May you work harder and live the life you want.
  I don't know if you have seen a short tear video of a friend circle recently. It is about a few people who haven't returned home in the early morning. They struggled in the workplace and didn't dare to stop.
  When I got up this morning, I saw that Haru forwarded this video to me. The sending time was more than two in the morning.
  When I called her, it was only seven o'clock. She had already arrived at the company. She said that she had recently turned around, but she didn't have time to sleep well. Last night, the plane was late, and there was a problem at work. At two o'clock. Just arrived home, just saw the video, I sent it to me.
  Long sighed, Haruko said: "Although sometimes I feel very tired, but think about it, relying on my own efforts to get what I want, getting closer and closer to the life I want, is still worth it. of."
  I hung up the phone with her, and I watched the video again.
  Like every life that we all experience, everything is not easy, there is always so much helplessness and helplessness.
  Perhaps it took a long time to make an effort that was not certain. Perhaps it was a sudden accident that struck me and was caught off guard. Maybe it was already irritating to the point that I wanted to throw something. The surface still had to be accompanied by a smile. Maybe I knew it. Nothing wrong, still have to apologize over and over again for understanding.
  When you spend your time here, there is no way to give up your energy to take care of other things. You insist on licking the moments you want to give up again and again, but sometimes you will lose your regrets and regrets. .
  The questions in the video are in a sentence.
  "Why are you running around? Why are you not giving up? Why do you want to fight like this?"
  On the way forward, you slowly turned into a quiet adult, getting used to a person, getting used to digesting those difficult emotions, and getting used to solving those troublesome problems.
  In the rare free time, I don't want to talk, and I don't want to move. I prefer to stay alone and quietly stay.
  Sometimes you don't like this kind of yourself. It seems that you haven't laughed at it for a long time. The tight string in your mind seems to have not been relaxed for a long time.
  No one dares to say that your efforts will be rewarded, and no one will dare to promise you what you will become in 20 years, and therefore, we often question life.
  We are working so hard, what is it for?
  In fact, I always think this way. Why do people always work hard, why do they always try their best to do something, why can't life easily give everyone what they want?
  Now I understand more and more that all the gifts have already been marked with the price code in the dark. The more you pay, the more rewards you may get, and the more you are unwilling to work hard, then you will never achieve anything.
  Whose life is not easy, complaining does not have any positive effect, all you can do is to quickly adjust your state, and bravely fight back when you next torture you.
  It is pressure and motivation; it is a difficulty and an opportunity.
  There is always a lot of pitfalls in the road ahead, but we can work hard to make the roads less difficult, and the road to life is smoother.
  Every corner of the world has people who are as ordinary as you and me, but who are not willing to be mediocre. Struggling and fighting, we all know that the life we ​​want is earned by ourselves.
  As Nietzsche said in a word: "In fact, people are the same as trees. The more they look forward to the high sun, the more their roots will reach the dark ground."
  We have redoubled our efforts to become a tougher, more independent, more free, and more open-minded.
  We are doing our best to be able to embrace the people we love with the utmost enthusiasm. We don’t have to grieve and cater to it, just to have the ability to get what we want, and we don’t have to worry about it.
  Since I have chosen a distant place, I will only care about the wind and rain, and I will eat when I shed tears.
  I believe that if you do your best for life, you will definitely have a better fight with yourself. Your fate will not live up to every one who runs hard, isn't it?
  I hope that you will be able to move forward. I hope that you will always be firm in your footsteps. May you persist in your heart when facing the rough. I hope that even if you are defeated, you will still love life and work hard.
  For the rest of my life, I hope that we will work harder and live the life we ​​want.