Before you are 30, please force yourself to be such a person.
  I know that there is such a problem: 25 years old, I am afraid that I am still 30 years old, but I don’t know how to move forward. What should I do?
  Many people are afraid of mediocrity, fear of degeneration, fear of their own middle-aged people, sipping beer belly every day, eyes turbid, and easily smoothed the edges and corners of the years.
  Some people say: Don't be a fat man who can only play mobile phones when you are 30 years old.
  If you are tired of mediocrity and boring before the age of 30, please force yourself to be a different person.
  One writer mentioned such a thing: because of the hatred of traffic jams, more and more wealthy people like to take the subway. She knows a Hong Kong real estate tycoon and took the subway to get the experience.
  He carefully calculated which door should be standing in front of the door when the door was opened. So when the train arrives at the destination, the door of that car will be right in the direction of the escalator. In this way, he can take the lead in the escalator before the other passengers flocked out, saving "at least 5 seconds."
  The writer lamented: "In this world, some people are not unreasonable in their success." They like to save and use all the time to achieve maximum benefits, rather than letting time pass away.
  Before the age of 30, please force yourself to be a person who cherishes time .
  Only those who can control the time can control their own lives. This era is developing too fast, and sometimes, running around can only keep you in place. If you want to get to another place, you have to speed up.
  Last year, there was a topic of special fire, called "Banana and jujube to eat together, how disgusting it is." Many people tried it out out of curiosity, and a science and engineering man at Tsinghua University actually did a systematic study on it: banana Divided into ripe bananas and semi-ripe bananas, dates have winter dates and red dates, according to the different dates of banana dates, how to eat. And, should you eat bananas after eating bananas first, or eat bananas after eating dates, or two things together.
  This science man is Bi Dian. He is a very interesting person. He always likes to use the thinking of science students to observe everything in the world.
  He suspected that his teeth were troublesome, and the electric toothbrush was too expensive. He tied the phone to the toothbrush and shook his teeth. He didn't like to wash his socks, and his roommate didn't allow him to throw his socks into the washing machine. He tried to build an automatic washing machine himself. He studied how to keep warm in the cold, using various equations to solve, and finally concluded that the autumn clothes are the most warm.
  Someone asked him: It is quite interesting to do these messy studies, but what is the use?
  He said: "In life, fun and curiosity are to please yourself. It is interesting and useful to please others."
  The way adults think is always utilitarian. Many people only consider the pros and cons and give up the fun of life. And interesting people can truly feel life and enjoy life.
  Before you are 30, please force yourself to be a fun person.
  It's fun, it's not that hard. As stated in a book: Get out of your comfort zone and feel and touch the place where the miracle happens. Feel the feelings, feel ridicule, feel the adventure. Get in touch with strange things or situations, get in touch with wild ideas, get in touch with things that make you jealous, and touch strange sights and new sounds. Believe me, it will be very interesting.
  There is a treasure mother in the circle of friends, from 140 pounds to about 100 pounds. Looking at the faint abdominal muscles of the photos she sent out in her circle of friends, she couldn't help but respect her willpower.
  When she had just given birth to a child, she lost 140 pounds. Once I went to the cafe with her, she came to me with two cups of latte, and for a moment I sat down, I heard a "snap".
  She was so blushing that I found out that her jeans were split off. I quickly took off my coat and let her cover it. She said to me as if she was determined: "You can't go on like this anymore, I want to lose weight."
  From that day on, she began to study scientific weight loss recipes and fitness methods, and quit high-calorie fried foods. Every night at 9 o'clock in the evening, I can't move at home to lose weight, even if I am busy again, I have to squeeze out time to exercise. When she meets a meal, she will eat as much vegetables as possible, and the greasy dishes will be eaten in boiling water.
  She lost weight, the whole person is a lot lighter, and she looks younger at least 5 years old. More importantly, she loves herself more than before and will not fall into the mood of self-satisfaction every day.
  “With self-discipline, there is nothing that you can't do.” Restraint makes desires simpler, allows you to live more in focus, and enjoy every process in which you are.
  Before the age of 30, please force yourself to be a self-disciplined person.
  How many people are envious of other people's weight loss results, but they can't control their own hands to snacks? How many people think that others are as knowledgeable as they are, when they speak, they are quoted, but they don't even have the patience to read a famous book? How many? People have reported online courses, but they have always occupied all the free time by games and entertainment news?
  When a person lacks self-discipline, what he does is always affected by immediate temptation, and it is never possible to do what he really wants.
  Before the age of 30, please force yourself to be a better person.
  I hope that you can see things that surprise you, experience the emotions you have never had before, meet people with different ideas, and be proud of your life.
  I hope that you will live a full, interesting and self-disciplined life.
  I hope that you will leave for a long time and return to be a teenager.