It’s a dream, a down-to-earth is a dream.
  Yesterday I went back to my hometown and saw that my nephew, who had graduated from college for three years, was idle at home and said that she was unemployed.
  Xunzi graduated from a college or university. When looking for a job, he was not suspected of having low wages and his work was not in line with his professionalism. He was suspected of having insufficient academic qualifications, limited strength, and high-paying jobs. As a result, after graduation, I have been on the road of constantly posting resumes and changing jobs from time to time. The high is not low, and it is not the first- and second-tier cities in the province.
  In fact, it is not easy to find a kind of work in the first and second tier cities with the current level of knowledge, work ability and mentality of Xunzi. But if he is willing to face up to reality and position himself, he will return to his hometown to apply for a job, start from the grassroots level, and learn and improve while accumulating experience . There is no problem at all. How can you not be unemployed and stay at home?
  But the nephew said, come back, the family must support him with a venture capital, he wants to be a business boss. He said that he is also a college student. How can he get a dead salary in a small place?
  I couldn't help but laugh at it.
  Young people have dreams, want to create a career of their own, make great efforts to make big money, and be successful people. This is a good thing.
  However, when you leave the school gate, you want to be an empty-handed boss. You can't even pay for a job. You can't lay a solid foundation, precipitate experience, and quench yourself. How can this dream be easily realized?
  It should be noted that dreams should also be tailored and examined. Regardless of operability, it is so high. And people who are so high and far away will make their dreams become dreams. If one wants to realize his dream, he can only look at the goal and be down-to-earth.
  I have a friend who used to be an athlete in the county swimming team. Although he has been fighting hard, perhaps because of the qualifications, the results of the game are always out of nowhere, and his sports career has not broken.
  He retired from 21 years old, many people feel it is a pity that again insisted a year or two he certainly achieved good results, certainly longer career moving forward.
  The friend said: "I know best myself. The current result is my limit. I have tried my best. I am not sorry to retire at this time. I am young and I can fight in other fields."
  After retiring, he returned to his hometown, planted the day lily with his father, worked in the field during the day, and went to study in the evening. Through continuous exploration and numerous failures, he finally found a method of high-yield and high-quality, and made some achievements in the field of scientific planting.
  Within a few years, he set up a farmer-processing enterprise and realized his ambitions with the villagers to get rich together.
  In the face of those who ridiculed him as an athlete and went home to farm, but now he is jealous of his success , friends laughed. He said: "I just recognized myself and chose a path that suits me. My hometown has a unique condition. If you dare to lower yourself and do it with your heart, anyone can do it."
  Yes, give yourself a reasonable and scientific goal based on the actual situation, and bury your head in the ground, and get closer and closer to the goal.
  Aspiring wise people know how to put themselves in a position that matches their own conditions and push themselves to the heights step by step.
  Because only when you walk from the bottom, you will stand firmer, and you will not be afraid of failing yourself before you can go higher.
  Some people will have low-handedness, high-spiritedness in their work, small things that they don't want to do, and big things can't be done.
  A former student often complained to me that her boss lacked “eyes” and told her to do some trivial work.
  In her words, a famous college student, he would do what the high school student would do.
  As everyone knows, the boss gave her what she did, seemingly inconspicuous. In fact, she was familiar with the company's operational process and exercised her ability to coordinate with various departments. I hope that one day she will be able to play her talents and be entrusted with a heavy responsibility.
  And she always thinks that those things are too trivial, can not highlight the meaning of her work, highlight her value, and therefore everything is handled with care, not willing to do it.
  Naturally, she also lost the positive accumulation and growth opportunities that she entered the workplace . Carelessly treating the work at hand has laid a bad foreshadowing for her future development.
  It is a good thing to be able to take the lead in your work, and to have your career and ideals in one step. However, it is obviously not practical to sink your heart and enrich yourself one step at a time.
  People need dreams, but the ladder to dreams needs to be built with diligence and diligence.
  Instead of sitting on the unrealistic emptiness of the sky, or looking at the mountains and complaining about it, it is better to catch up and work hard.
  To realize your dreams, start by recognizing yourself, finding your goals, and doing your things well.