The fastest way to destroy someone is to teach him "take shortcuts"
  A friend of a friend of mine has recently become obsessed with writing, and has found me around, hoping that I can help her point.
  After reading several articles, I found that what she wrote was all a concatenation of gossip messages, not to mention literary talents, not even basic authenticity and opinions.
  I told her, "You can't write like this."
  She returned to me: "Why not? There are so many people watching this kind of article! As long as I keep writing like this, I will definitely become a big V."
  Then she took a few pictures for me, and the reading volume was really good.
  She said, "Oh, I found that I found a shortcut to success !"
  I was speechless: once a person believes that she has found a "shortcut", it means that she will never think about anything else.
  Everyone wants shortcuts.
  It's like a group of people on a muddy path, watching the target far away, and suddenly a avenue appears next to it, flat and wide, leading to Rome.
  Who wants to leave?
  There are no shortcuts in the world, and there are many shortcuts.
  But people who take shortcuts never think about it. Why are shortcuts so easy to go, but so few people reach the end?
  Many people walked past and few came out. This fully shows that the other end of the shortcut is likely to be a trap.
  In our elementary school nature class, one section is planting garlic.
  The teacher assigned homework and asked each of us to go home and plant it and bring it to school two weeks later.
  After school, I immediately went into the kitchen and found a packet of garlic. At this time, I just need to pick out a few full and strong garlic cloves and plant them in a flower pot.
  But just because of it, I got my head crooked.
  Because I found that in this packet of garlic cloves, a few have sprouted, exposing pointed bud heads.
  "If I plant the garlic cloves that have sprouted, won't I save a lot of waiting time?"
  So I specially picked the sprouted garlic cloves.
  When other classmates were waiting for the garlic clove to sprout, my already began to pump seedlings and grow leaves.
  "Ah, I'm so smart!"
  In a blink of an eye, two weeks passed. My classmates and I brought the garlic seedlings into the classroom as agreed.
  The blushing scene happened:
  The garlic seedlings planted by others all point to the blue sky, like little soldiers in military uniforms. Only the garlic seedlings I plant are crooked, like a disheveled hair.
  Even the knowledgeable teacher looked at me, trying to explain why my garlic seedlings are different: "Maybe the garlic cloves are sick."
  Only I knew that the garlic cloves were not sick, but because I was eager to take "shortcuts" and used the sprouted garlic cloves lying in the bag.
  It is not a disease when the garlic cloves germinate. It is a disease that is believed to be a "pseudo-shortcut".
  The fastest way to destroy a person is to teach him to cope with fake shortcuts and enjoy the easiest success.
  Someone once asked me and complained, "I can't figure it out, why should I fight so hard?"
  "There is a little girl in our office, one year younger than me. She is very coquettish, she has a good relationship with our manager, she is often absent from work, and she does nothing. . "
  "Sometimes I really don't understand. The problem that can be solved by coquettish, why should I fight so hard?"
  But after two more years, she never complained again.
  The manager was fired from the company because of his careless work.
  The coquettish little girl lost her dependence and lacked the basic ability to work, and soon fell into a situation where she ran into obstacles everywhere and suffered various kinds of white eyes in the company.
  But she did not dare to resign, because she knew that she would not do anything, and it would be the same in another place.
  She could only ask for advice, like a newcomer, before she was fired, and she made up for all the common sense in her work and took the muddy path that others have gone through again.
  As the saying goes, there is no way in life, every step counts. Actually, there is no way to go less in life. Every step you take lazily and less, you need to make up from elsewhere.
  Those who are eager for shortcuts often think that success is really that simple, and they don't need any sweat to water the flower of success.
  But I don't know, there is a kind of flower called "a flash in the pan".
  Young people who have just entered the society are often confused by various flooded "pseudo-shortcuts".
  Young people who like to write can see traffic and get traffic, and never want to hone their basic skills.
  Young people who like painting can be astonished when they see imitation, and never care about their creative ability.
  Young people who like to perform, as long as they are face-lifted into an awl face, can easily become a celebrity, and never have to hone their acting skills.
  There are too many "shortcuts" to success. They are unwilling to do stupid work, and they don't care if what they are doing can produce value or can they last.
  Once a person chooses a shortcut, he will live in a short and empty harvest, and gradually forget the way that struggle should be. In the end, they became the most inconspicuous of a series of crude counterfeits.
  The home letter of Zeng Guopan to his son once wrote:
  "Everything is done with the help of dilemma, so you ca n’t find too much of a name, but too fast. If you get past this level, you can make less progress. If you go further, you will be distressed, and then you will work harder. day."
  It means: "Do things slowly, don't think about success all at once. When you encounter difficulties, slowly boil it, and you will always boil it out. Such success is reliable."
  As long as people are alive, they are facing a marathon, and they are fighting for real skills.
  And all the "pseudo-shortcut" road signs are traps that entice you to give up running.