In the fifteenth year of Shunzhi (1658), it was not a good year for students in Luanchuan County, Shandong Province. Whether you read public or private, you can't avoid being repeatedly taught by your husband and parents. The content of the exegesis is the eternal nightmare of the students - you look at the children of other people's homes.
  This "other child's child" is Pu Songling.
  Pu Songling was born in Pujia Village, Luanchuan County. Pu Jiashi cultivating and reading, I hope that one day the younger brothers will be able to take the fame and mention the family's social status. It is a pity that Pu’s performance in the imperial examinations is very general, and there have been no outstanding figures. Pu Songling has a wide range of interests and agility, and he is also very eager to read. He is extremely sensitive to words and can be called a child prodigy. However, this talented prodigy added all the skill points to the strange place.
  The publishing industry in the Ming Dynasty was developed, and there were many books, especially the various eunuchs and novels. When Pu Songling touched these idle books, he immediately became addicted to it. He likes "Zhuangzi" and "Liezi" most, and thinks that "the ancient essays, to "Zhuang" and "columns" stop." These books are now included in the student's must-read traditional masterpieces, but at that time, their status in the parents' minds is comparable to the current games and webs.
  But genius is a genius after all. Pu Songling not only read a book, but also learned to be decent.
  Pu Songling said quite self-satisfiedly in the story of "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio": "When Xi Xidong is painted, every time there is no one, the private text is self-reliant..." means: I like to write something casually. , secretly learn some ancient Chinese, purely barbaric growth.
  This ancient text is relative to the time. At that time, "Shi Wen" specifically refers to the eight-part essay of the imperial examination, while the broad "ancient text" refers to the essays, prose, and ci-de since the pre-Qin period; the narrow "ancient" refers to "Historical Records", "Han Shu" and Tang and Song Dynasties. The works of eight people.
  However, the test-oriented education at that time was very strict. Some teachers did not allow students to read even the ancient texts because they were too crowded. According to this development, Pu concentrate on classical, learning achievement should be affected, right? However, "the children of other people" Pu Songling took the first place in the county and government tests, called the "case".
  In the fifteenth year of Shunzhi, Pu Songling, as the head of the case, went to Jinan to participate in the road test, also called the hospital test. Pu Songling entered the examination room and opened the test paper. It read: Get up early. This topic comes from a story in Mencius: Qi people have a wife and a donkey. The words "early morning" come from the original sentence in the story, "Pick up and give way to a good person" - "Pick up" is to get up early.
  Pu Songling got this topic for a while, and actually had a desire to create in a serious examination room.
  However, it is not an easy task to want to create ideas in the eight-part essay. Eight-part essays have strict format restrictions, and candidates must write in eight parts, such as broken questions and questions. Regardless of this, Pu Songling was written into a short story by him, and he wrote it in a succinct manner, which is in full compliance with the eight-legged norm. But this is a road test after all. He wrote such an unconventional article, isn’t he afraid of being degraded by the examiner?
  Because he is the head of the case. According to the unwritten rules of the field, as long as the case is not made a big mistake, 100% will be accepted during the road test. The chief examiner has degraded a case, that is to say that Pu Songling’s first prefecture and the magistrate have no eyes? There are too many people who are offended.
  The test paper was quickly sent to the examiner Shi Yanzhang. Shi Yuzhang has a lot of knowledge, and he is also particularly enlightened. There is no conservative atmosphere of ordinary ruins. He was very happy when he got the paper from Pu Songling. Pu Songling's article is not very formal, but every point, Shi Yanzhang can capture and enjoy its interest. Shi Yanzhang commented on the back of the paper: "The first art is smelling strange, and there is a god in a hundred years. It will be rich and ugly, and it will be above the two words. It is enough to change the customs." So, the day of the test was released, the city was sensational, because Pu Songling Take the first.
  The three exams were the first, and Pu Songling had nowhere in the local market. At this time, some people advised Pu Songling not to rush to the poetry club, and then there is a township test, that is the real gantry. Pu Songling did not take it for granted. The full-text article eloquently proved that he does not have to swear by the rules of the times. As long as he has talents, he can take the same name as the ancient Chinese prose.
  In the seventeenth year of Shunzhi (1660), Pu Songling participated in the township test and returned to the list. The homesickness was shocked, but it was not too sensational. The township test is different from the previous exams. This is a competition with the elites of the province. It is extremely difficult, and no one can guarantee that it will be on the list.
  In the second year of Emperor Kangxi (1663), Pu Songling went to the examination room again and still returned. Since then, Pu Songling has made an effort to swear "Please book a book, and read a book in the Japanese language. After reading a book, you will make an art and imitate a book. Every morning will be the day of the day..." Very detailed, but Pu Songling's mind is not here. He couldn't restrain his interest, he didn't secretly write some poems, he also collected all kinds of strange things, wrote scripts, and even keen to compose tune. Later, he compiled a special collection of "Strange Tales of Liaozhai", which was derived from a large folk art genre in Zibo.
  Pu Songling’s friend Zhang Zhaoqing saw that he was busy with these things every day, and wrote a letter to persuade him that you read too much in your book, which is a hindrance to your fame. Sure enough, in the eleventh year of Emperor Kangxi (1672), Pu Songling once again fell. This shows that Pu Songling did not listen to Zhang Zhaoqing's words at all, and Zhang Zhangqing wrote a letter and yelled at him: "I will work hard afterwards, and I will talk about it!"
  In fact, Zhang Zhaoqing was born in Songsong. Pu Songling is not afraid to play, but he can talk about learning and his attitude is very serious. The problem is that his natural spirit is in literature, and later he is transferred to the ancient text by Shi Zhangzhang. Unfortunately, it is difficult to have both. Especially after entering the Kangxi Dynasty, the imperial examinations changed dramatically. Kangxi does not like the words with personality, emphasizing that the eight shares must return to the world to use: "Sao people, but at the end of the craft, not expensive."
  This holy shrine is as good as Pu Songling. The most outrageous article of his year, if it was put into this period, I was afraid that it would become a zero-score article.
  In this contradiction, on the one hand, Pu Songling did not give up the pursuit of art, on the other hand, he continued to rush to test, and repeatedly defeated and defeated repeatedly. During this period, he completed the "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", and there are many articles about the imperial examinations. In particular, "Sie Wenlang" tells the story of an old man who can smell the article by his nose. The author of the worst article is instead. The old man said with emotion: "The servant is blind, but not blind. The person in the curtain is blind and blind!" This is actually Pu Songling's own resentful words.
  In the twenty-sixth year of Kangxi (1687), Pu Songling changed from an 18-year-old genius to a 47-year-old veteran. He went to the township test and was once again degraded.
  This time, he was not because of the article, but because of the gap, when he was doing the problem, he was excited and turned over one page, which was equivalent to a page in the middle of the examination paper. This is a very low level technical error. Pu Songling described the mood at that time: "I am interested in the book, and I am going back to the big mistake. What is the situation like this! I feel a thousand cold and sweaty clothes, and the soul is flying out of the house, itching all." Out of the examination room, I know that this time is hopeless. He actually filled out a "Great Sacred Music" to commemorate this defeat.
  After returning home, Pu Songling felt that he was not addicted. He wrote another article, "Responsibility for the White Book". He said that he was arrogant and returned to the mirror. He found that his beard was white, and he wrote a blame, saying that he was blaming his beard and why he was still a beard. If you don’t go to those who have made a name for yourself, I have nothing to do, come over and join in the fun...
  Pu Songling is always working on both sides. On the one hand, he really loves literature and art and can't bear to give up. On the other hand, he really wants to take the fame and be tireless. It was not until the 50th year of Emperor Kangxi (1711) that Pu Songling went to Qingzhou Kaogong to reluctantly make a tribute to his tribute. At the age of 71, he really deserved the phrase "the boss is negative."
  Four years later, Pu Songling died in the world. The goal of "lifting people" is not enough in his life. Recall that, fortunately, Shi Yuzhang originally had Pu Songling in the first place, so that he had the opportunity to continue his creation. Fortunately, the successive examiners did not click on him. However, people may not be able to see the story of "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", most of which is only in Zhichuan County. See a name that is not painful. As for this "children of other people's families", it is not known whether Poon himself would rather do so.