Please believe that the years will not live up to every one who lives hard.
  The sun on Saturday is exceptionally strong, but my heart is upset because of the company’s recent accounts. The time spent in the past will be used for reading or code words. In these few days, I’m so upset, I’m embarrassed, and my words are harsh. Finally, a war between husband and wife was triggered.
  I sorted out my mood and sent my daughter to the Chinese painting class.
  Along the way, the breeze, the sun is just right, the warm light can also drive away the thick heart.
  When I arrived at the academy, there was no class in the calligraphy class. The waiting interval, a bookmark wall in the corridor, attracted me all at once.
  A series of elegantly colored bookmarks were pasted together by the teachers who had the heart, and the arrangement was interesting and chic. The bottom of each bookmark is dropped with a spike, and it looks like a wind chime with different colors. It dances with the breeze.
  I took my daughter to look around and saw such a text.
  "When you can't tell yourself what you learned today, don't go to sleep!"
  "The person lying in the bed can't feel the warmth of the sun."
  "I want to paint in addition to using a pen, but also to be careful, you are a child with a heart, boldly show your potential!"
  Each one is accompanied by a child's stick figure, some are small people, some are the outline of the park, some are flowers and plants, and some are painted with mom and dad, expressing the love and relatives of the little ones to the parents.
  Each one is full of deep meaning and childlikeness, and the cold and silent heart is suddenly hit, and instantly feels warm and soft.
  Those time when they were young, like the disk that was put down, at that moment, they were all retrieved in an instant.
  Sometimes the belief of an adult is not as good as a child's determination and persistence . I can't help feeling shame and shame.
  Imagine that when the company was just registered, we have made such a ambition and felt that the prospects are great. Although we know that wealth needs to accumulate slowly, we still have such unrealistic expectations and visions.
  Everyone will encounter twists and turns, life is a kind of experience, the vicissitudes of life are a kind of accumulation, suffering, this double-edged sword, which brings us pain, but also let us grow in the mud.
  All the successes in the world , the shining road they have stepped on, have been exchanged and persevered in the past many times, so there is no need to envy, everyone in the upslope of life has to go, not willing to be guilty. Then it will be counter-current and frustrated.
  In the movie "Happiness is knocking on the door", the father, Chris, relies on selling medical equipment to maintain a family's life. However, a series of accidents caused him to fall into a difficult life. His wife abandoned him and the child was left unattended. Later, Because the rent could not be paid out and was smashed out of the house.
  When he was holding the medical instrument in one hand and holding the young son in the hand, when he was in the subway, he laid a newspaper in the bathroom and let the child sleep with him and his clothes. The child asked, "Dad, why do we live here?" When someone pushed the door outside, he used his body against the door and used his big hands to cover his son's ears. The strong and stubborn father had shed tears of sadness.
  This is not the worst. Every day, they have to go to the relief station to wait in line, hoping to have a place to stay at night, but this kind of request is a big expectation.
  The encounter with the securities company's stockbroker opened the door to another life for him. Chris learned that the famous stock investment company had an internship opportunity, but there was no salary during the internship, and the competition was fierce. Only one person could enter the company. Through hard work, he finally won the only chance.
  No matter how hard and unbearable life is, he didn’t complain about life and didn’t give up his dreams . On the court, he once said this to his son.
  "Don't let others tell you that you can't make it, even if it's me."
  "If you have a dream, guard it."
  "When people can't do the same thing, they will tell you that you can't do the same. If you have the ideal, you must work hard to achieve it."
  And such a teaching is not the best interpretation of himself?
  This film is an autobiography of Chris and a legendary inspirational story. Telling how he struggled from the black slums, worked hard, and finally entered the securities industry, became a good securities investor, and succeeded in starting a business.
  We always think that there will be a tomorrow that can't be reached, but as long as we don't give up, we can always encounter the peak and the turn, and the dark night can always reach the moment of dawn.
  I remembered a big sister I once admired. After a failed marriage, she took two children alone to maintain the mess left by her husband. Piles of debts and children waiting to be fed often forced her to stay in the dark night. Crazy.
  She thought about escaping and thinking about staying away, but, if I do this, can I really escape the condemnation of my conscience for a lifetime?
  Well, it’s hard to have children, and then suffer. When I got home, I saw that the children cheered and ran to her. She felt that everything was worthwhile. She used her actions and beliefs. It teaches children what is called responsibility and responsibility.
  In this family lacking the role of father, the children are more and more sensible and contention. When the two brothers and sisters hold the perfect score, they are so happy and happy.
  Who can know, what have she experienced in those lonely nights? The desperate situation made her breathless. She wanted to go to the road several times, but looking at the two sleeping children, she told herself again and again that she could not fall.
  In this way, the business has gradually improved. She has classified and divided the previous accounts one by one. The accounts have become clear and clear. The creditors have seen her sincerity. Let her sign the debt, and no longer press hard.
  In just three years, she paid off all her debts and began to have savings. I found my mother to help bring the baby, and the family is also happy.
  Life is ups and downs, everyone's time will have a vivid reappearance, the spring breeze will bathe every corner of the world, no one will be separated from the door of the season.
  We don't sing hard, but when it's hard to really come, you have to have the ability to endure hardship and create happiness.
  There is no perfect life in the world, and there will always be such a gap in our lives.
  Those who we thought could not go past, look back, but it is just a tour of us. There will always be a better you, waiting for you at the end of your arrival, and you will eventually get there and smile and mention life that was not so easy.
  There is no real desperation in life. As long as there is a seed of faith in the heart, there will always be a dark flower.