You always have to learn to face all the difficulties yourself
  I wonder if you have such a moment: In fact , you have not been hit hard, you have not encountered any setbacks , and you have not been badly hit. It is that you are inexplicably feeling depressed, you are inexplicably incapable of trying to escape, and you want to escape everything around you.
  A reader told me that he has a habit of always going home half an hour after work. He usually sits quietly in the office, drinks tea, listens to music, or flips a few pages of the book.
  Probably the pressure of work, the trivialness of the family, and the complexity of the human world made him feel a little tired. This short solitary time is exactly a buffer and adjustment he gave himself.
  Some people say that there is no word "easy" in the adult world. Everyone learns to be strong all the way , to learn to endure, to learn to fight against everything. But sometimes, there are always trivial things that can overwhelm us, and there are always some confounding puzzles that will trap us. What makes us miserable is often not the insurmountable mountains and seas, but a handful of fine sand under our feet.
  We also thought about slackening and giving up, but we knew more clearly that it would be harder not to hold on.
  Therefore, we have learned to comfort ourselves calmly, and we have also learned to quietly shake hands with life.
  Some people say that the older you are, the more silent you are. Because of some words, I can't find the right person to say; some suffering, no one can feel the same; some tired, not everyone has experienced it firsthand.
  During these days, I suddenly felt a bit powerless. On the one hand, it may be too tired, and the body cannot provide me with enough energy and support; on the other hand, it may be that I have high expectations of myself and I am always not satisfied with myself.
  In this situation, I don't like complaining, but I choose to eat well and sleep well; I should work at work, I should read at school; try to keep myself from thinking and complaining as much as possible; keep all strength Make yourself better, not worse.
  The bad state was quickly restored in active regulation.
  Many times, we are unwilling to talk to others about our sorrows and sorrows. In addition to being unwilling to trouble others, more importantly, we have slowly learned to heal ourselves and encourage ourselves.
  After a long time in society, you will find that everyone has difficulties. Many times, other than learning to heal themselves, others cannot help you.
  Meet a single mother. She has to go to work during the day, bring a baby at night, and get up many times in the middle of the night to change the diaper, milk powder, and cover the quilt ...
  At the beginning, she was particularly uncomfortable with such an overloaded life. She always ran out of hardships when she met people, and always accused her ex-husband of irresponsibility. Even when she mentioned that she had a stretched life, her tears kept falling.
  Later, she gradually found a way to balance: when she was tired, she talked less, thought less about chores, and saved energy and energy; when she was sleepy, she closed her eyes and raised her eyes; when she felt bitter, she put sugar in her mouth and kept on Cheer yourself up and say that good days are yet to come.
  Nowadays, her mentality is getting better and better, her emotions are more and more stable, and she always has a bright smile on her face.
  Everyone will have frustrated moments, others can give you a moment of comfort and encouragement , but they are limited after all, and ultimately you have to solve the problem by yourself.
  Everyone's life, no matter how sweet or bitter, must be tasted by everyone. Everyone's path, whether smooth or tortuous, must be walked by everyone.
  You need to find a decompression method that suits you. You can neither comfort yourself nor stretch your strings too tightly. In this way, we can find the balance point in the thousands of hits in life.
  I remember someone once said: Every powerful person may have gritted their teeth through a period of no one to help, no one to support, and no one to ask for warmth. Passed, this is your ritual of adulthood; if you ca n’t make it, beg for mercy, this is your bottomless pit.
  We were all eager to get the response, understanding and companionship of others when we were injured, sad, and lonely. We were all afraid to face all difficulties and obstacles. It was not until life gave us a barrier that taught us how Becomes stronger in frustration and pain.
  We are not born strong, we are not without weaknesses, we are not impeccable, but we will eventually learn to face all the difficulties ourselves.