What happened to those young people who worked hard after work?
  On the 60th anniversary of the alma mater, the class teacher asked us to send their respective occupations, cities of residence, and contact information to the group to report the alumni status to the school.
  I saw the statistics in the group. At the same time, the same school and the same starting point, 7 years later, their living conditions are very different.
  Someone graduated back to their hometown, doing the work arranged by the family, and the years are quiet;
  Some people have stayed in Changsha, and so far they are only small staff who are holding thousands of salaries;
  Some people have turned to do business, and become big bosses are worth a lot;
  Others have gone to the first-tier cities to stick to their jobs, and now they have a million annual salary...
  My classmates are the ones who earned millions of dollars a year in Shenzhen Investment Bank. Because they are all in Shenzhen after graduation, we have always had contact.
  1, all the high salary behind are working hard
  When I was in college, when everyone squeezed their heads to earn credits and competed for scholarships, the students often skipped classes and went to the library to read the textbooks for the exams, and went out early and late. Even in the winter and summer vacations of the year, the library can always see his figure of hard work.
  Later, he not only got a postgraduate degree, but also got a CPA certificate during his studies and passed the judicial examination.
  After graduation, the instructor introduced him to an investment bank in Shenzhen, when his salary was 8K.
  The intensity of the investment bank's work is well known. In the past few years, he worked in addition to eating, no complaints, and rigorous and conscientious work. This also made his manager particularly appreciate.
  It took him only two years from the investment bank Xiaobai to the independent team.
  He said: The key to working in an investment bank is to learn the most things with the least amount of time.
  So in 2 years, he worked more than 12 hours a day, and only a little free time was spent in the gym.
  No weekends, no holidays, no entertainment, always on call.
  One time, a big project that had been done for two months had a problem at the end of the project. His team had opened three overnight emergency meetings, and the next day had to work with customers clearly during normal working hours.
  When the project was successfully completed, he received a very substantial bonus.
  When he grew up quickly and was able to rise to the manager, he also had a gradient leap in salary. At this time, he had already left his peers far behind.
  In the workplace , professionalism is the soul of a job.
  Professional means high salary, and it is also the highest evaluation of a workplace.
  The so-called high salary, in fact, there is no shortcut, nothing more than work and play with your own professional death.
  High salaries never pay attention to those who are nine to five. All the high salaries are behind a group of people who are desperate.
  2, the ultimate time investment, the ultimate career and success
  In 2017, the leading enterprises of cross-border e-commerce in China had Tianze information on the listed company “selling”. The three-year valuation was from 500 million to 3.4 billion, becoming the second largest acquisition of the New Third Board last year.
  In addition to the impressive price of 3.4 billion, there are trees that promise a net profit of nearly 1 billion in three years.
  Last year, some of the remarks made by Xiao Siqing, the founder of the tree, also burst into red in the circle of friends:
  Directly off work before ten o'clock, don't worry, don't work overtime in Shenzhen, go back early.
  It is often easier for us to see the bright numbers after the multi-round financing of entrepreneurship , envying their overnight riches and rising prices, ignoring the ultimate investment behind them.
  The real high-income cows in the workplace never have the concept of going to work. There is only one thing in their hearts, that is, how to do things to the extreme.
  The more talented people pay more attention to the value of time, which is why people who are richer than you and who are smarter than you are more desperate.
  In the past two years, the IPO project of the chief executive of my former accounting firm, Zheng, has repeatedly reported success.
  Zheng was always the direct leader of the time when I entered the office. At that time, he devoted all his time and energy to the six IPO projects at hand, and did not undertake other projects.
  From undertaking projects, to tutoring accounts, to submitting materials , and then to feedback, a set of IPO processes will test people's endurance and strength.
  I have almost followed all of his projects. As long as I was on a business trip to the project, we never left the company before 10 o'clock.
  Even after returning to the hotel, he was still replying to our mail in the middle of the night, sorting out the progress of the project and understanding the resistance encountered in each person's work.
  At that time we did not have a life, only work. When other project managers and team members went to work together to play, massage, and foot bath, our group could only sit in the office and report a pile of scripts to death.
  At the beginning of 2017, he was responsible for the 7-year IPO project. Shenzhen Jingwang Electronics Co., Ltd. was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange with an issue price of 23.16 yuan/share. The company's total assets for the third consecutive year was nearly 3 billion yuan, with an average annual net. The profit is nearly 400 million yuan.
  The success of the project made him famous in the audit circle. Seven years of dedicated investment has also made a milestone in his career.
  From last year to this year, six projects have been successfully listed. He became the head of the most listed projects in the company, was directly promoted as a partner, and a number of listed companies extended their olive branches with millions of annual salary.
  He used his utmost time to create his own business-specific label. Looking back now, those years have been the time when I polished my major and grew the fastest.
  Everyone has heard of the 10,000-hour law:
  No matter which field you want to succeed in, you must pay at least 10,000 hours of training.
  As a young person who cannot compete for qualifications, when the equivalent change has not caused qualitative change, you can only continue to accumulate experience with time investment, in order to win a beautiful gantry.
  3, career transition, often from your time after work
  Harvard has a famous theory:
  The difference between people is in their spare time, and the fate of a person is determined between 8 and 10 in the evening.
  One of the positive interns I have brought before is Xu Wei, who is the one who uses his spare time to the extreme.
  He is always the last one to go from the company, sometimes to continue working, or to summarize the problems encountered in recent work. My mailbox has received a manuscript that he sent me at 1 o'clock in the middle of the night;
  There are always a few CPA exam materials on his desk. After work, he often reads a few chapters and then walks.
  Therefore, he passed the CPA in the second year of graduation, and his professional ability is the most solid among his colleagues.
  When he was promoted to the ranks, he even jumped 2 levels. Now he has achieved the project manager level, and the classmates who entered the company at the same time are still only auditors.
  Lei Jun said: "Any success, hard work and hard work are necessary conditions. If there is no minimum 6×12 hours of hard work and hard work, why do you succeed? If you want to do 5×8 hours, you will be successful, others will work longer than you. 50% longer, the same level of intelligence, people work harder than you, which is the old Chinese saying: Heavenly rewards."
  Fish and bear's paw can't have both. If you want a high salary and want to be decent, you must exchange something else.
  As Miranda said in the movie "The Queen of Prada": "When your life is in jeopardy, your work is on the right track. When your personal life is turned into time, it means you have to be promoted."
  Everyone is busy at the office during work hours and works hard. After work, some people go home or stay up late with friends, while others continue to work and study .
  You stopped trying to 8 hours, while the others worked for 12 hours is still struggling , the resulting gap.
  The time after work determines the height of your life.
  4. How to manage your time after work
  Since the time after work is so important, how should we use it effectively?
  1. Learn a skill that is commonly used at work
  Find the skills you often need in your job and take the time to learn.
  I have done financial audits of many companies and found that one of the common problems of corporate finance staff is that Excel skills are not proficient, and some even the most basic vlookup functions will not be used.
  When I went to an commerce company for an audit, I met a girl from the finance department. She was able to combine Excel operations, functions and VBA programming to organize the data. The efficiency was extremely high, and I admire it. .
  She said that she spent 2 years, self-study form operation skills and programming skills after work every day.
  When I first entered the company, it caught the attention of the chief financial officer and was often assigned a heavy responsibility. In the salary adjustment twice a year, she always had the biggest salary increase.
  Therefore, for young people, what is more important than the industry and rank is your skills.
  2. Develop sideline activities related to their work
  Nowadays, knowledge is very hot, and there are many courses that teach people to “invest in 100,000 in the 30-day period.”
  Many people are scrambling to share a piece of knowledge in the field of knowledge realization.
  Tell me the truth, I don't really believe in this kind of quick method.
  If you don't have years of exploration and accumulation in a certain field, even if your job is not doing well, how do you realize 100,000 monthly income through so-called knowledge?
  In fact, those efforts that are not related to work after work can not save your career, but will consume and divert your attention and limit your career development.
  Only those efforts related to your job can form a two-way lever to maximize your job.
  If you are a finance person, you can study the financial training course after work, use the financial training instructor as your sideline and goal, or try to contribute to the financial magazine, so that you can neither ruin the profession nor complement each other. Your profession.
  3. Replace the working mentality with entrepreneurial mentality
  The mentality of working is that this company is not mine anyway, I only get the salary I deserve. If you give more, I will do more. Once I get off work, I will not be in trouble.
  Once controlled by this mentality, people will lose their enthusiasm for work, and the pattern will gradually become smaller, and don't expect to be able to achieve something after work.
  I have a neighbor, Rainbow Sister, who has worked in Ali for 5 years. She told me about the daily work of the work: at night, the building is still brightly lit. Many people think that there is no idea during the day, but the night is more efficient.
  In Ali's office, I still work after work, not only employees, but also business leaders and even company founders.
  When defining "entrepreneurship", Ma said:
  "The term 'entrepreneurship' in foreign countries refers not to resignation and entrepreneurship, but more to the term "entrepreneurial spirit" - to do the company's affairs as its own business and to achieve self-worth within the company. This is also a kind of Entrepreneurship."
  Under the leadership of Ma Yun, most of Alibaba’s employees regard the company’s business as their own business.
  This is not surprising, why Rainbow sister's salary can be more than three times that of her peers.
  Treating work with an “entrepreneurial attitude” is the most effective self-investment. It urges you to continue to upgrade your value and gain sustainable growth after work.
  Behind all the bulls in the world are unspeakable hardships.
  There is always a distance between effort and success.
  The only difference between success and mediocrity is whether you can use all your time and stick to this incalculable distance.