I went to the college entrance examination and went to a 211 university.
  Time is like water, running forward. In the blink of an eye, 9 years have passed.
  The year of my college entrance examination, in 2009, it looked like a very ordinary year, especially compared to 2008 in the previous year.
  In 2008, our country suffered a terrible earthquake in Wenchuan, successfully hosted the world- famous Olympic Games, and the United States broke out of the financial crisis, but also elected the first black president in history.
  Compared with 2009, neither good news nor bad news is so much.
  But for our candidates, 2009 is different and unforgettable, because that year we took the college entrance examination.
  No one asked for a decade of cold weather, and became famous in the world. Twelve years of hard reading, from elementary school to junior high school, to high school, etc. Is it the test of the sword in the college entrance examination, Jianguang Yao Kyushu?
  It is a good idea to say that the college entrance examination is a watershed in life, especially for the students of the cold door.
  There is no such thing as a prosperous family, and there is no wealthy family. In the absence of everything, the college entrance examination seems to be the only path for the cold-study fishermen.
  How important is the college entrance examination?
  It can make rural students wash the mud, get out of the mountains, and enter the big city to take root. Are you not important?
  What is the change in the direction of fate?
  However, I took the exam for the college entrance examination that year.
  My college entrance examination was out of order, and I only entered a 211 university in the forefront of the country.
  I have said this with many friends. Many of my friends have said that it is up to you. Showing off is not the show-off method. You have entered 211 University. Do you want to squat? How many people do not say 211 college, that is, even two books can not be tested!
  In this case, students who are familiar with my high school will not say it.
  It’s like you met a millionaire, you said to him, oh, I envy you, how are you so rich, how do you do it, can you teach me?
  Then, he told you very helplessly, I am sorry, I used to be a multi-millionaire.
  For me, from elementary school to junior high school to high school, I have always been in the top of the grade. If I sprint, I can enter top10. If I play normally, I can enter 985. Is it finally 211?
  Oh, in mathematics.
  The usual mock exams are around 120. The first and second provincial surveys are also about this score. The college entrance examination is 87 points, and even failed.
  The night before the exam, I couldn’t tell if I was nervous or excited. I was insomnia. I fell asleep until three o'clock in the middle of the night. Then I ate my stomach and diarrhea during the day.
  At the time of the exam, the state was really bad.
  I originally thought that after many years of exam-oriented education, my mentality has been refined into steel. I didn't expect to face the college entrance examination. My mentality is still a bit broken. What is more important is that the effects of insomnia and diarrhea are really too great.
  It is no wonder that teachers often say that the college entrance examination should not expect extraordinary play, and that you can play normally and it is already an extraordinary play.
  This is not the first major mistake in my life.
  I have been in this small part of my life. In just 26 years, there have been at least four major mistakes that have affected my life.
  When I was in the literary division of the semester, I gave up the major advantages of the liberal arts. I ignored the resolute opposition of the teachers and stubbornly chose the science I was not good at, because I heard that the girl I was secretly selected was science. I don’t want to. I was separated and I wanted to be in the same class as her.
  Compared to science, how good is my liberal arts?
  When the third year of junior high school, the vice principals talked to me, let me downgrade to the second year to go to the liberal arts, and said that your science scores look like an ordinary 985. You go to the liberal arts, and it is no problem to stabilize the Chinese people's congress. Trust me.
  You see, I haven’t been back to writing an article for so many years. The result became a young writer who had been delayed by science for many years.
  The second major mistake was the failure of the college entrance examination.
  The third time I graduated, I was studying teacher major and education. At that time, I flew back to Kunming from Chongqing to participate in the double-election meeting. I passed the assessment of a first-class first-class high school and ranked first. When the other party wanted to sign me, I realized that I forgot to bring the employment agreement.
  Because of the presence of a local education bureau official, the other party was eager to make a decision, and finally he was the second person. He was a college student with me.
  The high school in Yunnan Province has a strict hierarchical classification. At that time, there were more than 500 high schools in Yunnan, and there were only 14 in the first-class first-class high schools. Each level was the top high school in the province.
  And such a precious opportunity was missed because I missed the employment agreement.
  The fourth major mistake, I wrote many times in the previous article. At the end of 2015, I invested all my savings in the P2P platform because of my greed. Eventually, the platform collapsed, and I lost more than 100,000 yuan overnight. Therefore, I owe a lot of foreign debts.
  Looking back now, every time I go the wrong way, it has had a profound impact on my later life.
  Just as you walked to a crossroads, if you went in the wrong direction, you would drift away on the other road.
  As Tao Jie wrote in "The Killing Girl": "When you are old, looking back a lifetime, you will find out when you go abroad to study, when you decide to be the first job, when you choose the object and you fall in love. When I got married, it was actually a great change in my destiny. It was just standing at the intersection of Sancha and seeing the storm. The day you made your choice, in the diary, it was quite dull and peaceful. At that time, it was thought to be ordinary in life . The day."
  In those days after every major mistake in my life, I felt regret and regret more than once.
  I obviously can make my life even better!
  I obviously have a better life!
  This kind of remorse is like a viper, licking my heart, making me grief, let me squat.
  But what about that?
  No matter how much regret you have, the past is the past. If you make a mistake, you are doing something wrong. There is no rehearsal in life. It is a live broadcast one after another. You have no chance to make changes.
  This is the reason why I have suffered from insomnia for many nights.
  This kind of pain reached its peak when I lost my investment and lost more than 100,000 yuan overnight. I really didn't want to live for a while.
  However, you are not afraid of death, why are you still alive?
  I still have a long life.
  I started writing, doing public numbers, publishing books, publishing books, continuing to publish books, and slowly stepping forward to today.
  It can be said that if it was not for the investment failure at that time, it would be gray, and I would not write madly, use writing to express emotions and relieve pain. Naturally, there would be no Gu Yizhen.
  Even if I went to the provincial key high school at that time, I would probably not regain my initial intention to write, but would be obsessed with becoming a famous teacher.
  You see, one drink, one has its own will.
  Therefore, if you have made the wrong choices in the college entrance examination or at other times in your life, and you have made major mistakes, then you can put away your remorse and self-blame.
  Because everything is the best arrangement, all you have lost will eventually reunite with you in another way.
  Your wonderful, heavenly arrangements. Don't panic, wait quietly.