"Pet the dog on the stove, the pet is not filial", do not let the child suffer, and eventually the child will let the parents suffer.
  There is a class of people in society who have the age of an adult but are not mentally weaned.
  They are highly self-centered, neither knowing social rules, nor being sensible, lacking independence, and lacking a sense of responsibility.
  They have a common name - "Giant Baby."
  You don't let your child suffer, this world will make him suffer.
  I know that Netizen was once a "giant baby."
  She almost never went out to play with her friends, because parents stipulated that "you must go home before dark," "can't take a dangerous taxi," and don't even think about teaching, internship, and travel.
  She has never washed clothes since she was a child, and she has never even been to the kitchen, because her parents think that her daughter should be "not sticky."
  In high school holidays, when her peers go out to travel, or when she is doing part-time earning, she can only study at home , read books, and write things.
  The consequences are obvious, her self-care ability, decision-making power, and mobility are far behind her peers:
  After going to college, because I can't install a mobile phone card, I will be in tears; I will not pack my luggage and cry all the way during military training ; even if I go to the bus across the road, I need to ask passers-by...
  The netizen said bluntly: "I always thought that I grew up, but I didn't. I could have been taken away by my parents."
  This sentence, in the phrase.
  The birth of all "giant infants" stems from the excessive protection of parents against children.
  It is the instinct of all animals to love children and protect children. However, the excessive protection of the parents makes the children suffer from bitterness. When the child goes to face the world independently, what he eats will be a bowl of "bitter fruit."
  Feng Menglong talked about the fable of "Jadefish Nesting" in "Ancient and Modern Tan":
  In order to avoid disasters, Kingfisher often built its nest very high.
  After the birds hatched, the kingfishers loved them very much, fearing that they would accidentally fall down and break, and they would lower the nest.
  When the birds grow feathers, the kingfishers love them more and move the nest lower.
  In this way, people easily took the little kingfisher away.
  Han Feizi once said: "The husband is innocent, and the mother has a defeat."
  "Love is too Yin, worry is too diligent", the child will develop a willful, arrogant habit, and even go astray.
  A child is like a tree. Only when it is constantly being trimmed, the trees can grow tall and straight.
  If, because I can't bear it, I won't cut off the sideline, let it go crazy, and the world will help him cut it in a more cruel way.
  This world has always been fair, and it is only when it comes to hardship.
  The sweetness that you get without suffering will one day return.
  Parents create a sterile environment for their children and will only turn the child into a waste.
  You don't let your child suffer, he will let his parents suffer.
  Not long ago, a "Peking University boy did not go home in 12 years, black parents 6 years! Also wrote a million words accused of long text" news in the circle of friends brushed the screen.
  In the long letter of 15,000 words, the whole story is full of negative vocabulary.
  The college entrance examination science "No. 1", Peking University undergraduate, and the US-based master Wang Meng (pseudonym) attributed the root of their family break to the "excessive care" of their parents.
  "My mother has always been inclined to keep me at home, and I like to do things according to my own preferences." Before the high school graduation, Wang Meng's social circles were almost in the courtyard of life.
  Originally thought that if you were admitted to Peking University, you would be able to escape from your hometown and escape from the "control" of your parents, but still not. "
  Just before leaving, my family asked me to call the big sister in Beijing and ask her to take care of her."
  After graduating, after a few years of unsatisfactory work, Wang Meng decided to go abroad to study abroad through the advantages of English.
  However, the parents' "care" was accompanied by an accompanying act, and then he was asked to find an "old friend" to take care of him.
  Around 2012, a long break letter was issued, and Wang Meng blacked out all the contact with his parents and said goodbye to the "home." He no longer took the initiative to contact his family and almost never responded to any information.
  In the past 10 years, Wang Meng has only returned home once, or "routine business" - replacement of expired ID cards.
  It was in the spring of 2015. The whole trip was only spent 6 hours in the hometown of the hometown. It was only because I needed to take the account book to my parents and stayed at home for less than 10 minutes.
  "Every year in the Spring Festival, people ask, your son has not returned, I said that he is busy in the United States." Wang Meng's mother's words reveal sadness and helplessness.
  Wang Meng’s letter may be a real case. Perhaps, as some netizens said, it is the fabrication of writers, but it sounds the alarm for the current family education .
  In this extreme case, many people can see their own shadow.
  Many parents cannot distinguish between love and love. The essence of love is to give children freedom, tolerance and appreciation, while the essence of love is overprotection and regulation.
  Liu Wei once sighed, "How many children today, both the freedom of the United States and the love of China, the initiative of American children, and the loss of Chinese filial piety."
  "Pet the dog on the stove, the pet is not filial", do not let the child suffer, and eventually the child will let the parents suffer.
  Parents give their children the deepest love, let go.
  Yu Dan said such a passage:
  "All the love in this world is for the purpose of aggregation. There is only one kind of love for separation. That is the love of parents for children. The true love of parents is to let children as an independent individual from your life as soon as possible ." Separate, the earlier this separation, the more successful you will be ."
  In other words, there is a kind of parent who loves to let go, and does not let go, can not raise a child with a good future.
  The documentary "The Story of the Fox" has a score of 8. 7 on the watercress.
  It tells the love of fox, fox mother after pregnancy, Fox foraging alone without fear, been bitten wolves black and blue, but still with the pain towed back to the food, and one pair insist on feeding dragged on that The long snowy robbery.
  In the spring, the fox mother gave birth to five cute little foxes. The little fox grew up under the care of his mother and dad.
  In the early autumn morning, the fox's father and mother led the children to the depths of the grassland as usual.
  It stopped at a place where the grass was lush and the stream was flowing. Fox Mom and Dad turned around the children for two laps, and then flew away from the distance without heading back...
  They "throw" their children in the unpredictable grasslands, but they have already taught the survival skills to the little foxes.
  Animals are still the same, and humans are even more like this. Even if there is more disappointment, parents must let go, because the future of the child must be left by themselves.
  Only let go, let the child out of the "parent" comfort zone, he can see a broader sky, will have a higher vision, a larger pattern.
  Because the pattern of parents is the pattern of children, the height of parents is the height of children. The child's life is just repeating the life of the parents.
  A wise parent should learn to let go. In the colorful life, we are not condescending, leaning over to teach, but standing beside the child, shouldering shoulders with him and accompanying them through a wonderful journey.