Why do you prefer to eat the hardships of life rather than the pain of learning ?
  I remember when I was a child, I went to school in the county. Every time I put a monthly vacation, my grandfather went to the station to pick me up.
  At that time, the home was far from the station, and we needed to ride the car back and forth. We were relatively speechless along the way. When Grandpa can't ride, we will push the car one by one, remembering that Grandpa often said to me: "If you eat bitterly, you will be a good person. You must be a good student."
  At that time, I did not understand what I was doing, but I kept it in my heart. Looking at the folks in the rice fields not far away, they bent over and cut their wheat and bowed their heads. I just thought that I might be able to live a different life with them in the future.
  Later, I was admitted to the provincial capital from the countryside to study the project cost. I feel that this is a promising profession. However, when I walked into the internship unit, the environment of the construction site was so bad that it was not necessary to say that the sunny days were dusty and the sun was like fire, and the rainy days were so muddy. The absurdity of the spiritual world is slowly killing my dreams and innocence. On the construction site, it is a joke to find someone to talk about literature and talk about the economy.
  Later, I chose to go to Shenzhen. There, I finally found the new media industry that I loved. Everything that is strange to me makes me feel excited and happy. Artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, virtual reality, VC, angel wheel, these terms make me see another possibility.
  The more we continue to broaden the boundaries of knowledge, the more we feel the poverty and desolateness of our knowledge reserves. It is also in such a long period of time that I found that the gap between people was quickly opened.
  I once saw a question in my knowledge: Why do most people prefer to eat the hardships of life rather than suffer from learning?
  The highest answer is to answer this question:
  "The pain of life can be paralyzed by fatigue, and it can be transferred by entertainment. In any case, as long as it survives, the walking dead can also be passed and passed. It is often taken for granted. It can be called passivation. The pain of learning is that you must always maintain a keen sense of touch and stay awake. Cognition and abundant feelings, this may be called sharpening."
  The hardships of life are mostly repeatable, and people's ability to adapt is very strong. They continue to experience the same bitterness for a long time. The painful experience and effects will gradually weaken, and people will enter a state of habitual helplessness. Although this state is not particularly comfortable, it will not be particularly unbearable over time.
  However, the pain of learning is non-repetitive. Learning is the process of continuous expansion of cognitive boundaries, which requires you to think and learn. The content of learning is often gradual, not as repeatable as the pain of life, so you can not enter the state of numbness, but need to constantly face new knowledge and learning objectives.
  One is the joy and pleasure that is available at hand, and the other is the process of delaying satisfaction.
  There is no doubt that many people will choose the former. After all, there are always a few people in the world who are willing to take the initiative to find themselves.
  Recently I saw an article, Lao Yue, who is about to graduate from college, has been a very standard Internet addiction teenager since high school. Before the college entrance examination, parents tried to prevent him from being distracted, and the mobile phone, computer and even TV did not touch him.
  I felt relaxed after I went to college and wanted to play back games that I didn't have enough before. After escaping a class in the freshman year, I found that the university was not strict with the management and was courageous. Since then, it has been out of control. Every day in the bedroom is unkempt, the take-out box piled up, and the end of the period has become the norm.
  When the roommate got the offer of a famous company, in addition to the game, he did not have any hobbies, even graduation became a problem.
  The game in the virtual world is wonderful, but the competition in real life is really terrible. I don't want to study, I feel that I have a hard time reading? Real life will tell you honestly that life without reading will be more bitter.
  Sometimes, the hardships of learning and the heavy and rough life are really not even a sneeze.
  No one wants to eat the hardships of real life. For those who want to make life easier, learning is the easiest and most useful way to go.
  Life without inspection is not worth a visit.
  Over the years, I have seen many of my peers are taking the old road of their parents and elders. When they are young, they always feel that it is not important to learn to learn. Anyway, their physical strength is very good. In the long run, after all, it depends on selling labor, but never thinks about where the better way is.
  Zweig once wrote in a book: She was too young at the time, and she did not know the gift given by her fate. She had already marked the price in the dark.
  If you can think about life, they will finally understand that the hardships that are eaten in order to save life are often the price of not suffering from learning.
  We don't like to ask for it. If we can avoid these painful experiences in life through learning and self-improvement, what reason can we not learn?
  Learning is actually not bitter. The bitterness is the courage that has long been consumed by life and curiosity and daring to have expectations for the future.
  Life is actually not bitter, and the bitterness is the life that does not know how to avoid suffering.