Children, you must learn to cook, which has nothing to do with the waiter.
  When you are not with you, you can be kind to yourself.
  ——Be able to survive independently
  Children, you must learn to drive, which has nothing to do with status.
  This way, at any time, you can pull your legs to wherever you want to go, without asking anyone.
  Children, you must go to college, a regular university, which has nothing to do with academic qualifications.
  In my life, I have to go through these years, and I can live a life without a book.
  - Once in the society, it enters the market
  Child, do you know? How far is the footprint and how wide the heart is.
  Your heart will be wide and you will be happy. If you are not far away, let the book take you away.
  ——Expand your own vision, with the help of knowledge
  If there are only two bowls of water left in the world, one bowl is used for drinking, and one bowl is used to wash your face and underwear.
  - Self-esteem has nothing to do with the rich and the poor
  Don't cry when the sky falls, don't complain.
  That can only make people who love you more heart-wrenching, and those who hate you more proud.
  - calmly endure the fate, those who love you will care
  Even if you eat soy sauce bibimbap, you should also put on a clean napkin and sit elegantly. I have a very simple life.
  ——The style is not related to the situation
  When going to a distant place, besides the camera, remember to bring a pen and paper.
  The scenery is the same, and the mood of watching the scenery will never be repeated.
  ——Xu Xiake is Xu Xiake, not because he walked the most
  Be sure to have your own space, even if it is only 5 square meters.
  It allows you to go out on the streets and meet the bad guys when you quarrel with your lover.
  More importantly, when you are impetuous, there is a place for you to calm down and give your heart a corner.
  ——Independent personality
  Have a good time when you are a child, and have an experience when you grow up, you will have a refined life!
  ——Read the experience of others and find your own experience
  Whenever you want to be a kind person.
  Remember, having goodness will make you the most caring person. This kind of care may not be wealth and power.
  - good and good news, reported, love also
  Smile, elegance, and self-confidence are the greatest spiritual wealth. With them, you have everything.
  - This is the spirit of "noble" and the priceless treasure of life.