Behind some smiles is the soul that clenches the teeth.
  There is a word called "Life is like a play". When I first heard it, I only thought it was feeling impermanent. Now think about it, we ourselves are not the protagonists of this big drama of life, in a variety of scenes, playing a role in good faith or in violation of the heart.
  In the workplace , it is an obedient employee. The letter of resignation has been written innumerable times in my heart, but every day, I am afraid to be late. In the family, it is a child who is obedient and sensible. When the parents are too busy, they can't afford it, but when they call, they calmly say that they still have money. In the feelings is the lover of the mouth, let go, reluctantly, insist on too tired, love can not be the most difficult.
  In the years when graduation work alone, I feel more and more that the word "shelving life" is really lively. Because for many people, life really wants to go up and ask for it. The days are really bowing down and day by day.
  Chai Jing wrote in "Seeing": "After some smiles, it is the soul that clenches the teeth."
  Bai Yansong said: " Whenever you encounter such a life, your heart has been overturned, but in others' view, you are only a little silent than usual, no one will feel strange."
  And I feel that the symbol of adults is quiet. On the surface, haha, and occasionally a few jokes, cheap emotions are floating on the surface, and the deepest emotions in the heart are pressed to the bottom.
  "Those adults who are rowing boats admire this calm lake. Only you remember the stormy nights you have had, and you are young like a sea."
  I once saw a video about a girl with depression. She stood on the edge of the cliff. The people around her persuaded her that there was no hurdle in life. Don't give up easily.
  The girl just smiled and said, "I have tried and passed, but I am really tired now." Then she jumped.
  It seems that people always have one or a few moments, and they want to leave it regardless of the situation, but the reason why we did not leave is because the depths of the heart clearly understand that they can still support.
  Just as the snow at the bottom of my heart will be gone, the winter of life will warm up, and if the dark nights are long enough, we will be able to wait until dawn.
  The process of growing up is always accompanied by parting, suffering and all kinds of difficulties, so even if there is occasional sudden sorrow , as long as you think of it, there are many sorrows in the world, and not all of them bear, so it is good.
  In fact, the difference between people and people is the one that is one by one. If it doesn't pass, it may fall to the first second of dawn; if it passes, it is the spring and spring.
  So, if you can experience pain, injury and blows, you can still move forward as you always do, then you believe me, you are not far from the life you want.