You are 30 years old, are you still trying to get it now?
  Life has no way to go, every step counts. Regrettably, this truth is too late for me to really notice.
  Some time ago, there was a essay "What is more terrifying than house prices, what else can you do after the age of 35"? What am I doing when I was 35? That should be the most inactive stage of my career. It is time to plan for the future anxiety and planning for the future. I am like a frog in warm water.
  The business unit went out independently and merged with other companies to form a joint venture company. Once in the emperor's court, I was eventually transferred back to the group half a year after the business unit was almost one person. When I was officially notified, I just sang with the sales team and started building. Hanging up the phone, I shut myself in the bathroom of the private room, crying.... Cry enough, dry my tears, wash my face, return to my colleagues, as nothing happened.
  I used to be busy and suddenly I was idle, and I could do all the work in two hours a day. If someone else asks me what to do in the face of such a situation, I will send him a sentence : either tolerate or roll. What was it then? If you don't roll, maybe it's always a habit of being comfortable. If I have faced every relationship, "If you don't leave me, you will live and die." For companies that have stayed, I hope to be old.
  Don't roll, it's wise to use this rare free time to charge. But I have more than a year of leisure all ruined in Taobao, forums, e-books; after work, it is also shopping, brushing TV series, the entire living state is like the civil servants sitting in the office in the 18th line city.
  More than a year has passed, nothing has been left, nothing has been harvested, as if it does not exist, time is gone forever.
  Life has no way to go, the premise is that we must go forward; the original place will not accelerate, only accelerate their aging, physical, emotional, ideological and spiritual.
  You can't let your time be so ruined, leaving a long life path blank.
  There was a period of empty window for changing jobs. After going through a comfortable day of sleep and waking up naturally, I still wanted to keep a regular schedule, so I started running.
  From three or five kilometers, I was panting and finally finished half-horse and all-horse. At first, I just enjoyed myself. I ran along the road every day. Later, I ran as a fate, and inadvertently joined various running groups. The running group, outside the original interpersonal circle, met a lot of very interesting and very powerful people, and some of their interactions completely opened the door to a new world.
  The road that I once ran had unexpected surprises.
  A friend asked me: Is it too late to work hard at the age of 30? My reply to her is: "When is it hard to work hard, now you are younger than any other day in the future. What's more, if you work hard, is there any other way to get yourself to the other side of your dream ?"
  At least, you should first find something to act on. Action does not necessarily change, but does not act and will never change. What's more, if you act, even if you don't reach the ideal situation, you will at least gain experience when you stay in place forever and let time pass by.
  There are two kinds of regrets in life: regrets and regrets that have not been done. According to psychologists' research: in a short period of time, for example, within a week, people regret to do something better than not doing something. The regret of the matter is 53:47. When people look back over the past five years, ten years, or even half a lifetime, people regret that they have not done much better than doing things, the ratio is 84:16, in other words In the long run, we will regret what we have not done. So go to action, change, and work hard for your dreams.
  Time is very equal and cruel for everyone, 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes, good use will not have more time rewards, if you use it badly, it will be cleared immediately, and will not wait until you wake up and return it to you. Only by letting every time play its value and bring about growth can we harvest the joy that "there is no way for life to go, every step counts."
  No matter what kind of position you are in, what kind of life you are living in, if you are dissatisfied with the status quo, then start acting. It doesn't matter if there is no clear direction, and there is no need to think too much about the future results. Start with little bit of action, think while walking, and adjust while walking.
  If it is in the workplace on, if you do not want to change the status quo by job-hopping, it may wish to spend more effort in common the ability to learn on, such as writing skills, communication skills, presentation skills, structured thinking ability. These capabilities can be replicated in parallel across industries and positions for a lifetime.
  If it is in life, start with the little things that make you feel happy. Look at it, pay attention to it, and deliberately repeat it to make happiness reappear.
  Walking, maybe the road will come out.
  You have to know that life has no way to go, every step counts. Let our lives gain breadth and depth in addition to length.
  Workplace talents, get the contract to write the author of the manuscript, 18 years of struggle, original workplace dry goods and personal growth sharing. On the way to growth, I am with you.