The bitterness you have suffered is a kind of growth.
  Wukong recently answered questions in Q & A above, no wish to see a question, how do you get through life in the most difficult period of time?
  There are a lot of respondents, and one of the answerers wrote me very much:
  At the age of twelve, he almost died because of an alternation. After the rescue, he was almost amputated. After leaving the hospital, the doctor could not force his right leg. But now I have climbed several mountains and played outdoors with a group of old ladies.
  Everyone agrees that I will spend a lifetime with a cane, but I am not happy that life is so limited, biting my teeth and throwing a cane. After spending 9 years, I can finally wear shoes to work in the agency.
  Seeing this paragraph, the ups and downs of the heart, the eyelids suddenly have a sore feeling spread in the eyes, the hands on the keyboard do not know what to knock out to express my mood at this time.
  Just want to say that life gives everyone the same thing. However, the situation is different, and some people need to work hard to live an ordinary life that is difficult to achieve.
  She used to lament the injustice of her fate. She cried in the middle of the night, lost her helplessness with crutches, passed the blood on her feet, and fell down countless times. Everything was hard to come by, and she finally broke the limit with a cane.
  Later, I had the life of a normal person.
  Is it a miracle? More than that, I believe that there is still a strong heart that drives her through the darkness and heavy haze.
  I have read a paragraph: "The human eye is composed of black and white parts, but why does God want people to see things through the black part? Because life must pass through the darkness to see the light."
  Life has the distinction between adversity and good times, but in order to survive, it must experience more suffering and grow in adversity. But driven by destiny, everyone's fate is different.
  But life gives us the same, only to face it seriously. I think that as long as there is power in the heart, it will say goodbye to everything that was once unfair.
  There are always too many problems in people's life that we need to answer. We have passed through the scenery and we have been crying and laughing. Also straight up the body to face the wind and rain, such as the whip, but also to clench the roots, reluctantly say no to lose.
  A few days ago I wrote an article about self-healing power. The famous Japanese philosopher, entrepreneur Inamori Kazuo wrote a paragraph in the "Dry Law": "Our life is made up of suffering."
  Yes, since this proposition has already been made to determine a person's life. Then you should develop a problem-solving ability and repair yourself to achieve a certain self-healing state.
  Just as we usually work for survival, we will suffer some grievances, frustrations , stress and anxiety, and negative emotions will make our minds pessimistic.
  Everything will take a complaint when it comes to everything. If you don’t face it, it will only produce the worst results.
  This road of life is destined to be a single person.
  Someone may have encouraged you, comforted you, and extended a pair of helping hands. But this can't be a long-term thing. Everyone's circle is different. They all have their own things to face. How can they take care of you?
  The only thing you can do is to face it calmly. Nietzsche said a word : "A person who knows why he lives and can endure any kind of life."
  Life is not self-sufficient, and you have many opportunities to jump out of this limit and reach another lifestyle you want.
  Although the process is very lonely, we can grow as long as we pass by.
  People who have often experienced the ups and downs of life, and who have been in an extremely difficult time, often have a thick story. Therefore, under the polishing of time, they know how to be modest, compassionate, and grateful to others.
  When we reach a certain age, we must bear some kind of responsibility, it is your unshirkable.
  There are many things happening in life, and you can only force yourself to go hard, you can survive all the sufferings and grow up.
  The subject said a paragraph, the impression is very profound: "There is still a lot of inconvenience in life, but as long as it is not bleeding, going up the mountain and going to the sea, I have to try it again. The injuries I have suffered will only make me see the way ahead. Be more careful to make the pace more stable."
  The so-called growth is to make up for the strength and abandon the bad luck. Fate is no longer fair, then what? I don't put it in my eyes, you can't stop my mind.
  The world of adults is more self-help, and the ability to self-repair with a positive attitude.
  You may have cried in the middle of the night, and when the sun shines on your cheek the next day, it burns like a heat wave, and then disappears, and you regain the glory of his day. As it is.
  You laughed and cried, but you also have to tell yourself that you are strong today, and even if you have great sadness, you will smile and face it.
  When you learn to be no longer afraid, when you have passed through those sufferings. In the end, they are all a kind of growth.
  Like a shimmer, it illuminates the way you go.