Ten life rumors for girls
  Kafka said such a passage:
  Trying to get something, in fact, as long as calm and calm, and seek truth from facts, you can easily achieve the goal without knowing it.
  If it is too hard, too fierce, too naive, too inexperienced, cry, grab, pull, like a child to pull the tablecloth, but the result is nothing.
  Just pull the good things on the table to the ground and never get it.
  Today, I want to give you ten motto, I hope you can always clear magnanimous love open-minded, gains and losses have insisted , can laugh can cry can thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
  1, do not eat free meals
  No matter what age a girl has, she should have a career. She does not have to make a lot of money, but she must maintain economic independence.
  The boys say that they want to raise your promises. You can listen to them, never have to take it seriously, and don’t always think about who you depend on.
  When your wallet is no longer empty, it means that you are very lively.
  2, do not look cold face
  You can be kind, but you can't be without temper, you can't condone without the bottom line, and it will only encourage others' arrogance.
  We can't bully others, but we don't look at other people's cold faces.
  Don't be wronged for some unrelated people, you don't have to bear any one person's negative energy.
  3, do not hide
  To be a girl is still to be true and honest, love is clear, and it is even cooler.
  Like is like, hate is hate, don't pretend, don't blindly.
  Keep your heart firm, don't hide, don't hide, take it and let it go.
  Only by knowing your inner needs can you know what you want, and when you make some choices, you will be more decisive.
  4, do not expose people short
  Even if you see the deficiencies of others, you must learn to remain silent and tell him in a more euphemistic way that he will thank you.
  Do not take the shortcomings of others as a joke to open, this will only appear that you do not know how to respect, very uncultivated.
  There are no perfect people in this world, but I hope that you can become a person who knows how to be tolerant.
  5, without losing childlike interest
  I hope that you can live like a child all the time, keep a childlike heart, and try to get in touch with more good.
  Simpleness can often make your life more different colors, and more free in this world.
  I hope that you will live not to be too utilitarian, to be pure-minded, and I hope that you will always be curious about the world and willing to challenge different life.
  6, no beauty
  In fact, I found that many girls around like to wear heavy makeup, in fact, in the matter of makeup, do not need to be too hard.
  Too exaggerated will make the whole person not stable enough, more charming, and in the weekdays, the makeup will be more attractive to you.
  May you know that makeup is not for the sake of a particular person, but a way to please yourself.
  7, don't laugh poorly
  Everyone's starting line is different. Some people are born with a golden key, and some people need to work harder than ordinary people to stand at the top of the pyramid.
  We are all working hard, no one is better than anyone, you are not much older than anyone.
  Mo bulls are poor and poor, and there must be a dragon in the dragon.
  8, do not owe money
  I have found that the relationship between people and people is very fragile, especially if they are mixed with interests, they will easily break.
  If you really have a hurdle, you must rely on others to tide over the difficulties. The first thing you need to do is tell your parents that only parents will help you.
  If a friend has loaned you money, remember to give it back to her on the agreed date. Don't let him down on his trust in you.
  You should never be implicated in the financial interests of your boyfriends and men. When a lot of things involve money, there will always be contradictions.
  Doing a good job in economic independence is a must for your homework.
  9, do not ask people happy
  I have found that the older you are, the more you should know that there will always be people who are not in harmony with their own magnetic field. We are not born to be liked by everyone.
  Those who don't like themselves, you should never force them, don't go to live more really, it will be especially tired.
  Accept the dislike of others, and you will find that this is no big deal.
  10, no trouble
  Don't be a person who makes others feel annoyed. You don't have a lot of anger, don't always have negative energy, don't hysterically, chatter.
  Don't be public, don't be too reserved. Do what you should, and say the right words on different occasions.
  Live a little more transparent, smarter, and it will become easier.
  Finally, I want to share with you a sentence:
  "The poetry and buckwheat blueberry sauce and put it on the package, do pieces of wool waistcoat with a gap in the trees the sun, with small dogs and cats and sparrow pecking at the window to talk about , then poured into the late-night coffee cup chopped stars, installed in the heart A little girl.
  If you love life, life must be clearer than anyone else. ”
  Everyone likes light, likes warmth, and likes gentleness.
  I hope that your eyes will be clear on the road of chasing light. May you have the power to make you feel warm. May you smile gently and let you be the one you want to be in this world, ok?