Please keep all your strengths beautiful.
  Weibo received such a private letter, "I am not beautiful, work ability is normal, every day in the unit is like a screw, no one pays attention. Leaders do not pay attention, my boyfriend does not like me very much, I am very inferior, what should I do? do?"
  Across the screen, I can feel that the computer may be sitting on a little girl who is not very slim, wearing frame glasses, eyes, and waiting for me.
  I can't help but think, so young, infertile in the early 20s, is it strange?
  Not only is it not strange, it is simply too normal.
  When I was most inferior, I was just returning from abroad that year. I took the self-righteous resume and went back to China to apply for a job. I thought I would soon meet the favorite unit, but I didn't expect it to be as bad as I expected. I have repeatedly hit the wall, and I haven’t met the company I yearn for for half a year.
  Also in that year, I was invisible in this city, refused all social interactions, and nestled in the rental house every day, while brushing up the recruitment information, while suppressing the feeling of inferiority that was constantly rising in my heart.
  At that time, I realized that inferiority is not only caused by disparity in family and economic conditions, but also because at some stage, you are behind a peer with more than one rhythm, watching others run forward, only you still stay in the original The land will also have this feeling of inferiority.
  In the face of a huge gap, it is difficult for people to calm down. While struggling to give myself encouragement, I took out the hard work that I have never had in these years, started writing articles, listening to classes, not doing anything else, just not falling behind.
  Because I can't keep up with the self-doubt and self-denial brought about by the rhythm, I just took a sigh of relief to arrange my daily time. Even if I go to work later, I still insist on studying for a while and writing and writing things every night .
  Later, I made a book. Slowly, more and more readers began to leave a message to me and tell me about their experiences. At those moments, I had some tears in my eyes.
  I believe that the hardest thing for people is not compromise, but uncompromising in adversity. You can't see how the road ahead is going, but you have to force yourself to stick to it with a bit of tenacity. Even if you want to be a little bit, you deserve to go all out.
  I have not taken the road that my parents expected in the past few years. I can't go to nine to five, relax and leisurely. I often get busy and get off work until 11:00 in the middle of the night. It’s also hard, the idea of ​​resigning when tired is going on countless times a day; also tired, often thinking about the computer, if you give up everything now, can you live better?
  But I know that people in this world, what you want, you have to pay first.
  Later, the days went smoothly, and I had many opportunities to start a new choice. For example, choose an easy job, reduce the frequency of writing, don't arrange yourself too much, leave more leisure time, and so on.
  But in fact, I didn't. I didn't dare to relax. I probably had too many ideals to look ahead. After turning the time back, I found that I didn't do enough.
  Just like a friend who knows writing, everyone only sees her fans hundreds of thousands, from obscurity to now there are many readers who love her words. But what I see is that she often sleeps very late. Even if she spends her vacation abroad with her parents, it is better to have a time difference and not to delay the domestic time. It is a time when the roadside shopping mall takes out the computer and can enter the working state.
  After knowing the intensity of her work, I dare not say that I have worked hard. When you think that you have worked hard, the degree of desperation of others may not be what you think.
  Many readers have asked me what should I have to live the life I want?
  I don't know the lives of others, but I know very well that everyone wants to embark on the path they wish to make unimaginable efforts.
  No matter how many problems life gives you, as long as you have directions, there is hope; there is hope, there is room for efforts to change. What kind of days you will have in the future depends on how you do it now.
  Nowadays, I have rarely bothered the past, because when I see more, I find out how small people and things I have been entangled. All of us have been rushing for ideals, life, and feelings throughout our lives, and everyone is not easy.
  And in this world, many times you see the pay is just the tip of the iceberg. Those who can finally live the life they want to live, are desperately trying to grow up and expand the radius of life .
  When I want to understand this, I no longer hold the evil attitude to fight against life, but I want to make myself better.
  When you are confused, look at the moment, when you are frustrated, think about the distance.
  Just as a reader wrote a message to me: I no longer frequently go to the mind to paint a beautiful blueprint for the future, no longer give myself a lot of great imagination, but to put every day out in a down-to-earth manner, every night. I can sleep in a clear and conscience, that is the best life I have ever had.
  I am sharing with you.