If you want to succeed , you have to give up these 13 things.
  What is success? Everyone has their own definitions, wealth, status, career, presence, living the life they want, etc., all of which are aspects of success. I make an unwritten definition here: if you do one or more things that are valuable to yourself and others, it is a success.
  How to succeed? I saw an article from Medium a few days ago called "If you want to succeed, you should give up these thirteen things.", it is very interesting to write, the success is very simple, it is very difficult, because it looks like Simple things are not easy to do. Maybe, to be a successful person, or to be what you want, is not to add more things, but to give up some things.
  Here is my translation, or rewrite it again:
  1. Give up the unhealthy lifestyle
  Take care of your body, this is the only place where you can survive. If you want to make something, the source is your body. How to do it? Very simple, to maintain a high quality sleep, healthy eating, and then do some physical exercise, it is enough. Make progress every day, and you will thank yourself in the future.
  2, give up short-term ideas
  You can only live once... If you are right, living once is enough.
  Those who can succeed will set long-term goals. Whether it is work, career, study , exercise, investment, long-term goals will help us achieve our greater life value. Join a promising startup , more wages + a small amount of stock and less wages + more stocks, you will choose the former or the latter? A little more salary will help you solve the current cash flow problem, but will never achieve wealth The exponential growth.
  Some people or teams seem to be always busy, but they are all busy short-term goals. Those who can set long-term goals and implement them will be able to solve those impossible problems and achieve outstanding achievements.
  3, give up small goals
  In other words, give up the idea of ​​a small rich and safe. If you have never tried to set some ambitious goals, or want to turn your dreams into reality, you may never be able to unleash your true potential.
  Don't be afraid of failure, don't be afraid of success, maybe you can really change the world.
  4, give up the excuse
  Successful people know their own responsibilities and don't look for excuses. It's important to realize that excuses can stop people from growing. Your life belongs to you, not to others, and you should not make excuses.
  5, give up the rigid thinking
  Many people think that talent is innate. These are the factors that lead to success and cannot be changed. They think that many people have succeeded, not because they work hard, but only for talent and luck. They are wrong. Talent and luck are important, but they are only part of the reason for success.
  Successful people have been renewing their own mindsets and knowledge systems, acquiring new knowledge, learning new skills, and raising awareness to change their lives. Everything is dynamic, not rigid.
  You are like this today, not necessarily tomorrow.
  6. Give up on believing in "magic bullets"
  Just like the "silver bullet" theory often mentioned in software engineering, there are no silver bullets in the world, and even if they are, they belong to others. Success overnight is always a myth.
  Progress a little bit every day, gather sand into a tower, accumulate less and more, the day arch is a pawn, not fast. The growth of the geek time app made me better understand this.
  7, give up perfection
  Nothing is perfect, no matter what people or things, no matter how hard we work. If we wait for the perfect thing to appear, or if we want to perfect one thing, then we will lose a lot of opportunities.
  8, give up multitasking
  Focus, whether it is work or life, do something quickly into the state. In this regard, I have some different opinions. The brain itself can handle multi-tasking. For example, you can listen to music while exercising, but complex tasks and mission-critical tasks should focus and focus. Do not try to handle complex units in a multi-tasking manner. Most people will make mistakes or lose sight of them.
  The same is true for companies, you can't make all the money, and some are destined to belong to others.
  9, give up control of all things
  Focus on what you can control, don't try to control all people and things, perform task decomposition and authorization, help others succeed, and you can achieve greater success.
  10, give up on things that are not related to the goal, say Yes
  On the other hand, learn to say no. Successful people know that in order to achieve their goals, they will say No to some tasks, activities, and requests from friends and family colleagues.
  11. Those who give up the "bad taste"
  Once you meet someone who exudes a "bad taste" and is farther away from him, it is best to ignore such people. With those who are willing to change their own and ambitious, you will also gain accelerated growth.
  12, give up the need to be "liked"
  It is because many people have a need in the subconscious: to satisfy everyone and be liked by everyone.
  Sometimes we are troubled by the comments of some junk people. In fact, this is impossible and unnecessary. Sometimes the increase in "Hater" proves that we are doing remarkable things.
  The only thing we can do is to be true, reliable, and continually improving, producing something of value every day.
  13, give up wasting time
  The biggest trouble in life is that you think you still have time.
  In fact, you only have a crazy and precious life, you need to decide what you want to be and how far you will reach. To do this, we must learn how to accurately control our attention, quickly switch states, focus, and make the most of the 24 hours of the day.
  Think about the time you waste every day.
  Playing mobile phones, watching friends, chasing TV shows, online shopping, and video editing, most of the short videos are generating spam, or information, and this information can be addictive. In every era, there are always these things to be produced, and there will be a large number of people to consume. I hope that you are not one of them. And selective reading will always bring you more thoughts.
  Remember, there is not much time left for us...