The smarter, the more you know how to be stupid.
  Yan Geling was asked in a talk show that he was able to get a full A from an English-speaking university and get a full A, how to do it.
  Yan Geling replied: Smart people use stupid methods.
  When taking the TOEFL, hold the book and die, and put the dictionary down; in the exotic to make a living wash the dishes, the arm is full of words, such a person, can you learn English well?
  I insist on writing 6-7 hours a day, 6,000 words per day, and persist for 30 years. Can such a writer not be productive?
  When writing a rural theme, I went to the countryside and the old ladies to eat and live together. When I wrote the school theme, I ran to the class with the students. Can such a creation be of high quality?
  Today, Yan Geling can still guarantee that high-quality works will be listed every year, and it seems that there will always be inspiration.
  In an interview, she said: The biggest enemy of writing is laziness. Even when she is blocked by writing, she will sit at the desk until she gets stuck.
  Only the accumulated precipitation will bring inspiration for the future.
  Smart people know that there are no shortcuts, and they use the energy of finding shortcuts to move silently.
  Qian Zhongshu also said: The more intelligent people, the more they must understand the stupidity.
  The "stupid kungfu" he said was to race against time.
  When Qian Zhongshu read Tsinghua, he "swept the Tsinghua Library."
  Some students recalled that Qian Zhongshu read Chinese books in one week and English books in one week. Every Saturday, he sorted out the books he had read, took it to the library, and took a bunch back.
  Qian Zhongshu spent four years in Tsinghua. Even Yuquanshan and Badachu have never been to it. All the holidays are used for reading.
  It is rumored that Qian Zhongshu has extraordinary memory. His stupidity of "unforgetting" is repeated scrutiny and memory.
  Qian Zhongshu once revealed that the secret of reading "not forgetting" is: good reading, willing to work hard, not only reading, but also taking notes; not only reading it twice, but also reading it three times and four times, the notes are constantly added.
  Yang Lan also said that Qian Zhongshu "does the time to make a note, about double the reading of this book."
  Yang Lan recalled that when they first arrived in France, Qian Zhongshu was slightly more vocal than himself in French.
  However, in a short period of time, Qian Zhongshu’s French level far exceeded himself, because Qian Zhongshu’s study did not slack off.
  The famous scholar Zou Wenhai is Qian Zhongshu's elementary school classmate. He recalls that Qian Zhongshu was carrying a dictionary with him when he traveled: a dictionary that was so boring that he could hold it in his hands for one month.
  Qian Zhongshu said: The dictionary is a good companion on the road.
  A person who is used to diligence is not willing to work hard.
  It is because of the "stupid kungfu" that Qian Zhongshu has been working for for many years, and then he has a profound and profound "pipe cone".
  Smart people are hardworking talents.
  A writer once said: The real cleverness is Yugong Yishan.
  But many people seem to have already ignored this.
  Quick success is a common problem for many young people. A job has not changed for a year and a half, and has rushed to quit, and changed a few jobs without a chance, I feel that this life will not be in the first place.
  In fact, it is not that you are not satisfied, but you are unsettled.
  Most industries are unlikely to be efficient in a short period of time.
  A lot of successes are slowly coming out. If you don't prepare for the accumulation of good hair, then the best opportunity to put it on your hands is versatile.
  Before reading Li Shanglong's book, I was very impressed with his experience as an English teacher.
  He spends dozens of hours in each lesson to prepare lessons. Each lesson will be told ten times in advance to the wall, and recorded with a recording pen.
  It’s been a long time since I died with myself, and I have the flow of water that the students have seen.
  He said: There is no reason to be born in this world, but it is the inevitable result of careful preparation.
  We think that smart people rely on talent for success, but true smart people never expect talent.
  They understand that talent is the icing on the cake after trying to reach a certain level and cannot be a substitute for hard work.
  Why is Yugong Yishan a smart thing?
  Because Yugong is a true visionary. He knew that to get the best results, he had to endure the most difficult process; he knew that the big difficulties could not be overcome by the seriousness of dripping water.
  When the mountain dares to open the road, and the river dares to bridge, how many things can it be difficult to live in this world?
  People must have a commitment to achieve success.
  In my opinion, the person who dares to be down to earth is the smartest person.