Mom, I am leaving first.
  When I saw this scene today, the whole person was paralyzed.
  On the Lupu Bridge in Shanghai, a boy suddenly rushed out of the car and jumped from the bridge. The woman who followed was the boy mother, and he cried because he did not catch him.
  What impressed me the most was that the boy was only 17 years old, but at the moment he jumped the bridge, he did not hesitate. The whole process was less than 5 seconds.
  According to reports, on the day of the boy's jump on the bridge, there was a contradiction between the school and the classmates. Afterwards, he was criticized by his mother, so he rushed off the car and did not hesitate to jump from the Lupu Bridge.
  This video is only a few seconds, I have seen it many times, every time for the boy's back.
  Some people say that the child's behavior is too radical, the mind is too fragile, and some people say that this mother will live in self-blame for a lifetime, too painful...
  But more people think of their own experiences and think that there is a problem with family education . She doesn't know what happened before the last straw of the child was crushed.
  I remember that there was also a news last month: a 19-year-old boy on the Yangtze River Bridge made a distinction with this world.
  Before he jumped the bridge, he called his mother, but now it sounds embarrassing:
  "Mom, I am doing something wrong. Don't say me, don't yell at me. Don't come to me, don't think about me, you and my father are so big, I can't repay you, only come back to life. I am leaving, don't come to me."
  Then a young life disappeared.
  My child is not perfect
  I know that there is a question: What is the child who has a good time?
  One of the very high-sounding answers: "The exam is the first, the university is the focus of reading, the annual salary is over one million, the wife is Bai Fumei, the married person is rich and handsome, the parents are grateful and grateful , and the relatives and friends are generous."
  But I paddled, at the bottom of the screen, there was an answer that made me fall into a long silence:
  “Why do all parents want to have a good child, but never ask yourself, are you a pro-virtual parent?”
  Yes, someone once did an experiment, letting parents and children give each other a score, the result is surprisingly similar.
  All the mothers gave the children a score of 8 points and 7 points, which basically failed.
  Mothers feel that their children are not perfect, they love to cry and love, picky food is not hygienic, and all kinds of small problems are counted.
  But when the mothers, after listening to the children’s evaluation of themselves, they cried instantly:
  In the eyes of the child, the mother is like this:
  "Mom is very beautiful" 
  "Mom is very hard" 
  "Mom gets old, I will be very sad" 
  "Mom doesn't accompany me, I will miss mom"...
  In short, in the eyes of the child, the mother is full marks, no shortcomings, perfect impeccable.
  Seeing this scene, the mothers said that in addition to being moved, they are more embarrassed.
  It turns out that the greatest success for a parent is not that the child is taking a high score, not how much the child can earn, but that the child is healthy and happy, and can feel that he is not in the world.
  Supporting all this is never the material richness, but the nourishment of love.
  My mother is taking a takeaway
  We often ask, what is the best education?
  In "Youth", a boy's conversation with his mother gave the best answer.
  First of all, the boy is in front of many students, and a large number of words are spoken, causing countless people to burst into tears:
  "My mother is a takeaway.
  She gets up early every day, and the wind and the sun have not stopped her pace. However, there are still many people who do not respect this profession, and sometimes they will be inexplicably given bad reviews, and even unreasonable.
  Once my mother gave a takeaway and delivered it in the last two minutes. Although there were some nights, it was delivered within the stipulated time. The guests were very dissatisfied. Holding my mother would let her lose money. I know After this incident, it was very distressing. Because of my mother, her hard work, but not the respect of others.
  I hope that everyone can give more kindness to people like my mother, because when you open the door, you may see the little princess my father holds in his hand. ”
  My mother's occupation is a takeaway. In the eyes of outsiders, it is not so beautiful, but in the boy's heart, he never minds this. He just feels bad about the mother behind him.
  When we were impressed by the child's sincerity, my mother's reaction made us understand why her child was as warm as a little angel.
  Mother did not follow the words of her son to attack others, but told her son:
  "Son, thank you for your understanding, and thank you for letting me know that you are growing up now, will think for others, and thank you for being so considerate of your mother, my mother is very pleased.
  In fact, what you see is just an individual, there are still many good aspects. For example, it is rainy, or time is really too late, some guests are still very good, will say that you pay attention to safety on the road, or the time is up to you to deliver it first.
  I was very touched when I heard the words you said. I didn't expect you to dislike my mother's job. I am very pleased. ”
  At that moment, we finally understood:
  The essence of education is not a special class, not a school district, but an understanding and love from the bottom of my heart.
  Children who love to give birth know how to love.
  I will never see you again if I love or don’t love in my next life.
  At the end of the writing, I remembered the moment when the 17-year-old boy jumped the bridge and couldn’t help but say:
  Parents and children, there is no life in this life.
  Every parent should tell himself, and should even tell the child:
  "I love you, it has nothing to do with your achievements"; 
  "I love you, nothing to do with you"; 
  "I love you, it doesn't matter if you don't marry"...
  Because your child never dislikes you like this, just like the poem "Take Mom" ​​that touched countless parents:
  You asked me what I was doing before I was born. 
  I answered that I picked my mother in the sky. I 
  saw you. 
  I feel that you are very good. I 
  want to be your son. 
  I feel that I might not have that luck. I 
  didn’t expect the 
  next morning. 
  I am already in your stomach.