Real luck, you have enough strength
  A few days ago, I received a call from my cousin and listened to her complaint.
  It turned out that her salary last month was actually much lower than that of the late-entertaining company. She cried and kept complaining, not because the man was lucky, and good clients were taken away.
  The cousin is selling in a 4S shop, working for almost two years, but it has not improved much. Among the many salesmen on weekdays, it is not the best. The cousin's mantra is always: Anyway, the final decision is still in the customer, what is the use of my tongue?
  In fact, as a qualified salesperson, there is a need to sell products. It is only due diligence to put the performance and advantages of the product in place and let the customer make the decision. If you only rely on the other party to understand, I am afraid that few customers have so much patience.
  I know the cousin's temper, she is the kind that has passed. On the other hand, the colleague in the cousin’s mouth sounds like a person who is meticulous and responsible for his work. She truly fulfilled the "customer is God", took out her best state, and explained the customer with tirelessness, so she won the customer's heart. And these have become "good luck" in the cousin's mouth.
  But what is pure luck, obviously the attitude and strength of work. From small work to big work skills, both are manifestations of ability. It is the ability to have outstanding ability to have a proud performance.
  My friend Abby has been working for a year earlier. Once I was looking for Xiao Ai to play, I went into her office and heard them discussing: Xiao Ai is a good luck. This year, she just reformed the examination system, relaxed the conditions, and increased the number of recruits. She caught up. If you put it in the early years and you are so competitive, your work will not be so good.
  Xiao Ai modestly said a few words to them, and left with me.
  In fact, only I know that Xiao Ai’s income today is not entirely due to luck. At that time, I was preparing for the exam with Xiao Ai. I was fishing for two days in three days. I remembered studying for a while. Xiao Ai began to study hard from the moment he decided to take a public office. In the morning, he got up at six o'clock, endorsed in the morning, and did the exercises in the afternoon. During the period, Xiao Ai’s phone has been silent and has no time to learn .
  The textbook we bought at the same time, Xiaoai has already read it twice, the focus is clearly marked in the book, and my books are almost new.
  Therefore, Xiao Ai can become the first in the written examination interview for that session. It is really not luck.
  Really intelligent people will not give their fate to so-called luck, but will make unremitting efforts to create a promising future.
  Some time ago, our school wanted to select a good teacher. After several rounds of selection, I finally decided to work with Mr. Li. Teacher Li came to our school two years ago. Therefore, when the list was announced, everyone expressed their feelings: It is so lucky to have him selected among so many teachers!
  In fact, everyone who has worked with Teacher Li knows that the "excellent teacher" of Teacher Li is not obtained by luck, but is deserved.
  Every morning, before the students enter the classroom, Teacher Li has already written the learning tasks of the day on the blackboard. In the noon tutoring class, he is doing his homework in the office almost every day. In the evening, as long as the office lights are on, there is no need to guess, it must be that Li is working overtime.
  The class management is well organized and the activities organized by the school are always dedicated. In addition, the grades of his teaching department are in the top three each time, the honor of "excellent teacher", this person can afford.
  When many people complain that they are not lucky, the people who really want to improve have already stepped forward; when many people are still waiting for the uncontrollable luck, smart people are concentrating on their own abilities.
  Many times, it is not our bad luck, but the direction we are pursuing is wrong. Waiting for luck is like sitting and waiting, waiting for may not be luck, but grievances against yourself.
  In this world, no one can rely on luck to reach the peak of life. Real good luck has never been waiting, but the result of a person's ability to reach a certain height.