All victory is prepared
  I was really worried when I heard that my cousin was going to participate in a city-level marathon. Although I know that my cousin has loved sports since childhood, but without a certain amount of endurance and running capacity, I can't stand this test.
  Unexpectedly, she actually took the tenth place. This is really incredible!
  My cousin told me that she had been preparing for this event for a whole year.
  Because I have never tried it, I dare not take it lightly. Since deciding to participate in the marathon, the cousin has gradually increased the training intensity according to the arrangements of the coach.
  From the initial five kilometers per day to ten kilometers per day, and there are two or three days of rest breaks per week, so cross-training is more conducive to physical rest and recovery.
  In terms of diet, cousins ​​have done a good job. After each long-distance run, you need to replenish carbohydrates and protein to quickly restore damaged muscles and prepare for the next start.
  The 60-kilometer run every Friday is strictly in accordance with the prescribed speed, and is adjusted appropriately according to the state of daily exercise.
  After a year of persistence , not only did the cousin develop a good long-distance running habit, but also cultivated her endurance different from ordinary people.
  Carnegie said that those who do not prepare for tomorrow will never have a future.
  It turned out to be true: all victory was prepared.
  I work at a community service station, and the unit must accept the superior's acceptance and peer review every six months.
  During the inspection in the first half of last year, because we were in a hurry to do all the work, we were too eager to achieve success, which resulted in a relatively low score. Among a dozen units, it came to the end.
  This is indeed a heavy blow to us who have been the leader for several years.
  The entire team was extremely frustrated the moment we learned the results of the evaluation. We finally know that we must constantly adjust our progress in order to achieve satisfactory results.
  In the work of the second half of the year, we gradually implemented rectification measures one by one based on the supervisory records of higher-level departments. We focused on the previous deficiencies, followed up and guided the residents who failed to follow the standard, and made every job solid. And do it carefully.
  Instead of pursuing speed, we focus on details and strengthen communication. I did not expect that it would not only improve the quality of work, but also greatly increase residents' satisfaction.
  When the assessment results came out at the end of last year, victory was almost certainly waiting for us. Even after neutralizing the lagging results in the first half of the year, we still won the second best place in the town.
  The secret of our growth is: clear goals, well prepared.
  Even though we have been led by our opponents a lot, but because we have worked out a more efficient way of working and continue to work hard, we have also won the opportunity to catch up.
  There is a famous saying: Opportunities always belong to those who are prepared.
  The colleague's daughter failed the previous year's college entrance examination, and repeated her one year before entering the ideal school.
  The little girl said that her failure in the first year of the exam had taught her the importance of being well prepared. The students who are temporarily holding hands are counting on luck, and those students who have prepared in advance have already won the ticket.
  In the second year, the little girl worked very hard. From opening her eyes every day, she would never leave the book. Even when she went to the bathroom, she would take out a booklet to take a look. She would no longer be timid in class, and often discussed problem-solving skills with her teacher.
  When she entered the college entrance exam again, her score was more than a hundred points higher than the previous year. Those days of hard work and hard work had made her the medal of victory.
  All successes do not fall from the sky. The emergence of others in the eyes of others is their own thick accumulation of thin hair.
  Preparation is the best preparation for success. For those who have gone further, the biggest effort is not to walk as fast as possible, but to keep on, always ready for the next sprint.
  Instead of waiting for the moment, it is better to plan ahead and start from now.