
  So they almost made up their minds to go to work, but the father said nothing, and asked people to ask them to go to the school.
  When she thought of making money, she was not willing to study again, but she still had no choice but to obey her father. But her sister was a temper, and she decided that it would be better to go out to earn money as soon as possible. So a train ticket went south to work.
  Today, she is a nurse herself, and she runs a clinic with her husband. The family is happy.
  However, my sister was forced by the pressure of life to have her children stay at home and work with her husband in other provinces.
  Parents' love sons are far-reaching. Some things, you don't force him, he will never learn.
  For the future of your child, learn this, don't let him give up or let go.
  Force him to learn, to accumulate, to precipitate, and when he has more choices in the future, he will thank you for the rigor of today.
  2, forcing the child to put down the phone
  This time, the child seems to be born with a superior sense of science and technology, and when the mobile phone is in his hand, he is more familiar than anyone else.
  When the children were bored, they would go to find toys and find snacks. Interested children could read the book. But now, the children are all bored. The opening is: "Mom, give me your mobile phone for a while."
  Some children, satisfied with the mobile phone, do not give the phone a temper, and even worse, do not read books to force parents to buy mobile phones.
  Repeatedly condone this obsession, the child will be destroyed by the phone sooner or later!
  Some time ago I saw a set of data about children using the network:
  More than 23% of preschool children (3-6 years old) use the network for more than 30 minutes per day; the 5-year-old children who spend more than 30 minutes per day on the Internet have 31.9%, and the 14-year-old is close to 80%. And the main way they go online is the mobile phone.
  The high frequency and young age of children playing with mobile phones are seriously damaging their children's health.
  Many studies have shown that excessive use of mobile phones can easily cause myopia, strabismus, cervical spine deformation, and even affect brain development.
  Many parents don't care, but when the danger comes true, only regrets are at the beginning.
  More terrible than physical damage, the phone is blinding the child and growing up.
  A 14-year-old boy from Jiangsu and his family proposed to buy an Apple mobile phone. After being rejected, he was mad at drinking pesticides;
  A 15-year-old boy from Sichuan, who is addicted to the game, learns to fall, and after his father confiscated his mobile phone, he jumped twice and said, "I don't want to live."
  A 12-year-old boy in Anhui has been sleeping forever, and his mother is afraid of learning to snatch the child’s mobile phone. He did not expect to threaten with a knife: “If I don’t give me a mobile phone, I will hack you!”;
  Forcing children to put down their mobile phones is forcing them to ruin themselves with their mobile phones.
  If you want your child to put down his mobile phone, you have to force yourself to lead by example. If you don't want your child to be ruined by your mobile phone, please force yourself and force your child to put down the mobile phone and see the world outside.
  3, forcing children to stick to exercise
  Don't wait until you lose your health to realize the importance of exercise.
  This sentence is also the same for children. Many parents force their children to work overtime and study hard, but they neglect the child's physical health. The children learn to go up, but they are tired of the body.
  Compared with learning, parents tend to ignore exercise because they don't realize that exercise can not only help children learn, but also a good way to shape their children's personality.
  I remember that when Pippi was a child, he was most afraid of taking physical education classes.
  He was not very active since he was a child, so his physical fitness was very poor. My father and I didn't care much before going to school. I didn't expect this to make him feel inferior for a long time.
  Because of poor sports, he is always the last one in the class, the last one to run, the long jump is always the bottom.
  Every time everyone jumped, they laughed at him. When they ran the group relay, everyone thought that he ran too slowly and no one wanted to be with him.
  He was once inferior to not wanting to go to school, and he didn't even want to talk to his classmates. Every time I go to a physical education class, I always hide in the corner.
  After I knew it with Pippi, I decided to encourage the child and take him to exercise.
  Slowly, Pippi's physical energy gradually increased. We can all slowly feel that the endurance and speed of his running is better than once.
  At the sports meeting, he took the courage to report the long-distance running, but did not expect to take the third place.
  Although he did not win the championship, the result of his training inspired his confidence that he would no longer be afraid of physical education and would not be inferior to go to school.
  Western schools regard sports as an elite education, precisely because it attaches importance to the important role of sports in the development of children's mind and body.
  Forcing children to exercise is not only responsible for the body, but also an important way to improve their confidence and intelligence.
  Foresighted parents, don't let him always work hard when the child is free, or hold a mobile phone, take the children to run, play badminton, learn basketball. . . . . .
  After all, let the children develop a good habit of exercise, but also help to grow taller and prevent myopia!