You should work hard to finish this life
  McDull said this sentence :. "The world is sometimes stiff, sometimes limp when we are happy, sad, when we hope, disappointment, we always glad hearts sing a song, so that the world will not stiff Hard into the heart, let the weak heart not collapse."
  Everyone living in this world should learn a magic, use it to resist bad emotions and get a good mood. And this magic has a familiar name, called faith .
  Mel Gibson's Bloody Chainsaw Ridge is a bloody movie. Dows is a different soldier who refused to take a gun because he believed in Christ.
  The comrades are very disdainful to him: you don't take a gun, what can you expect from you on the battlefield? However, Dows insisted on his beliefs and later became a medical soldier who did not take a gun. Then he said this: Most of them can't understand your faith, but they all know how strong your faith is.
  In the movie, after the US military climbed a hundred meters high hacksaw ridge, the flesh and blood flew on the screen. Because the Japanese army was fierce, the US military only withdrew 32 soldiers, and more than 100 seriously wounded comrades were trapped on it. The battlefield is the grave. No one can save them. Only Dows decided to stay when he left. He only returned to the two fronts to find his comrades. The only belief is: Let me save one more.
  This seemingly weak man actually saved 75 comrades in one breath. Finally, there was a long shot in the film: it was a face that the comrades had once disdain for him, but now it has become a very reverent look.
  In fact, the story of Dows has existed before. He did not kill an enemy, but he won the highest honor in the United States. When I was sitting in the cinema, I thought about it. He touched me because he believed in the world and did it first: believe in himself. It is because of his incomparable determination that he can use his own way to create miracles on the battlefield and then win respect.
  The movie "Wrestle!" There is a classic line in Dad: "If you take the silver medal, people will forget you sooner or later, but if you take the gold medal, you are the role model, and people will never forget the role model."
  The wrestler's father in this movie, in the face of neighbors' ridicule, the embarrassment of life, the disdain of the referee, the corruption of officials, the prevention of the school, and even the misunderstanding and resistance of his two daughters, have always believed that they can personally They were sent to the podium of the World Wrestling Competition. It is this firm belief that shows us a respectable father.
  But very few people know that starring and producer Amir Khan, in order to play this overbearing and lovely father, in fact, also adhere to the unwavering belief.
  Because the father role in the film spans 30 years, they are 19, 29 and 55 years old. Amir Khan needs to go to the 19-year-old show first, then quickly gains 28 kilograms, reaches the body condition of 55 years old, loses 25 kilograms in 5 months, and exercises 8 abdominal muscles, which is in line with the 29-year-old wrestler. figure.
  At this point, Amir Khan did not give himself any retreat. In order to make the film reach the perfect standard, he chose to die with his body.
  Therefore, the true belief is not from the forces imposed by the outside world, but from the one who is sincere and firm.
  Zhou Guoping said that if a person does not care about how he has lived in his life, then what will this person be serious about?
  In the face of setbacks, face failures, and face troubles, we can only climb up again and again, stand on the starting point again, and then silently tell ourselves: I have not been beaten by life. You can only fully believe in the future if you choose to believe in yourself.