Dad, why are we so hard but still poor?
  13 years ago, I just got a freshman.
  On a weekend, I made an appointment with several female students to go to the East Lake Moshan. When I was studying how to dump the bus, a local classmate said that I didn't have to check it out, and my dad's driver would pick us up.
  In a short while, a black car parked under our dormitory, and the classmates greeted us on the train. Her expression is faint and natural, with no ostentation.
  This is the first time I have been in a car in my 19-year-old life . For the moment, I first realized the gap between people.
  My hometown is Hong An. Outside, we like to say that it is Huanggang, because Huanggang’s reputation is louder.
  In 2005, there was not a relative in my family who had a private car. From our village to the town, I am walking, more than 20 minutes. From the town to the county seat, take the shuttle bus, 5 dollars. From the town to Wuhan, take the bus, about 25 yuan.
  When I went to Wuhan to go to college, I usually traveled by bus. I never dared to take a taxi, although the starting price was still 3 yuan.
  After playing in the East Lake, the students took us shopping to buy clothes. They are like a few brands, but I am like Liu Yujin in the Grand View Garden, dazzled and uneasy.
  My classmates called me to try my clothes. I quickly waved my hand. "Try it, I will help you watch the bag."
  Later, we went to KFC again. The students bought French fries, burgers, chicken nuggets, cola, etc. I didn't buy anything, and silently took out a hoe from the bag in the morning.
  The things here are too expensive. I only have 300 yuan a month to live, and I can save flowers.
  The classmate looked at me and licked the hoe, and quietly took a bottle of Sprite from the bag and quietly handed it to me.
  That year, she was only 18 years old. Her family is excellent, and her good family background makes her confident and full of sunshine.
  In my eyes, she is like a beautiful rose in a pot, bright and moving. And I, like a dog's tail grass growing in the wild, gray face.
  When the dormitory students use MP3 to practice English listening, I can only use the time without class to go to the computer room to practice. Because an MP3 costs 200 yuan and buys MP3, I have to go hungry.
  When the students planned to go to New Oriental to train English forty-six, IELTS, and small languages ​​during the summer vacation, I silently packed my luggage and went to the restaurant twice for the bus. Although the monthly salary is only 600, it can maintain my basic life for two months.
  When the students actively participate in various associations to broaden their horizons, exercise their eloquence, and accumulate network resources, I am preparing for the final exam of each semester with the strength of the college entrance examination. Every semester, I must try my best to take the first place in the profession. Only in this way can I get the highest scholarship, so I don't have to worry about the tuition for the next year.
  8000 yuan, for some children in the city, maybe just a trip abroad, a laptop, but for me, it is eighty-nine kilograms of rice, the code is eighty-nine snakeskin bags, piled up is A high wall.
  Every rice, from sowing, transplanting, weeding, fertilizing, harvesting to threshing, infiltrates the blood and sweat of the family.
  Recently, I saw a news that a college student borrowed a high-profit loan to speculate on digital currency futures, with a debt of more than 100,000 yuan. He was forced to drop out of school and was forced to pay debts by the creditors.
  This story shocked me and made me reflect. What kind of money concept does a person have to form in adolescence, so that he can not be lost in the reality of materialism?
  When I was a child, I asked my father why our family is so hard to plant so many fields, but they are still poor. The neighbors seem to be not planting crops. They rely on gambling and some sideline businesses, but they often eat meat.
  Dad replied that the shrimp has a shrimp road and the crab has a crab road.
  Everyone has their own ability to make a living. I can't make any easy money. I only know how to sell hardships, do a little, and get a little. As long as we work hard, we will not be poor.
  After more than 20 years, my father’s words are deeply rooted in my mind, forming my simple values: to be down-to-earth, not to be opportunistic.
  Why have the recent naked loans, loan sharking, gambling and other things emerged endlessly, and staged a tragic story?
  Perhaps, some young people’s money has a problem.
  After 70 and 80, it was generally more bitter than after 90 and 00.
  The poverty of the past has shaped our tenacity, unyielding, hard-working, and not afraid of dirty, and has given us weaknesses such as inferiority, conservativeness, and incompetence.
  At that time, although we were not rich, the gap with the people around us was not great. And now, the buddies who have been drinking beer with you yesterday, may be rich overnight!
  The day before yesterday, I also mixed the public number and the literary friends of the mixed forwarding group. Today, it may be because of a 100,000 plus article to explode the circle of friends. Commercial cooperation and contract printing will follow;
  Not long ago, I borrowed money from you to eat, and in a blink of an eye I found a rich and handsome man, not only with a big diamond ring proposal, but also a Maldivian honeymoon trip...
  It seems that everyone has the opportunity to become rich overnight and become famous.
  The huge gap often makes young people who are not mature in their minds and who are not strong in the three senses at a loss.
  Sometimes, the height we want to achieve for a lifetime is just the starting point for others.
  When your classmates are having fun in the fifteen European countries, you are in the office with a class that does not have overtime pay;
  When your friend’s family has invited a family member to live in a gold medal, you will be a free babysitter to cook and take your child after a hard day at work.
  When your girlfriend talks about the project and pulls the order to fly around the world, you have modified a document report over and over again;
  When your brother took a school district in Beishangguang, you are still secretly glad to finally use the provident fund to mortgage a set of your own house in the third- and fourth-tier cities...
  Everyone has a different starting point. Some people have come to Rome with great hardships, and some people were born in Rome.
  But what does it matter? I always believe that better than others, not noble, true noble, is better than the past.
  13 years ago, I was in the KFC; 13 years later, I could calmly take the children to eat French fries in KFC;
  13 years ago, I watched my classmates spend more than 9,000 yuan to buy a laptop, and my heart was converting. How many bags of rice, how many pounds of peanuts, how many acres of rape can be sold? After 13 years, I can sell at Apple. Shop to buy the latest laptops and mobile phones;
  Thirteen years ago, I was alone, with no long-term things, and went to the provincial capital to go to college in the province. After 13 years, I lived in a spacious and bright house with a job that I had never dared to think about;
  13 years ago, I saved money from my teeth to buy my favorite books; 13 years later, I have a study that can hold more than 1,000 books, basically achieving the freedom to buy books;
  We can't choose our own origins, but we can use our own efforts to determine the starting point of the next generation.
  This may be the meaning of each of us fighting for a lifetime.