I am not afraid of your talents, I am afraid that your talents are not worthy of ambition.
  Many people often feel that they are full of talents. Unfortunately, no one knows what to look for, so they have to stay in a small company, work normally, have a fair salary, live a mediocre life, and have nothing to do.
  They don't look very good, but they always feel that they don't have a good time. It is not a horse, but it is a blame for not having Bole. Obviously, the work on hand was not done well, but I was eagerly looking forward to a higher position, and felt that I was being used by the company. There is really a chance to be in front of him. He is like being beaten back to the original shape. He is in a hurry and is helpless in front of the work he has been waiting for for a long time.
  This is the case for my college classmates. In his opinion, if you have an IQ, you can take all the subjects at random, and if you are serious, you can get all the big and small awards. The fact is that he took the English four exams four times, until the third semester of the third year. He did not participate in any competitions in the university, public opinion awards, and faced the dilemma of not finding a job when he graduated.
  After getting along for four years, whoever has a few pounds, in fact, everyone knows. The good face of the small seat always explained to us with a grievance: "My English is not good because I have no motivation to learn . I never intended to eat in English." "I don't participate in the competition because I am not interested, if I am Seriously, it must not be bad." "I can't find a job, I just feel that a lot of work is not suitable for me..."
  Later graduated, he hurried to find a job as an assistant in a small company, poor treatment, projects bitter and tired, he did not adhere to two months to resign. Asked about the future plan, he smiled and said: "I am not afraid, I am not incapable, that company does not reuse me! I will find a good job for me sooner or later!"
  In the next few months, he was busy with his resume every day to find a job, interviewed a dozen times, still can not find a satisfactory job. Not long ago, he gave up his struggle and returned to his hometown. Now he is still idle and complains all day.
  Once upon a time, I also complained to my friends that I knew that my ability was good but I could not meet the opportunity. However, shortly afterwards, I was stunned by reality.
  At that time, the boss that the friend knew had a project that was in short supply. He recommended me to the boss. I feel that I can finally show my talents. But when I really took the project, no matter how hard I tried, the planning I made was still far from the company's requirements. I can only choose to give up, which also makes my friends fall into jealousy.
  After that, I seriously reflected on myself and felt that my talent and strength did not match my ambitions. I still need to accumulate more experience and have more trials, efforts and experience. I also realized that I didn’t have a good time, but I didn’t have enough.
  Understand this truth, I have released a lot of things, no longer worrying about depression all the time, no longer praying for Bole every day, but learning to work quietly, down to earth, and constantly insist on improving themselves. After all, the best solution for a newcomer is to constantly make yourself more and more excellent and powerful.
  If you feel that you are a Maxima without Bole, then you may need to take a serious look at yourself: Is your talent really enough to support your ambitions? If there is a great opportunity in front of you, can you really catch it?
  There are so many people in life. Whenever I find those outstanding people, I will silently use them as role models to learn their self-discipline, diligence and way of thinking.
  For example, I have a talented colleague A. She writes brilliantly, and the codeword speed can reach several thousand words per hour. She still writes serial novels online after work, and now has written more than five million words. Friends R insists on watching a movie every day. No matter what type or country, he is involved in it. Colleague S has a very big brain and writes a concise and powerful copy. He is still working in his own job. The media has a lot of loyal fans...
  There are mountains outside the mountains, there are people outside, there are always people in the world who are smarter, better and more dazzling than you. We must not be too self-righteous, but we don't have to be arrogant. What we need to do is always down-to-earth, persist in our efforts, constantly improve ourselves and make ourselves better.
  I believe that no matter in which field, there are always some people who are really talented and capable. If you are still troubled by your talents, you may want to focus on those real “Millety Horses” and see what they have done. Think about it. How do they work hard in life.
  In contrast, see the difference.