The best time to change yourself
  There will always be a lot of "if you" in life -
  If I exercise every day, there will not be so many problems now;
  If I study hard at the university, I will have a good job now;
  If I have enough accumulation in my work, I have already been promoted and raised now.
  If time can go back, what time do you let yourself stay in the past? And at that moment, what do you want to change?
  The days of staying at home before vacation are leisurely and pleasant.
  My parents have retired, there are not many things, and when I am at home with them, I see that my dad is either watching TV or spending time on the sofa. I feel that this kind of old life is too boring. Discuss with Dad, let him go to learn to play Go, you can find some fun to pass the time, but also help the brain health.
  Dad grinned and said: "I haven't learned it since I was young. Now I am old, I can't learn."
  Time is too fast, time is gone, we always seem to have an illusion of "not waiting for me."
  However, there are always some people who are willing to start from the "now", the long stream of water, and the sand into a tower.
  I was impressed by the story of an old painter.
  The old grandmother was born in a peasant family and lived in poverty. She dropped out of school and went to work as a farmer. She got up at 5 o'clock every day, did breakfast for more than 30 people, then went to cut hay, cared for livestock, and was busy with farm work until 10 o'clock in the evening. To sleep.
  She then married a young employee, Thomas, who worked on the farm, and raised 11 children. In the decades after her marriage, she almost stayed at home, caring for her children, and was busy with her livelihood.
  It has been so flat for decades, and when she was 67, her husband died unexpectedly and she lived with her husband and wife. At this time, because of rheumatism, her fingers began to numb and lose her ability to work, and her younger son and wife began to dislike her, feeling that she was a superfluous person.
  In order to restore the function of the fingers, when she was 70 years old, the grandmother used her hand in the past to pick up a brush for painting and used it as a paintbrush. She began to draw paint on the porch and the kitchen floor, and Still in the fields, looking for material on the hillside.
  The family ignored her existence, and no one cares about her daily graffiti in her room.
  As a result, one day, her first work, Farm Autumn, was collected by Thomas Dragostya and placed in the merchandise display window.
  At that time, she was 75 years old. From the signature of "Farm Autumn", she first knew her name: Anna Maiali Moss.
  The title of "Mozes Grandma Painter" soon spread to New York, and her work was published in major newspapers and magazines. Soon, the famous modern art museum of the Louvre in France also bid for up to 1 million US dollars to acquire one of her works, and at the Mozes exhibition held at the Pushkin Museum of Art, the number of people waiting in line was 110,000. many.
  In the life of Moz's grandmother, there is no such thing as "too late."
  Repenting from the beginning, I missed the opportunity, but we gave ourselves a lazy self-abandon to find an excuse for peace of mind.
  You want to make your body light, why not exercise now?
  You want a high-paying job, why not start building capacity and resources now?
  You want to get a slash life, why not try to explore your potential now?
  Everyone in the world has their own development time zone. Some people around you seem to be walking in front of you, and some people seem to be behind you, but in fact, if you want to make a change, it is not too late at any time.
  However, many times in life, we seem to be wrapped up in "fatalism".
  The most sought after is the constellation, your character, your interpersonal relationship, your future fortune, all of which are doomed by the presupposed "hypothesis".
  However, you never know that the so-called zodiac, the so-called constellation study, first began in Cuban Babylon, one of the ancient civilizations, and later the ancient Greeks observed the starry sky.
  At that time, limited by observation conditions and technology, the ancient Greeks believed that the earth was the center of the universe, and believed that the whole universe was a sphere with borders, and all celestial bodies were "gems" embedded in the sphere of the universe. The constellations are also an icon they think of for memory.
  This is obviously contrary to modern science. For us entering a new era, it is understandable to regard the constellation as a talk after a meal. If you want to use your past cognitive experience to determine your future, this is obviously ignorant.
  We are all limited by our own prophecies, thinking that we can do nothing, everything is doomed, everything is too late, and we can only move forward.
  At this time, we have no sense of security, immersed in remorse, out of control, and deeper and deeper.
  There is an experiment in psychology called the Rosenthal Effect.
  It said that in a double-blind experiment, Rosenthal and Jacobson found a school and got a list of all the students from the school. After sampling, they provided some lists of students to the school and told the school that they had found through testing that these students had a high talent, but they had not yet shown in the study . In fact, these are just some people randomly selected from the student list.
  The results were very interesting. At the end of the school year, these students did have a much higher academic performance than other students.
  The study believes that the reason is that the teacher changed the existing concept of these students, and unknowingly put more attention to these “high-skilled” students, giving more opportunities and feedback.
  When our existing ways of thinking and value judgments change, our behavior will change, and the final result will change quietly.
  Some people say that personality determines fate, then have you ever thought about it, in fact, personality can also be changed.
  Personality is a person's attitude towards reality and the behavioral characteristics revealed by this attitude, which is determined by our values.
  Just like a person is said to be a weak character, it is because when he is with the world, he holds the belief that he can't do it himself, and he is not good enough. These beliefs have shaped him not brave enough to dare. Express your own behavior, giving people the impression of "weakness."
  To change your personality, you need to change our inherent beliefs, and then change your own behavior, and ultimately make better choices in life, and these changes are actually worthwhile at any time.
  Often observing one's own behavior and reflecting on one's inner restrictive beliefs, this can make a qualitative change.
  Some people say that the power of the soul is stronger than any destiny, and it opens another door to freedom for our so-called "fatalism."
  If we sometimes light the machine, we change our way, not to go back to change something in the past, but to adjust our values ​​and behavior.
  And adjusting the values ​​and behaviors does not require a time machine at all. You can do it now.
  Everything is difficult at the beginning. In the face of adjustments and changes that need to be made, we always inevitably breed a well-known "procrastination".
  Why do we have "procrastination"?
  According to research by brain science experts, we often delay things that are uncomfortable because when we think about things that are not like and difficult to do, the pain center of the brain will be Light up, so you will turn your attention to the things you prefer, which will make you feel better, at least temporarily making you feel better.
  The habitual escape of "procrastination" does not have any benefit. Many things are not done now, and it will become more painful afterwards.
  As the symptoms of procrastination continue to deepen, we tend to step into the invisible pit of “everything is too late” and use it as an excuse for further delay.
  Therefore, the first step to get rid of the "procrastination" is to stop making excuses for yourself and act now.
  Behind immediate action, we need to understand “delayed satisfaction” and focus on the process, not the outcome.
  If you want to get a result as soon as you start, we often feel anxious, trigger pain, and it is difficult to start immediately, but it is prone to delay.
  In fact, the most important thing is to focus on the process and let yourself be immersed in the flow of time. When we disassemble the target into a small, executable process, we only need to advance step by step, and at the same time as we complete the process, we will get the desired result step by step.
  Just like I usually draw, if I want to get a good-looking work immediately, then I have to bear a lot of pressure to conceive, design, and become cautious and difficult to start.
  And when I immerse myself in the process of painting, focusing on the choice of color, the weight of the brush strokes, and the gradual progression of the lines, it is easy to enter a state of flow, forget everything around, and experience in the passage of time. The fun of painting, and the final works will not be worse.
  In fact, the well-known "tomato work method" can effectively fight the delay.
  1. Set your own Pomodoro clock and set a reasonable time alarm clock (25 - 45 minutes);
  2. When starting the activity, mask out all possible interference, for example, find a quiet environment and turn off the phone;
  3. Focus on the things that make you feel difficult or want to delay during the set time;
  4. After completing a Pomodoro, give yourself a reward, or a piece of delicious chocolate, go to the net, or let yourself chat with friends to relax.
  When we experience a Pomodoro, we will find that, as long as things start, it is no longer as terrible as we imagined, and the "procrastination" naturally disappears.
  Some people are always used to saying to themselves, "It’s too late, let’s talk tomorrow."
  Tomorrow and tomorrow, but the future of building, from the moment of focus.
  What we can grasp is not tomorrow, but now, and now, it is always the most appropriate time.
  In this ever-changing world, the only constant is constant change.
  Change and growth, regardless of age, not too late.
  Growing up is a lifelong matter, but most people's growth is only stagnant in the youthful period of arrogance, and in the long life of the future, growth and change has become a thing that is too late and unwilling to touch.
  In most people, the traces of the years are only age and wrinkles, but there are always some people, the wisdom grows longer in the passage of time, and the sense of happiness increases.
  These people are so-called lifelong learners, constantly challenge life to themselves, and find new meanings in life in the process of continuous self-improvement.
  Japan's Wakamiya Masako began learning Apple's language Swift at the age of 60, because she found that the current mobile games are for young people, but there is no game for the elderly.
  At the age of 83, she was invited to participate in the 2017 Apple Developer Conference.
  Apple CEO Cook said with excitement: "Your presence gives us a lot of courage."
  There are too many examples of so-called "big things late" in this world -
  Buffett’s 99% of his wealth was earned after his 50th birthday, and 95% of his fortune was earned after he was 60 years old;
  Writer George Dawson, at the age of 90, suddenly realized that he had lost his life, but he was willing to start writing at that moment, and finally completed his debut "Sokout's Life" at the age of 102, causing a huge sensation.
  Not everyone can be like a successful person. Once you start, you will end up with full income. But as long as we start to change, even if we don’t get the expected results, what loss? We have at least tried, accumulated experience, and gained a different life experience.
  There is no limit to life. Don't set limits for yourself. For the rest of your life, don't panic.
  And when you want to change, it’s not too late to start.
  When is the best time to plant a tree?
  I want to say that the best time is ten years ago, and now.